Age of Empires Series Wiki

Hello all!

This past week has seen some major changes for the Age of Empires Series Wiki. First of all, we got a new skin and main page, and now it looks like the Age of Mythology Wiki will be merging into this one.

Once the merge is complete, the Age of Mythology content will count for one third of our articles, with over 500 articles of AoM content. These pages will be focused on by a new group of administrators, the Age of Mythology Administrators. Since Halogod35 is the only active administrator on the old Age of Mythology Wiki, he will be the first Age of Mythology Administrator.

That is all that has happened so far; now lets move on to what will still be happening.

First of all, the logo is going to change. It will be more focused on the Age of Empires Series, and not AoEIII.

Second, starting with the new Age of Mythology content, all pages are going to be put into a namespace. For example, for Barracks there will be a:

It is my belief that all of the games in the Age of Empires series are different enough to warrant their own articles. For those articles that only apply to one game, like Elite Eagle Warrior, there will be a redirect at Elite Eagle Warrior which leads to Age of Empires II:Elite Eagle Warrior.

All of the pages, from every game, really need a list of possible upgrades and what each one does. New templates will be made soon to accommodate this. More info will be available soon.

I have been looking into a few things recently, and have found something interesting. All of the games represented here will have a "main page", and there will be the main main page. All pages under Age of Mythology: namespace will have their own skin! This will really distinguish the AoM content, but I believe that it will be for the better.

The Age of Empires Wiki is going to be growing fast, already I have seen some people editing that haven't in a while. Welcome back, and I hope that everyone stays to see how much better this wiki is going to be!

Thanks everyone, Ajraddatz Talk 00:27, December 31, 2009 (UTC)