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Update 50292 is a patch in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, released on July 6, 2021. It introduced co-op campaign scenarios to the game.


Stability and performance[]

  • Fixed an issue where the game takes a long time to start up for players with large amount of graphical mods.
  • Fixed an issue where graphics would sometimes disappear or flicker in long games.
  • Greatly improved the performance impact of players experiencing hitches when advancing to the next age and are continuing to improve this performance.
  • A warning is now displayed for players whose VRAM is below the min spec.
  • Fixed various rendering related crashes.
  • Fixed a rare crash when switching from Windowed to Fullscreen mode while in-game.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players would crash in-game after only playing for a few seconds/minutes.
  • Fixed a rare crash where people would attempt to change their profile icon while being temporarily disconnected from the internet.
  • Fixed an issue where players became re-subscribed to event mods when they're temporarily disconnected from the internet.
  • Packing Town Center in Battle Royale now works correctly and no longer causes a crash.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur under very specific circumstances with CaptureAge installed.
  • Fixed a possible crash when trying to restore a Multiplayer game.
  • Fixed a very rare audio related crash.


  • Players who earn an achievement on Steam can now also earn that achievement on Xbox Live if they sign in later and re-complete the achievement.


  • Fixed an issue where Farms could turn partially invisible under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where unit outlines would sometimes not display correctly at the edge of a building.
  • The Sharkatzor cheat unit will no longer clip through objects, but will fly over them.
  • Fixed an issue where move to arrow sometimes did not display when the camera was fully zoomed in.



  • Unique Technologies for the Franks now have the correct default hotkeys.
  • Buildings' melee and pierce armor is now displayed on the UI when selecting a building.
  • The in-game spectator icon now correctly displays for players from the winning team who have not quit the game yet.
  • Fixed various UI issues where the text had incorrectly cut off.
  • DM replays now correctly playback at the initial play speed.
  • Negative armor values are now shown more clearly on the UI (only affects rams and Siege Towers).
  • Profile Icon in the profile manager is now immediately updated when selecting a new profile icon.
  • Fixed an issue where Sans Serif Fonts could appear smudgy on specific UI screens.
  • When spectating an AI, their technologies now correctly show in the global queue.
  • It is now possible to see the second tab of units in the dock in the Dark Age to see the future technologies and upgrades.
  • The Malay loading screen tip no longer claims Malay have infinite Fish Traps.
  • The score and research panel display state now properly saves between watching various recorded/spectated games.
  • Spectator count is no longer displayed when no players are spectating the game.
  • The diplomacy screen now correctly displays player names that use Kanji symbols.
  • Building Range Indicator brightness is no longer affected by the selected Grid Color when Player Color Range Indicators are enabled.
  • It is no longer possible to toggle the readiness indicator of players on the loading screen (this was only a visual check, it was not possible to "unready" players.)
  • The aftermath timeline in a completed match's statistics now groups teams together for a clearer overview.
  • Building Range Indicators no longer display for collapsing buildings.


  • Fixed various issues with the Narrator feature within the accessibility options.



  • New Co-op versions of Historical Battles.
  • Adjusted the range indicator to draw rounded rectangles when required.
  • Serjeants can now repair Donjons when holding down Alt if the Right Click Garrison option is enabled. Holding down Alt and clicking a repairable object also works to repair with Villagers now if Right Click Garrison is enabled.
  • Monks can no longer drop Relics on themselves, making them invulnerable to melee attacks.
  • Villagers now automatically gather deep-sea fish when they reach the shore after building a nearby drop site.
  • Fishing Ships now automatically start working in Empire Wars.
  • Fishing Ships and Trade Cogs can no longer be trained on Battle Royale maps.
  • Improved the Single mouse button mode, so it better distinguishes drag selecting with giving commands to units.
  • Kings can now be issued a Follow command using hotkeys.


  • Fixed a legacy issue where it was possible to remove chopped straggler trees with foundations distantly. Now the foundation construction has to be started to remove the trees.
  • Fixed an issue where Castles would reset their attack priorities after training a unit.
  • Town Center foundations now display their correct range indicators.
  • Fixed an issue where command queues would not work correctly when tasking Serjeants to build multiple Donjons.
  • Fixed an issue where groups of moving Serjeants could stop when commanded to build a Donjon.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Build Donjon" button would sometimes not show up when selecting Serjeants alongside other units.
  • Skirmishers and units which fire multiple projectiles now add the correct amount of extra projectiles to fortifications when garrisoned inside them.
  • Fixed a legacy issue where farmers only work on the left side of a Farm (they now work in the middle of the Farm).
  • Selecting "Random civilization" no longer picks a civilization chosen by another player.
  • Scout line upgrades no longer change the stance of previously trained scout units.
  • Garrisoning units into an allied ram or Transport Ship will no longer lose vision when the player does not own a Market.
  • Tatar Sheep, Chinese and Mayan Villager, and Inca Llama spawn bonuses now work correctly on nomadic maps in games with Castle or higher age start.
  • Fixed a rare legacy issue where Monks could lose their faith when converting a building in-group while being within a specific range of their target, yet not close enough to contribute to the conversion.
  • Fixed various issues with foundations that are partially constructed in the fog of war and the black map.
  • Fixed a legacy issue where Dolphins could be deleted by placing foundations on top of them.
  • Gate placements no longer rotate when hovering them over unscouted walls and gates from other players in the fog of war.
  • Parthian Tactics now correctly affects hero cavalry archer units.
  • Fixed a rare issue that occurred in specific campaign scenarios where a ring of individually revealed cells of land appeared in previously unrevealed terrain.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could place a foundation on top of other player's buildings on the edge of their line of sight.
  • Players are no longer able to garrison their units into enemy Transports and Rams during the treaty timer.



Civilization balance[]




  • (Elite) War Elephants: Training time decreased by 6 seconds (from 31 > 25 seconds), cost changed -30f +10g (from 200f 75g > 170f 85g).



  • The unique technology Artillery has their stone cost replaced with wood and now costs 500 gold and 450 wood.

Random maps[]

Eleven new maps, which were featured in Red Bull Wololo 4, have been added to the map pool:

  • Acclivity: "Surrounded by rocky cliffs, players find themselves exposed with only a few resources at their disposal. It is, therefore, crucial to seek out and secure the surrounding heights."
  • Eruption: "The mountainous volcano holds valuable treasures at its peak, but climbing it will leave you defenseless to enemy attacks from above."
  • Frigid Lake: "With the ice vanishing around the players, food is easily accessible and plentiful; however, their towns are left exposed and unprotected from enemy raids."
  • Greenland: "While food is scarce on the mainland, there is no limit to the fish that can be found near the cold and exposed ice caps drifting in the freezing water."
  • Lowland: "Despite the excellent vantage point, players quickly find themselves running out of resources, forcing them to settle for the more unsafe resources scattered in the deep valley."
  • Marketplace: "You have conquered a great trading post, but enemy soldiers are also looking to benefit from this impressive victory. Use the markets to gain an advantage and vanquish the opposition."
  • Meadow: "The open meadow offers little to no protection. Forests are limited, and players must fight to gain control of the little wood that the flowering grasslands offer."
  • Mountain Range: "With the enormous mountain range dividing the players, it will be crucial to surmount and control the spine of the mountain so that every battle will be in your favour."
  • Northern Isles: "The cold and unforgiving islands of the North Sea leaves you with plenty of resources but in constant fear of enemy aggression from any direction."
  • Ring Fortress: "Your palisades are partially crushed from the constant attacks, leaving you open to enemy raids, but it is time you fight back and reclaim the rich and heavily forested land."
  • Runestones: "The open and uncomplicated land surrounding the players makes it the perfect battleground to find the most potent and brightest warrior thirsting for supremacy."


  • The starting setup on most of maps in Empire Wars game mode now includes 2 Farms and farmers, 5 herdables and 6 shepherds, 4 foragers, 12 lumberjacks, and 4 gold miners. On specific maps, the assignment of food gatherers can differ.
  • Also removed the chance of very distant secondary Sheep and Deer spawns.

Map balance[]

  • Gold Rush: The starting gold mines now spawn further apart from each other. Bases are now more open and spawn without forests in front of them. Forests are now generally further away from Town Centers. Players now spawn slightly closer to the center of the map. The center of the map is now more central for players to be fairer for everyone. The hill in the middle of the map with the gold in it is now more prominent. The gold inside the central hill now features 5-tile gold piles and twice as many of them. However, the total gold is approximately 15% lower and is more scattered around. Also removed small lakes from spawning to better secure starting forests for players.
  • Golden Pit: Deer and other objects no longer appear on Death Match and infinite resources.
  • Team Islands: Removed the possibility of connected team islands.

Random map scripting[]

  • The maximum value in rnd(min,max) is now inclusive.
  • Added min_connected_tiles parameter for object generation to determine the minimum amount of adjacent tiles required for the group to place tiles.
  • Generating random maps with direct_placement in the scenario editor no longer breaks future random map generations in the same editor session.
  • actor_area_to_place_in no longer disables max_distance_to_players.
  • force_placement in small actor areas no longer produces excess objects.
  • place_on_forest_zone now correctly places buildings larger than 1×1 tiles.
  • set_avoid_player_start_areas now allows using a distance parameter.
  • Added guard_state parameter for player setup, which can set if an object must be protected to get a resource trickle or avoid defeat.
  • Sea Walls now properly generate Sea Gates instead of Palisade Gates.
  • Actor areas are now optimized, so scripts using this functionality will load faster.
  • Added accumulate_connections command for connection generation to allow stacking connections on top of previous ones.
  • Fixed an issue that caused scripts using small actor areas to occasionally fail to spawn the desired number of objects.

Lobbies and matchmaking[]

  • Empire Wars is now available in Ranked.
  • The "Pending Invitations" notification now also appears in the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Lobbies would not be visible until the player received an invite to them.
  • When there are more Lobbies available, more are displayed when using filter options.
  • To make it easier to find nearby games, when using the Sort by Server option, servers sort by ping instead of alphabetically.
  • Party members can now see the host's map choice immediately after joining a party.
  • Fixed a rare issue where hosts could change settings in a restored game.
  • Restoring a game will now display the correct civilizations of all players.
  • Fixed a rare issue where lobbies could break right after hosting a Restored game lobby.
  • Players banned from matchmaking now see an error message with additional information.
  • Entering the wrong lobby password no longer displays an empty error message.
  • The Lobby dropdown now displays all available Game modes without needing to scroll.
  • When in a Custom Scenario lobby, Human player slots (including Open slots) show before AI-only players.
  • All players in a lobby now automatically get assigned default player colors when a new Custom Scenario is selected.
  • The default player Teams for Custom Scenarios are now "-" (None) instead of "?" (Random) to avoid conflicting with the scenario's built-in alliance options.
  • AI-only players added via selecting Custom Scenarios in the lobby should no longer say "HD version".



  • AI players no longer repeatedly enter/exit their Town Center when surrounding buildings are under attack by ranged buildings (such as towers).
  • AI now properly detects the starting Standard Age when playing Death Match, Empire Wars, or Battle Royale.
  • AI players no longer attempt to convert unconvertible units (such as heroes).
  • AI players will no longer slaughter excessive livestock.
  • Fixed an issue where AI units could stutter when having pathing conflicts with other players.
  • Improved AI player difficulty scaling on all difficulty levels below hardest. We're continuing to observe player feedback.
  • AI units are now more likely to retarget to closer enemy units if their current target has moved too far away.
  • Fixed an issue where AI trade carts and cogs would attempt to trade with unfinished market and dock foundations.


  • Villagers now take pathing distance into account when selecting their nearest drop site (instead of tile distance).
  • Villagers no longer retreat 2 tiles away from specific gate rotations when tasked to construct another building.
  • Fixed an issue where military units sometimes ignored queued attack commands (SHIFT+CLICK).
  • Units commanded to attack several targets using waypoints no longer fail to attack targets outside their range.
  • Converted buildings no longer obstruct players while their destruction animation plays in RM/DM game modes.
  • Fixed a rare issue where units tried to avoid no longer present objects when targeting solid objects, causing odd pathing quirks around seemingly invisible objects.
  • Fixed a rare case where melee units could sometimes be undecisive while attacking enemy buildings next to enemy fortifications.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Onagers pathed through trees after being command queued to target certain nearby trees.
  • Fixed a legacy issue where Fishing ships sometimes attempted to drop off food to unreachable docks.
  • Improved how vast amounts of Villagers path through narrow spaces.


  • Added new up-get-guard-state functionality.
  • Using a compareOp to chat values of a goal now matches UserPatch behavior.
  • Added the possibility to return a value from a unit group for the following commands:
  • object-data-target
  • object-data-target-id
  • object-data-move-x
  • object-data-move-y
  • object-data-patrolling
  • Added action-attack-move, which pairs well with up-target-point and up-target-objects.
  • Added new constants scenario-player-# (# = 0-8) to unambiguously refer to color-ordered players in AI scripts made for specific Scenarios.
  • EnemyBuildingsInTown, EnemyUnitsInTown, and EnemyVillagersInTown now return actual counts, instead of a boolean.
  • object-data-hero-flags now returns proper values.
  • up-get-fact cc-gaia-type-count now returns proper values.
  • object-data-ballistics now returns proper values.
  • object-data-to-precise now returns proper values.
  • up-get-object-type-data now returns proper values.
  • fe-cc-effect-percent now correctly modifies object stats.
  • object-data-pierce-armor and object-data-strike-armor now return proper values.
  • up-drop-resources now correctly drops food when using different classes.
  • Constants for the Burgundian and Sicilian civilizations are now correctly defined.
  • AI players can no longer queue technologies and units while sn-enable-training-queue is disabled.
  • up-assign-builders now works correctly on Wonders.
  • up-target-objects now uses sn-number-tasked-units correctly when there are more targets than units.
  • sn-enable-research-queue now properly respects the queue size set by sn-enable-training-queue.
  • Villager distribution percentages (sn-food-gatherer-percentage, sn-wood-gatherer-percentage, sn-gold-gatherer-percentage, and sn-stone-gatherer-percentage) are no longer affected when using sn-minimum-number-hunters.
  • Added new constants "lobby-player-#" (# = 1-8) to unambiguously refer to players in lobby slot order. For example, "lobby-player-1" will refer to the Host regardless of their color index selection.


  • Fixed various translation issues in all languages.



  • The Tools folder for modding is now also accessible for Windows Store users.
  • Mods no longer appear duplicated when Signing into Xbox Live while on the "My Mods" screen.
  • The ability to add icons for custom maps improved. A .PNG file in the random-map-scripts folder with the same name as the .RMS file now displays as the icon for the map.
  • Fixed a rare issue where it was impossible to leave the profile menu after unsubscribing from an event mod.
  • The hero status attribute now controls hero glow. Hero glow now appears for units with full hero status (1) or with the new hero glow flag (64).
  • Added a new Hero Status flag (128) which can invert properties of other Hero Status flags assigned to the unit (except flag 1).
  • The Regeneration Rate attribute now affects units with hero regeneration. The rates from both regenerations sum with each other.
  • The tech modification trigger effects added in our November Update, including Change Technology Name, Change Technology Description, and Enable/Disable Technology Stacking can now be used with the MODIFY_TECH effect in effect_amount.

Scenario Editor[]

  • Fixed an issue where a player's options could reset when accessing the Options menu from inside the Editor.
  • Improved the performance of terrain painting when working on large maps or maps with complicated terrain blending.
  • Improved the performance of terrain elevation changes when working on large maps.
  • The 2×2 erase brush no longer erases a 3×3 area.
  • After testing a scenario, the minimap now resets to its default state.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a Town Center sometimes left an invisible object behind on the map.
  • Resources can no longer be dropped off at an unpacking Town Center.
  • Disabling Cannon Galleons for one player no longer disables them for all players.
  • Fixed a legacy issue where AI Map Type would not correctly store when saving a scenario.
  • Fixed a legacy issue where Fortified Gates could not be placed in the Editor.
  • Editor UI now correctly displays pierce armor and garrison space on buildings.
  • The Objectives text is no longer limited to 240 characters.
  • Fixed an issue where buildings could easily be placed over units, making them get stuck in-game. Note: bypass this by using Ctrl+G to cycle through placement modes.
  • Fixed a crash when entering text in the Script Call textbox.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tatar sheep bonus was not working in scenario games with Castle or higher age start.
  • Triggers
  • Object Selected (MP) now correctly works with the Inverse condition in multiplayer.
  • Display Timer Effect now correctly replaces the current timer ID when used again.
  • The effect of Change Technology Cost no longer persists through non-scenario games.
  • The effect of Change Object Player Color no longer makes the HP bar of the affected unit white.
  • The Objects in Area condition now has an Object State dropdown.
  • The effect of Change Technology Cost now uses more than one resource cost on techs that don't have more than one resource cost by default. Canceling the tech returns original price values instead of the modified ones.
  • Change Object Player Color and Change Object Player Name now affect notifications.
  • Expanded the Conditions List dropdown to no longer show an unnecessary scroll bar.
  • Gaia is now a valid player for technology-related trigger effects.
  • An error message now pops up when attempting to save a custom campaign with the same name as an official retail campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where buildings with changed object player color were shown with their original color during the fog of war.
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