Brendan Boman

aka بريندان بومان

  • I live in Malaysia
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Political Analyst and Game Developer
  • I am not a cat

Salam Sejahtera

I am called Brendan, and I come from the prosperous lands of Malaysia. I had been playing Age of Empires II since I was a kid, and my favourite civilisations were Turks, Goths, and Teutons. When African Kingdoms was released, It became Berbers, Turks, and Goths, and later after the Rise of the Rajas came to existence, I preferred Malay (not only because I am a Malay myself but also because the gameplay style fits me well).

I also play Age of Empires III, and I began playing it around 2010 or so. My favourite civilisations had always been Ottomans and Portuguese, and my favourite units are Janissaries and Hussars.

Age of Empires is also quite fun, but I'm not really into it because I don't like the limitations in a lot of things (e.g. not being able to do things when game is paused). Definitive Edition was quite good, although I think it could've been done better? But I am interested in seeing how AoE II:DE and AoE III:DE will go because for AoE II, I am interested in seeing if they actually include the new civilisations (FE, AK, and RR civs), and for AoE III, I am interested in seeing how advanced the Definitive Edition will be compared to the original.

I'm half excited, half not too excited for Age of Empires IV. I'm excited because I had been waiting for it and I would love to play an entirely new Age of Empires, but I am not too excited because I am not sure if I would really like it? Because I am afraid that it might go a bit too modern so to speak, and go close to the current era which I'm honestly not really a fan of (which is why I prefer AoE II rather than AoE III).

Aside from just playing Age of Empires, I do a lot of modding as well. Along with a few other Malay friends of mine, we had been working on a Malaccan Era retexturing mod. And on my own, I am working on modding Age of Empires III, where I had already made a new fully functioning civilisation (except that it cannot be played by computers), that in the near future shall have an expensive level 40 shipment that sort of changes the entire civilisation into a whole new thing, with new unique units and whatnot, and the old ones being disabled.

I am part of the development team of the Age of Empires III: Struggle of Indonesia mod project, as a researcher and 3D artist. I will be doing the research for the Johor and Malaya civilisations, as well as the natives in present-day Malaysia. I am also currently working on the intro video of the game for this mod.

I am also involved in the Wars of Liberty development team as a Volunteer.

None of my personal mods are planned to be published to the public yet, but who knows maybe one day I will.

Aside Age of Empires, I am also a big fan of the Madagascar (2005 film) franchise, specifically All Hail King Julien, the Netflix Original Series. I was the Lead Projects Coordinator of the Madagascar Fandom (2017 - 2019), as well as the administrator and bureaucrat of the Madagascar Wiki.

You can find me on Tumblr at (Madagascar fandom blog), and DeviantArt at

By the way, thanks for coming here. I hope you will have a wonderful day ^^

Selamat Maju Jaya,
Brendan Boman


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