aka ✝ JuanPa ✝

  • I live in somewhere in a cold place with ever gray skies
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is writer, singer, actor, cartoonist, videogame modder, 3d designer, songwriter, musician, pumper, teacher, voice actor, screenwriter
  • I am A boy

Hi! my name is JuanPablo (John Paul in English), you can leave me a message here or subscribe to my Personal Profile.

Background Edit

I've been playing Age of Empires for over 10 years, in 2000 I started playing AoE 2, I fell in love with this game; then I bought AoE1 and its expansion in 2001, however I never like it that much. In 2002, I was excited about the new AoE 2 expansion so I bought it, even though I loved it, I was kinda disappointed because it didn't include other civs such as Italians, Portuguese or Incas (specially Incas since it was supposed to be New World-Discover/Conquer-Themed). In 2003, I bought AoM and I was also fascinated, I also got the Titans expansion in 2004. I bought AoE3 in 2007 plus both expansions.

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AOK Campaigns

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