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Update 50830 is a patch in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals, released on November 9, 2021.


Stability & Performance[]

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when launching the game.
  • Fixed a rare crash when exiting the pre-game UI screens by pressing "Esc" repeatedly.
  • Fixed a rare crash when starting a single player Skirmish match.


  • Adjusted the visuals of some XP crates to make them more distinguishable from Food crates.
  • European Fishing Boats now raise their sails when stationary.
  • Improved the visuals of the Indian Monsoon Home City unlockable.
  • Inca Maceman now also carries his mace in the Commerce Age.
  • Canada Bear hat & cape now move alongside the bear when it follows terrain elevation.


  • Swedish Hot Air Balloons now have VO (voice overs)
  • Inca Tambo Travois now have VO
  • Inca War Hut Travois now have VO


  • Brand new "Map Selection" screen.
  • Mods are now ordered to show the most recent mod first.
  • Ottoman tech tree now shows the correct icon & description for the Imam.
  • Ottoman tech tree now shows "Koprulu Viziers" in the correct Age.
  • Removed the incorrect "Tufanci Corps" entry from the Ottoman tech tree.
  • "Blood Brothers" card no longer incorrectly states that only North American native warriors are affected.
  • Fixed some displaced characters in Nathaniel Black's compendium entry.
  • Fixed various tooltips & unit descriptions which contained outdated information based on community reports. (Thanks!)


  • Ranked Treaty & Deathmatch games can now be hosted in the Custom Lobby (both are no longer available in match making)

Civilization balance[]


  • Raised the selection limit of units from 50 to 60.
  • It is now possible again to cancel the (un)limber animations from artillery.
  • United States Settlers no longer idle before collecting their starting XP crate.
  • (Team) Engineering School card now correctly affects Cannoneers.
  • Ethiopian Explorer "Mayhem" ability is now disabled during Treaty period.
  • Ninjutsu-Zukai, Hatamoto Samurai, Yamabushi and Shinobi no mono can now be trained if only one population slot is available.
  • Dutch Consulate Church now has the same XP trickle rate as a normal Dutch Church.
  • Inca Pilgrims can now build Kancha Houses & Kallankas.
  • Inca "Town Rickshaw + 5 Villagers" card can now be sent if players already have 3 Town Centers.
  • Hausa "Dambe Wrestling" card no longer appears twice in the deck builder.
  • Ottoman Nizam Fusiliers no longer are affected by the "Battlefield Construction" card.

Changes For Empire Wars[]

  • Tavern and Saloon: now have a default coin trickle of 0.6 c/s
  • Asian Monastery: Now trickles 0.7 XP/s
  • Castle Wagons: Fixed an issue where Indian and Japanese castles were built very slowly compared to Chinese ones

Units and buildings[]

  • Artillery: Preference for targeting buildings has been removed. Fixed an issue where accidental or unintended switches between the Limber and Bombard tactics could not be canceled
  • Heroes: are now also immune to RNG abilities (such as Stomp and Divine Strike), like they are to other abilities
  • Villagers: Siege attack now inflicts 3x to Mountain Monasteries. Can now be healed by healing units whilst they are gathering resources or constructing buildings
  • Warships: Are now counted as gatherers on the UI when they are gathering
  • Cowboy / Comanchero: Bulls Eye (Charged Action Attack) damage corrected to 38 (from 48). Population cost reduced to 5 (from 6).
  • Owlhoot / Renegado: Ranged attack damage increased to 20 (from 18). Buck Shot (Charged Action Attack) area damage increased to 2.5 (from 2). Population cost reduced to 4 (from 5)
  • Gunslinger / Pistolero: Hand attack cavalry damage multiplier increased to 3x (from 2); Shock Infantry multiplier adjusted accordingly. Population cost reduced to 3 (from 4)
  • Tactics Icons: Now always appear on the top row for all units – this should improve button location consistency and therefore make using 'grid keybindings' more consistent too
  • Fort (Building): Hitpoints improved to 9000 (from 8500). Improve Build Bounty to 220 (from 110)
  • Halberdier (Unit): Speed improved to 4.25
  • Grenadier (Unit): Ranged resistance improved to 50% (from 40%). Villager and Cavalry damage multipliers improved to 0.5x (from 0.3x); Shock Infantry multipliers adjusted accordingly. Siege attack Rate of Fire corrected to 3; damage adjusted accordingly
  • Cree Tracker (Native Warrior): Hitpoints reduced to 260 (from 300). Range decreased to 16 (from 18); LOS adjusted accordingly. Speed improved to 4.5 (from 4). Ranged attack damage improved to 13 (from 10); Melee attack damage adjusted accordingly. Eagle Eye charged action ability range increased to 25 (from 18) — this ability is enabled by the "1st Michigan Volunteer Sharpshooters" card (IV)
  • Petard: No longer improved by the Engineering School card. No longer tagged as Infantry.
  • Zouave (Mercenary): Cost reduced to 350c (down from 400c)
  • Shipments awarded via Techs and Cards: Will now correctly also play the Shipment available notification sound


  • Cree Textile Craftsmanship: Cost reduced to 125w 125c (from 225w 225c)
  • Cree Tanning: Now grants +10% Infantry and Cavalry hitpoints (up from 5%)


  • Griot: Is now also tagged as Infantry


  • Huaraca: Commerce Age range and siege range reduced to 12 (restored to normal with the Elite upgrade)
  • Wamani: Now costs 500w to send

United States[]

  • Deck Size: Increased to 21 (from 20)
  • Inspiring Flag: Commerce Age aura range increased to 24 (from 14). Fortress Age aura range now increases to 34 (from 24). Industrial Age aura range now increases to 44 (from 34). Imperial Age aura range now increases to 54 (from 34). Land of Lincoln (card, V) aura range is still 70 (no change)
  • State Militia: Cost increased to 50f and 40w (up from 50f and 35w). Hitpoints decreased to 115 (from 120). Speed decreased to 4.5 (from 4.75). Like-unit HP bonus is now capped at +30 hitpoints (previously +50 was possible after researching the Imperial State Militia upgrade)
  • Carbine Cavalry: Range increased to 14 (from 12); but Veteran and Guard upgrades no longer grant +1 range. Rate of fire improved to 2.25 (from 2.5) — They now fire approximately 11% faster. Buffalo Soldiers attack damage improvement reduced to 15% (from 25%); but now also improves ranged resistance by +10%
  • Sharpshooter: Base range increased to 22 (from 21); LOS adjusted accordingly. Gains +1 range from the Veteran and Guard upgrades (no change)
  • Minuteman: Now has an anti-ship attack with 20 range after sending the "U.S. Marines" card
  • Advanced Saloon (card, I): Supported population reduced to 20 (from 25)
  • Lee's Legion (II): Now delivers 6 Carbine Cav, cost adjusted to 250f and 250w
  • Dance Hall (II): Move to age 4 for the United States
  • 2 Covered Wagons (IV): Removed from the United States

Federal Age-Ups (Age 1 → Age 2):

  • Boston Tea Party (Massachusetts): Now arrives fast (5 seconds)
  • Virginia General Assembly (Virginia): Has been moved to the regular homecity
  • [NEW] Virginia Plan (Virginia): Upon arrival, this card grants you 2 shipments to spend.
  • Delaware Age-up Reward: Improved to 300f (from 200)
  • Slater Textile Mill (Rhode Island): Effect updated as follows: "Grants 30 Food or 20 Wood for each Settler and Fishing Boat you currently have and reduces the cost of training new ones."


  • Gift Ceremony: Is now the default option at the Community Plaza (affects all civilizations that it is accessible to)
  • Warrior: Population cost removed (previously 1); affects all civilizations that the unit is accessible to — This will enable the unit to spawn and be used defensively even if the player has lost some houses, the existing build limit of 6 has not been changed. Firing animation improved
  • Jaguar Prowl Knight: Cost improved to 90f and 30c (from 120f and 30c); attack and hitpoints adjusted accordingly (reduced by 20%). Speed improved to 4.75 (from 4.5). Shipments and Big Buttons that deliver Jaguar Prowl Knights adjusted accordingly
  • Arrow Knight: Hitpoints, damage and cost all increased by 7% – this change will increase the unit's durability against artillery such as Falconets which previously could defeat them with a single blast. Shipments of Arrow Knights still deliver the same number of units (which are now all 7% stronger). Added visual differences for Legendary upgrades of Aztec military units for better recognizability
  • Added colors to all Aztec unit card icons for better recognizability
  • All Native and foreign allies cards: Can now be sent twice (only affects the Aztec civilization)
  • Great Temple of Quetzalcoatl Support: Moved to age 3 (from 4); coin cost and number of units shipped adjusted accordingly
  • [NEW] Calmecac (I): Ships 1 Warrior Priest. The next Council Member you research, or are researching, will Age-up twice as fast.
  • [NEW] Calendar Ceremony (I): Ships 1 Warrior Priest. Enables the new Calendar Ceremony at the Community Plaza which reduces the cost of your next Age-up, overtime – The rate is 0.5 resources per Villager per second (Warrior Priests have the efficiency of 2x Vils)
  • [NEW] Ritual Gladiators (III): Ships 1 Jaguar Prowl Knight for each 2 you have lost so far (up to a maximum of 16).
  • [NEW] 5 Warrior Priests (III): Simple shipment of 5 Warrior Priests.
  • [NEW] Wall of Skulls (IV): Ships 1 Skull Knight for each 2 you have lost so far (up to a maximum of 13).
  • [NEW] Otontin Slinger Combat (IV): Otontin Slinger improved in combat
  • [NEW] Chichimeca Rebellion (IV, costs 1k of each resource): Rebellion! The resistance of the Chichimeca ennobles your currently present War Hut warriors. turning them into Knights. Villagers become Warriors when defeated.
  • Warrior Culture (IV): Now has the following effects (for all civilizations that it is accessible to)
  • Is now also available to the Aztecs (previously wasn't)
  • Now improves Villager ranged attacks by +700% and Villager melee attacks by +200% (changed from increasing all damage actions by +200%)
  • Warrior unit spawned via the "Call the People Ceremony" at the Community Plaza no longer loses hitpoints

Random maps[]


  • 2 new American Regions
  • 1 new African Region
  • Lots of minor tweaks and improvements

New maps[]

  • Guianas: Control the central resources and settlements in this large valley, or extend to the perimeter of the map to establish a foothold on a trade route.
    • Description: The Guiana Highland is a highly contested region East of the Orinoco River known for its tremendous biodiversity and many Tapui – extremely tall mesas. Players will fight for control of a large valley which is home to several Tupi and/or Carib settlements while two Trade Routes lie on the outskirts of the map. Players will find an abundance of food in this region, but may need to extend out of their base to secure additional mines. In free-for-all, players will spawn in a ring and must cross a central river to access the native settlements and many treasures.
    • Settlements: Caribs, Tupi
    • Outlaws: Pistolero, Pirate
  • Panama: Control the seas for an economic advantage, but beware, the settlements in this region offer powerful upgrades for early aggression on land.
    • Description: The narrow isthmus of Panama is all that separates the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Due to its geography, this tropical region is a critical hub for trade with Europe and, as such, this region is also a hotbed for piracy and some Spanish treasure ships can be found on the map as a source of coin. Players may choose to fight for control of one or both coasts to boost their economy, or take advantage of the trade route and native settlements on land for a more aggressive strategy.
    • Settlements: Zapotec, Maya
    • Outlaws: Pistolero, Pirate
  • Saharan Routes: Gather the unique treasures found here and wrest control of trade posts from bandits for resources in this barren region.
    • Description: Players find themselves stranded in a vast, inhospitable desert whose many long trade routes connect the major mercantile hubs of Africa and will be the primary focus of each player's attention. Hostile bandits have taken control of the central trade routes and players must train an army to eradicate them. However, there are two unclaimed trade routes traversing the perimeter of the map that can aid players early on. Keep your hero alive to explore the rolling sands to discover the many unique treasures hidden in the desert.
    • Settlements: Berbers, Sudanese
    • Outlaws: Desert Warrior, Desert Archer
  • Saharan Routes – LOST: An official "LOST" style variation of the new "Saharan Routes" map. Inspired by fan-made maps played by many on the Legacy game, players begin on an enormous map with only the hero/scout unit(s) and must gather treasures to start the first town. You're LOST in the desert! Explore the desert to gather the treasures needed to get your town started in this barren region!
    • Description: Players find themselves lost in a vast, hostile desert without even the resources needed to establish a town! To explore the rolling sands and discover the many unique treasures hidden in the desert to help establish a settlement, it is crucial that each player's starting hero unit remains alive. This region is known for its many long trade routes connecting major African civilizations. Hostile bandits have taken control of the central trade routes, however, so players must train armies to eradicate the bandits. Furthermore, there are two unclaimed trade routes traversing the perimeter of the map that can aid players early on. Gameplay will revolve around control of the various trade routes and contesting the valuable treasures.
    • Settlements: Berbers, Sudanese
    • Outlaws: Desert Warrior, Desert Archer

Map Updates[]

  • African Maps Set: Added Saharan Routes and Tassili.
  • American Maps Set: Added Guianas and Panama.
  • Standard Maps Set: Added Arctic Territories, Cascade Range, Guianas, Ozarks, Tassili, and Yukon. Removed Dunes.
  • Team Maps Set:Added Carolina, Guianas, Panama, and Tassili. Removed Minas Gerais and Pepper Coast.
  • Bahia: Guanaco herds are now replaced by herds of Tapir, which are more fitting for this region. Removed the extra starting wood crate. Fixed an issue that could cause home city naval shipment flags not to spawn in team games. Fixed a rare issue that sometimes caused one of the trade post sockets not to spawn in team games.
  • Carolina: The classic map has undergone many under-the-hood changes while still keeping true to the original design. To celebrate, it has been added back into the ranked rotation for team games!
  • Central Plain: Fixed an issue that could cause players not to spawn into games with more than two teams.
  • Korea: Adjusted constraints for improved spawn consistency.
  • Niger Delta: It is no longer possible to get the first pass on the first trade socket.
  • Ozarks: Players' first herd is now comprised of deer instead of turkeys.
  • Saguenay: Fixed an issue that could cause a player's second mine not to spawn.
  • Sahel: Fixed an issue that could result in a gold mine not spawning for one team.
  • Siwa Oasis: Map size reduced by 10%.
  • Tassili: Fixed an issue causing the trade travois on the northern trade route not to spawn sometimes.

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