aka Roberto Calliso Zanardelli

  • I live in Palermo, Italy
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is N/A
  • I am Male
Rms patagonia

It's a map

Random Stuff Edit

If the Mayans were wiped out by the Aztecs who were in turn wiped out by the Spanish (who beat the Incans and French (beat the Italians (beat the Ethiopians) and Russians (beat the Mongols and Vikings) and Portuguese (beat the Berbers (beat the Malians) and Indians (beat the Turks (Beat the Byzantines (beat the Goths) and Persians)) who were in turn wrecked by the British (beat the Chinese (Beat Koreans (beat Japanese)) who were in turn wrecked by the Americans, does that mean America is the best Age of Empires II civilization?

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