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  • I am Crazy Wildon

Almanac of Age of Empires 3

I used to play the game a lot back when I was a little child, lol. In recent months, I decided to play this game due to being bored of playing the same game...

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Wild Ones Wiki
Candy Crush Saga Wiki
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Doing a LeicesterEdit

Offering you some new civilizations!Edit

This is just for fun! I'm not sure if I can make a mod to this but it seems fun to do so!


You can see the Ottomans are artillery-based, the Sioux are cavalry-based and the Aztecs are infantry-based. Why don't we have animal-based? Yes!! Everything would just be wild animals fighting humans? Sounds fun, isn't it? We offer these buildings:

  • Habitat (Same as Town Center)
  • Livestock Pen (Trains Deer instead of Sheep)
  • Deer Paddy (Same as Mill)
  • Shark Aquarium (Same as Dock, but trains different species of sharks (war ships) and whales (fishing boats) instead)
  • Mediocre Outpost (Same as Outpost, but this outpost is much stronger than others because it shoots capybaras! Don't worry, the damage dealt is just 200, much less than 5000!)
  • Market
  • Den (Same as House)
  • Wall
  • Trading Post
  • Barracks
  • Stable
  • Mediocre Foundry (Trains Mediocre Bombards only!)
  • Church
  • Saloon (Some human mercenaries are willing to help this civilization!)
  • Fort (You need fort wagon)
  • Plantation
  • Lion's Academy (Same as Arsenal)
  • Factory (You need factory wagon)
  • Capitol

Villagers: Apes (If you watch that movie, get it?)

Infantry: (Damage +50%; Hit points +100%)

  • Alligator
  • Black Bear
  • Black Panther
  • Boa constrictor (The most powerful unit)
  • Cougar
  • Coyote
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Jaguar
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Wolf


  • Dog Soldier


  • Mediocre Bombard


  • Whale Shark (Fishing boat)
  • Piranhas (Canoe)
  • Basking Shark (Caravel)
  • Bull Shark (Galleon)
  • Tiger Shark (Frigate)
  • Great White Shark (Monitor)
  • Megalodon (Greater than Monitor)

I <3 GalleryEdit


Abus Gun Icon Culverin Icon Falconet Icon Flaming Arrow Icon Flying Crow Icon Organ Gun Icon
Abus Gun Culverin Falconet Flaming Arrow Flying Crow Gatling Gun
Great Bombard Icon Grenadier Icon Hand Mortar Icon Heavy Cannon Icon Horse Artillery Icon Li&#039;l Bombard Icon
Great Bombard Grenadier Hand Mortar Heavy Cannon Horse Artillery Li'l Bombard
Light Cannon Icon Great Bombard Icon Miner icon Mortar Icon Morutaru Icon Organ Gun Icon
Light Cannon Mediocre Bombard Miner Mortar Morutaru Organ Gun
Petard Icon Miner icon Rocket Icon Siege Elephant Icon
Petard Railroad Worker Rocket Siege Elephant


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