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Info as of Aug 2019[]

Adding the AoE: DE minimaps of and differences in the missions to the articles in the upcoming weeks.

Info as of Jun 2019[]

AoE Original Release mission articles are all overhauled now. Now I will make smaller improvements until AoE:DE is released on Steam. Then I will move on, and add the DE missions.

Info as of Aug 2018[]

I am 29 years old and German. I play AoE1 with UPatch HD Release 4, AoE2 with User Patch 1.5 and AoM Gold Edition (single player only). In other words: all non-Steam/non-Windows Store releases except for AoE3.

Right now my goal is to improve the quality all the articles on the official AoE1 campaign scenarios by adding starting conditions, player descriptions, the original hints. The structure of them shall resemble that of the articles on the AoE2 campaign scenarios.

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