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Update 47820 is a patch in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, released on May 3, 2021.


Stability and performance[]

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when checking whether a specific building foundation is obstructed when it no longer exists.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze during the first few minutes of gameplay, or later in very rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a freeze when using the 'Select All' hotkey for a specific building type which includes foundations that are still under construction.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when creating a Multiplayer lobby.
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during game startup.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when attempting to watch a replay of a Lords of the West campaign without owning the expansion.
  • Fixed an extremely rare crash that could occur when two players resigned at exactly the same time.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when using an outdated data mod that hadn't been updated to account for the new civilizations introduced in the Lords of the West expansion.
  • Fixed a Scenario Editor crash that could occur when generating a custom Random Map, reducing the amount of players and map size, and then generating it again.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when attempting to play with a modified data file containing more than 1701 units.


  • The 'Smoke in the water' achievement can now be unlocked, as intended, in the Lake Poyang Historical Battle.
  • The 'Turkish delight' achievement can now be unlocked, as intended, by defeating all other Turkish factions without forming an alliance with them.


  • The Burgundian and Sicilian themes will now play for the full duration of their tracks.


  • Building Range Indicators have been added as an option in the Options → Game section. Depending on the selected option, range indicators are shown for all buildings with a ranged attack:
    • At All Times
    • When Selected
    • Never
  • The color of the range indicator mirrors the Terrain Grid Color by default, but can (alternatively) be changed to the Player Color of the selected building's owner.
  • Double-clicking a civilization in the civilization selection screen will now select it without having to press the 'Confirm' button.
  • Fixed a very rare issue where it was possible to disable in-game notifications with no way to re-enable them.
  • Fixed a purely visual bug in the UI where Viking Militia-line units displayed a higher hit point value than the maximum hit points allowed.
  • The Bulgarian Technology Tree no longer states that the stone cost-reduction to construct Town Centers is only effective as of the Castle Age; the bonus is now in effect starting in the Dark Age, as previously.


  • In the Ranked Matchmaking window, the Preferred/Banned Map screens can now be navigated using the keyboard for each game type.
  • In the Mod Manager, the 'Check For Update' button can now be accessed using the keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue which made it difficult to consistently navigate between the different Multiplayer tabs (Ranked, Lobby, etc.) using the keyboard.
  • When chat narration is enabled, the Narrator now acknowledges the first letter of words when reading through in-game updates.
  • The Narrator no longer skips the first two letters of other notifications.
  • The Narrator no longer reads out "icon 1" and "icon 2" rather than reading the descriptive text of images in the 'Select Icon' window.


  • Scorpion: No longer spawns on Aggressive Stance when the Default Aggressive stance is disabled.
  • Issuing a move command to a Monk who is already navigating to pick up a Relic will no longer cause the Monk to stop entirely.


  • Kotyan Khan 4: Blood for Blood: The final objective of the scenario can no longer be completed before other primary objectives.
  • Fixed various minor issues throughout the Edward Longshanks campaign of the Lords of the West expansion.

Civilization balance[]



  • Increased the amount of food generated by Relics from 20 > 30 food/minute, which now mirrors the generation rate of gold.
  • The food cost of economy upgrades is now reduced by 50% in addition to being available one Age earlier.
  • Flemish Militia: Reduced attack versus cavalry from 12 > 8. Reduced attack versus camels and ships from 8 > 6.
  • Burgundian Vineyards: Now converts half of all food into gold rather than the entire stockpile. Increased the rate at which farmers generate gold by +33%.


  • Reduced the team bonus health granted to Palisade Walls from +50% > +33%.


  • Bearded Axe: Now available in the Castle Age (was Imperial Age). Reduced the cost to research from 400 food, 400 gold > 300 food, 300 gold.
  • Chivalry: Now available in the Imperial Age (was Castle Age). Increased the cost from 400 wood, 400 gold > 600 wood, 500 gold.


  • Villagers now gain the benefits of Blacksmith upgrades starting in the Castle Age.


  • Fish Traps now provide +200% food as opposed to an unlimited amount.
  • Battle Elephants now cost -30% in the Castle Age and -40% in the Imperial Age.
  • Karambit Warrior [Standard & Elite]: Increased attack from 6/7 > 7/8.


  • Mangudai [Standard & Elite]: Reduced speed from 1.45 > 1.4.


  • Organ Gun [Standard & Elite]: Secondary projectiles now consistently deal 2 damage as opposed to 1 or 2 depending on whether they hit their primary target.


  • Now receive access to the Siege Onager upgrade.
  • Serjeant: Increased Feudal Age melee armor from 1 > 2. Increased Castle Age hit points from 60 > 65.
  • Elite Serjeant: Increased hit points from 75 > 85.
  • Donjon: Reduced the stone cost to build from 200 > 175 stone.
  • First Crusade: As an added effect, the technology now also improves all Sicilian units' resistance to conversion.

Random maps[]

Five brand-new maps have been added to the map pool:

  • Crater: "In the depths of a Siberian forest, an ash-covered wasteland appears, offering little shelter but plenty in gold and riches."
  • Crossroads: "Four forest-capped hills loom at the center, serving as the only source of wood and rendering the paths between them most treacherous."
  • Michi: "An impenetrable forest separates the teams of players, until one breaks through and draws the first blood on this infamous battlefield."
  • Team Moats: "The surrounding streams offer little but a false sense of security. And with little room for expansion, players must soon break out and claim the vast lands around."
  • Volcanic Island: "With stone scattered around in the shallows, the once fire-breathing mountain has since overgrown with lush vegetation and now awaits to be conquered."

Map Balance[]

  • Baltic: On Tiny, Small, and Medium map sizes, the number of Relics now correctly scale and spawn based on the number of players actually present on the map.
  • Migration: Players' starting islands now always touch the edges of the map to prevent a channel around to the back of the island. Increased the width of the water channels between the players and the mainland. Increased the size of the mainland and created a more consistent shape across map variants. Forests on the mainland now grow in larger groupings and can appear closer to the coastline, allowing for more open space inland. Increased the amount of gold and stone on the map to more closely match the standard amounts, though the number of resource nodes can vary slightly. Berries no longer grow close to the water. Cliffs no longer spawn on the Tiny (1v1) map size.
  • Seize The Mountain: Slightly reduced the amount of forest generated on the map. Adjusted the forests on smaller map sizes to make the map less easy to wall. Reduced the size of the mountain on smaller map sizes to allow for more playable space. Improved the balance of starting forests in 3v3 and 4v4 settings. On smaller map sizes, the mainland now spawns further from the map edges to prevent players from walling to the edge of the map with a Dock.
  • Hideout: Secondary gold and stone piles—as well as other resources which were meant to spawn outside of the player's walls—can no longer appear within the walls of an elongated base.
  • Fortress: Fixed an issue which would create empty areas of the map. Towers are now spaced more evenly.



  • Fixed an issue where AI players would issue orders repeatedly, causing undesirable side effects such as unit stuttering.
  • Boar lurers garrisoned by the AI in a Town Center to avoid the Boar's attacks will now, rather than hiding in the Town Center for extended periods of time, ungarrison once the boar swaps to a new target.


  • Fixed a rare, persistent issue where units would defy the rules of space and time to path through walls and attack enemy units.
  • Fixed an issue where lumberjacks could become idle after tasking them to trees using command queue.
  • Fixed an issue where builders would refuse to path to a foundation if blocked or locked within walls during a previous attempt to reach the site.
  • Villagers working on a Farm will no longer move around the farm more than four times before dropping off food. This should make their harvesting efficiency more consistent.
  • Fixed an edge case where huntable wild animals, such as a boar, would stop chasing the boar lurer despite them still being within the boar's line of sight.


  • The can-train, up-can-train, train, or up-train commands now allow for -1 to be passed into them instead of causing a game crash.
  • up-remaining-boar-amount now also works on living boars, as intended.
  • Stacked find-status-remote searches no longer erroneously reset search indexes.
  • Introduced sn-enable-research-queue to control whether AI players can (or cannot) queue technologies along with units when sn-enable-training-queue is enabled. sn-enable-research-queue is set to 0 by default, and can be set to 1 to enable.
  • sn-number-tasked-units now works as intended when used with up-target-objects or up-target-point.



  • Added a new Blast Defense Level attribute in data for scenarios and RandomMapScripts. It has the same functionality as the blast defense level field in unit data.
  • Added a new Object Hotkey attribute in data for scenarios and RandomMapScripts. It has the same functionality as the Hotkey field in unit data.
  • Added new flags for Hero Status attribute to control hero properties individually:
    • 2: cannot be converted
    • 4: auto-healing
    • 8: default defensive stance
    • 16: protected formation
    • 32: safe delete confirmation
  • The flags can be combined with each other, or flag 1 can be used to enable full hero status.
  • The Regeneration Rate attribute now determines the number of hit points a given unit regenerates in a minute. The Regeneration task in the unit data is no longer required. The Regeneration Rate attribute has no effect for units with Hero Status flag 1 (full hero status) or 2 (auto-healing), which regenerate at the fixed 30 hit points/min rate.
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