• I live in Naperville illinois
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Gangster
  • I am Male

Hello, I am Balochistan aka Abdullah Ali. I currently am a sophomore in high school and had a passion for Age of Empires II and III. a, a huge fan of Bollywood films and a few anime as well. Currently, I have high school started so I wont be as active as during summer. I like Chai, Samosas.

I have worked very hard and have spent whole nights on working on this wiki. It is a very fun hobby to do during the summer and I am doing as much as i can before school will start.

I am interested in running candidacy for moderator sometime in the future. My goal is to run my canidancy after i reach 1000 edits. Right now, i am happy to just be a wiki editor and I am encouraging others to join this wiki.

The Age of Empires Series Wiki is my favorite wiki. I love how the community here is very friendly and forgiving. I have had worse experiences with other wikis. There would be abusive administrators, over competition, and a selfish community in other wikis. This wiki however, has a friendly approach.

My goals Edit

  • Add more Aoe 3 content. The majority of aoe players are either playing aoe II or age of mythologies. Not much attention is paid to Aoe 3 though
  • Add Nature content, trees, animals.
  • Add pictures to aoe 3 units
  • Add content for aoe 3 campaigns
  • Create pages for Aoe II maps that havent been made yet.

My favorite pagesEdit

My current agenda Edit

  • Right as of now at September 4 2017, I am trying to help add aoe 3 scenario informations. You can help me do this by creating the scenario pages for the Aoe 3 campaigns
  • Creating Rickshaw pages, we do not have proper richshaw and wagon pages, I will add a proper tempelate and make a new page for that.
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