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Update 47581 is a patch in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals, released on October 12, 2021.


Stability and performance[]

  • Fixed a crash when destroying the last weapons cache in the Story Mode scenario "Boneguard's Lair".
  • Fixed a rare crash when pressing the Xbox Live Sign In button twice in quick succession.
  • Fixed a rare crash when an AI Villager is searching for a Field to gather from.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the AI code when calculating how many units to assign to each resource type.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the Deck Builder when pressing Esc after creating and cancelling a deck.


  • Majority of horse drawn units now work as two units and turn properly rather than being treated as one large unit.
  • The Livestock Pen that is obtained by the Japanese via the Dutch Consulate now uses the Dutch Livestock Pen graphics.
  • Updated the Skirmisher icon to more accurately represent the in-game unit.
  • Fixed a visual glitch where balloons would fall below the water surface on certain maps.
  • New animations for people in the Indian Home City Market customization.
  • Fixed an issue where units in the Japanese Home City could sometimes walk into the water.
  • Fixed a rare issue where some units would flicker when using the "Friend/Foe Outlines" accessibility setting.


  • Fixed various map descriptions which did not list the correct Outlaws & Natives.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a treasure on the map "Plymouth" would indicate the treasure reveals other treasures on the map, but instead, it grants a Pilgrim.
  • The tooltip for the bonus Influence/XP sources (Town Center, Trading Post and Palace icons) in the unit stat panel for the University now shows the contribution that each source makes to the rate.
  • European civilizations: Infinite "Falconet" Home City Cards now have a purple border.
  • Ethiopians: After sending the "Coffee Berries" card, Villagers are now counted as Coin gatherers instead of Food gatherers in the UI.
  • Berber Camel Rider's tooltip now indicates it's a 'cavalry' unit, instead of a 'cavlary' unit
  • Dunes map description has been updated to accurately reflect the map's layout.
  • Hussar's history section now correctly indicates that the unit is heavy cavalry instead of light cavalry.
  • Updated the HUD to display challenge tracking in-game.
  • Imperial Sharpshooters are now using their correct name (instead of Veteran Sharpshooters) when starting a game in the post-Industrial/Imperial Age.
  • Fixed incorrect order for wood upgrades in the Inca techtree.
  • Fixed height scaling issue for Civ Flag tooltips in SP and MP Lobbies.
  • Show game modes and sizes being searched for during ranked game search.
  • The Narrator now reads out important information on the Game Summary and Player Summary screens.
  • Fixed some issues where the Narrator wouldn't read out resource symbols in some in-game UI (e.g. Chat output & Livestock Market).
  • Accessibiliy: Added missing keyboard navigation feedback for Publishing and Reporting windows in Mods menu.
  • Accessibiliy: Added missing keyboard focus feedback in deck builder.
  • Fixed text truncating in Russian in the Diplomacy menu.
  • Fixed text truncating in the challenges complete menu.
  • Fixed text truncating in the objectives menu in the HUD for Primary and Secondary objectives.


  • Blocking/muting players via the XBox Console Companion or Game Overlay will now correctly mute players in-game


  • "Allow Conflicts" is now enabled by default for Legacy Hotkeys.
  • African Trading posts now fully support legacy hotkeys.
  • The Town Center Eject (legacy) hotkey now works when players have a unit garrisoned in an ally's Town Center.


  • Multiplayer save games can now be loaded if they use custom maps.



  • Military units can now be given a command to Patrol along a sequence (or around a loop) of waypoints.


  • Fixed an issue where the flags for units' additional waypoints or queued commands would not appear on terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where crates with 50 Food would idle Villagers for a second. (currently affects French & Portuguese)
  • The Honey Badger cheat unit can now correctly attack treasure guardians.
  • Pirates now have the "Outlaw" tag.
  • Levied Bowmen can no longer be healed when they lose HP as minutemen.
  • Berber Nomads no longer gather Export while being idle.
  • Berber Sultan and Akan Warchief can now use the Chaos ability.
  • Aztecs: "Aztec Mining" card now stacks better with the treasure which reduces the cost of infantry by 5%.
  • British, Dutch, French, Swedes, Ottomans, Lakota, and Portuguese: Can now correctly send the "Recruit Privateer Fleet" card.
  • Ethiopians: "Fazogli Gold" card now improves Gold Gathering from berries after sending the "Coffee Berries" card. "Arab Alliance Blue Nile Ties" now properly interacts with Mapuche Ad Mapu Native improvement.
  • French: "TEAM Cheap Church" card now also reduces the cost of its own technologies.
  • Hausa: "TEAM Zuma Rock Lore" card now displays a timer when shipped and now reveals mines for 3 minutes, instead of indefinitely. "Gaananci" card no longer ships 5 Akan Ankobias that permanently occupy 5 population. Griots are no longer selected using the "Find all military" hotkey. Griots can no longer empower Salt Mines created by the Berber Salt Camel.
  • Japanese: Morutaru no longer have a Limber mode since it was redundant.
  • Ottomans: Nizam Fusiliers no longer benefit from the "Battlefield construction" card.
  • Akan "Fontomfrom" upgrade now correctly affects Skull Knights & Banner Armies.
  • Fixed a rare issue where some Villagers could go idle after loading a game.

Exploit Fixes[]

  • Fixed various exploits used by cheaters to gain an unfair advantage in multiplayer matches.


  • The Art of WarArtillery: Players will no longer lose the scenario when shelling the final buildings with Mortars.

Civilization balance[]


  • Livestock Market: Starting wood value for Livestock increased by +30%
  • Llamas: Added two new shades for Llamas: Black & white!
  • Sudanese Dervish: Now inflicts 0.5x damage to Villagers (down from 1x)
  • Granadero: Is now also tagged as Heavy Cavalry
  • Fortifications: Blockhouses and Castles can now properly "see stealth"
  • Elephants & Giraffes: Fixed a pathing issue caused by these units taking up more space than necessary
  • Church: Corrected the XP trickle of the Church obtained via Dutch relations at the Consulate to 0.7 xp/s (from 0.6)
  • Spahi: Idle Spahi now automatically heal for all civilizations (not just the Ottomans)
  • Dock: Is now easier to place on jagged coastlines
  • Wokou Junk: Ranged attack now inflicts 1.5x to buildings (down from 3x) and 0.66x to docks (for 1x total)
  • Stealth: All Military units can now discover "stealthed" buildings (e.g., Inca Strongholds) when within 2 range of them; no changes have been made to the current behavior of units that can "see stealth"
  • Quechua Settlements: We have re-activated the legacy minor Inca native settlements which are now present as Quechua on more maps than before (see maps section for details) – the available upgrades at the Settlement are flavored versions of the ones previously available at the Inca Settlement.
  • Native Treaties (Card): When allied with the Yoruba, now delivers 3 Legionaries (down from 4); Indian Friendship card adjusted accordingly
  • Wanderlust (South African revolution Card): No longer improves Warship hitpoints
  • Privateer Cards: Fixed an issue where shipments of Privateers could sometimes not be sent


  • Civilization feature: Start of game mining bonus reverted to 15% (from 20)


  • Starting units: Adjusted as follows
    • The automatically harvested Cattle now contains 250f (down from 400); gather rate adjusted to 2 f/s (from 3)
    • Additional starting Cattle improved to 4 (from 3) but now contain 135f (previously 250)
  • Gascenya: Removed erroneous Hand Infantry tag
  • Mountain Monastery: Wood cost reduced to 170 (from 200); build points reduced to 20 (from 40); build bounty adjusted to 68 (twice the usual)
  • Habesha (Age-up Alliance: Age 2 → Age 3): Now properly grants 700 coin (corrected from 1100)
  • Era of Chaos (Card, IV): Fixed an issue that prevented units with area damage from damaging friendly targets when under the influence of the Mayhem Ability


  • Starting units: Adjusted as follows
    • The automatically harvested Cattle now contains 250f (down from 400); gather rate adjusted to 2 f/s (from 3)
    • Additional starting Cattle improved to 4 (from 3) but now contain 135f (previously 250)
  • 3 Villagers (Card, I): Removed


  • House: Cost increased to 80w (from 70)


  • Starting resources and units: Adjusted as follows
    • Food: 300 (down from 400)
    • Wood: 400 (up from 300)
    • Villagers: 6 (up from 5)
  • [NEW] Added 3 Villager Card (I)
  • [NEW] Added 5 Villager Card (II)
  • Kancha House: changed as follows
    • Wood cost increased to 180 (from 135); bounties and build time adjusted accordingly
    • Now supports 16 pop (up from 12)
    • Hitpoints improved to 2000 (from 1500)
    • Build limit reduced to 12 (from 13)
    • Default Food trickle: No change
    • Chicha Brewing card: Improves food trickle by +60% (up from 50)
  • Queen's Festival (Kancha Big Button): changed as follows
    • Moved to the Commerce Age
    • Cost increased to 300 of each resource (from 180)
    • Comment: These changes aim to move the Big Button away from opening build orders and give it the role of a 'greedy' early boom option or economic follow-up (it is more expensive than an Age 2 shipment by design)
  • Community Plaza Moon Ceremony: changed as follows
    • Wood trickle scaling improved to approximately 0.25w/s per tasked villager (Llamas and Priestess count as 0.25 and 1.5 villagers respectively
    • Moved to the Commerce Age (from Industrial)
  • Chimu Runner: changed as follows
    • Cost improved to 70f 35c (from 65f 40c)
    • Is now slowed down by enemy melee attacks (i.e., can be "snared") and slows down enemies with their melee attacks (i.e., can "snare" enemies)
    • Now has access to the "Chimu Maneuver" Big Ability Button (details below)
  • Big Ability Button "Chimu Maneuver": has the following effects:
    • Tooltip: "Temporarily increases the speed of all Chimu Runners and prevents enemies from slowing them down."
    • Temporarily prevents Chimu Runners from being slowed down by enemy melee attacks (i.e., "being snared") and temporarily also prevents Chimu Runners from being able to slow down enemies with their melee attacks (i.e., "snaring enemies")
    • Increases Chimu Runner speed by +0.75 (to 7 without other upgrades)
    • Animation: The Chimu Runner will start sprinting when this ability is used (to telegraph the ability has been used to an observing player)
    • Effect Duration: 8
    • Cooldown: 90 seconds
  • Inca Warchief: adjustments as follows
    • Leadership Aura now improves both the attack and hitpoints of Native Warriors by 10% (changed from improving only hitpoints by 20%) — This change will help bring its strength in line when used with early aggressive strategies involving hand infantry, and make it more useful with ranged units later on in a match.
    • Improved the clearness of the Warchief voices
  • Sapa Inca card (I): adjusted accordingly (now improves aura by 10% atk and hp)
  • Champion Upgrades: Now grant +2 range to Inca ranged units (up from 1)
  • Legendary Upgrades: No longer grant +1 range to Inca ranged units (moved to Champion upgrade)
  • Jungle Bowman: Cost adjusted to 80f 25w (from 90f 20w)
  • Plumed Spearman: Cost adjusted to 90f 25w (from100f 20w)
  • Huaraca: adjustments as follows
    • Improvements are now calculated from 'Age 2 base-stats' (changed from Age 3)
    • Improved Villager multiplier to 0.5x (from 0.25x)
  • Bolas Warrior: adjustments as follows
    • Improvements are now calculated from 'Age 2 base-stats' (changed from Age 3)
    • Significantly improved the firing animation (projectile released much sooner) – it is now possible to "kite" with Bolas Warriors
    • Melee damage attacks now have the same multipliers as its ranged attacks
    • Cost improved to 65f, 45c (from 35f, 65c)
    • Ranged reduced to 12 (from 14)
    • Speed reduced to 4 (from 4.25)
    • Now inflicts 0.67x to Infantry (down from 1x)
    • Colla Support card (IV): Melee damage improvement increased to 35% (from 25); no longer improves cavalry damage multipliers
    • Maceman: adjustments as follows
    • Improvements are now calculated from 'Age 2 base-stats' (changed from Age 3)
    • Melee resistance flipped to range (20%)
    • Cavalry multiplier increased to 2x (from 1.5x); Shock Infantry multiplier adjusted accordingly
    • Area damage reduced to 2.5 (from 3)
    • Priestess: Conversion speed now improves by 1.5 seconds (up from 1) with the Elite, Champion and Legendary Priestess shadow upgrades
  • Builder Travois: changed as follows
    • Can no longer construct War Huts
    • May now construct Kancha House
    • May now construct Market
    • May now construct Community Plaza
    • Now constructs buildings 3x faster, like other construction wagons (up from 2x)
    • Hitpoints corrected to 250 (from 150)
    • Speed improved to 5 (from 4)
    • Can now properly build on sockets
  • The Chief (Age 1 → Age 2): Grants 2 Builder Travois (no change) – see changes to Builder Travois
  • The Elder (Age 1 → Age 2): Now grants Lumber Ceremony (250) and Forest People Ceremony (385) – We will be playing close attention to this politician and will make further adjustments as necessary
  • The Elder (Age 2 → Age 3): Now grants Great Feast Ceremony (175), Harvest Ceremony (350) & Green Corn Ceremony (525)
  • The Elder (Age 3 → Age 4): Now grants Earth Ceremony (335) and Earth Gift Ceremony (700)
  • The Wise Woman (Age 3 → Age 4): Now grants 5 Priestesses (up from 4)
  • The Wise Woman(Age 4 → Age 5): Now grants 5 Priestesses (up from 4) and 1000 wood (no change)
  • Civilization feature: all Age 1 cards now deliver a free Chasqui (cards that already deliver a Chasqui will not deliver 2)
  • Adjusted Fortress Age military unit cards to a nominal value of 1000 resources
    • 8 Jungle Bowmen (880) → 9 (990)
    • 8 Bolas Warriors (800) → 10 (1000)
    • 3 Macemen (900) → Can now be sent infinite times
    • [NEW] 5 Macemen with 500f cost to send (1500)
    • [NEW] INF 6 Huarcas
  • Adjustments to Inca "Support" cards
    • Huanka Support (II): Now delivers a War Hut travois instead of Builder Travois – since Builder Travois can no longer construct War Huts
    • Chincha Support (III): Cost improved to 500c (from 1000); now delivers 3 Chincha Rafts (1050), down from 4 (1400)
    • Chimu Support (III): Cost improved to 500c (from 1000); now delivers 10 Chimu Runners (1050), down from 16 (1680); Chimu Runner hitpoint improvement increased to 20% (from 15)
    • Cajamarca Support (III): Cost improved to 500c (from 1000); now delivers 9 Jungle Bowmen (990), down from 13 (1430)
    • Colla Support (IV): Damage improvement increased to 35% (from 25); no longer improves cavalry damage multipliers
    • TEAM Inca Bridges (I): Moved to Age 2
    • Road Building (II): Moved to Age 3
    • Ranged Infantry Attack (III): Moved to Age 2
    • Ranged Infantry Hitpoints (III): Moved to Age 2
    • Improved Buildings (I): Is now a team card (grants 25% building HP) – this change will reduce the total amount of hitpoints Inca buildings can be buffed to
    • TEAM 1 Priestess (II): now delivers 2
    • 2 Town Center Travois (III): no longer increases TC build limit
    • Resettlements (III): no longer increases TC build limit
    • Native Warrior and Foreign Allies Cards: may now be sent twice (e.g., 14 Tupi Allies or 8 Renegade Spanish — this only affects the Inca civilization
    • American Allies (I): No longer unlocks the "Carib Ambush Party" tech when allying with the Caribs
    • [NEW] Wamani (II): Ships 2 Kallanka Travois and allows Kallanka warriors to be trained early (they have age 2 stats). Also added new unit skins to show the shadow upgrade to Elite status.
    • [NEW] Autarky (III): Kancha Houses can also be toggled to produce Wood instead of Food. Wood is produced at the same rate as the food and is further improved by the Chicha Brewing card.
    • Added colors to all Inca unit card icons for better recognizability
    • Updated the Census card icon to avoid confusion with a new card



  • Fixed an issue where the Revolution deck would not be activated when a player has the Deck selection menu open while revolting.


  • French are no longer limited to 80 Villagers after revolting as Haiti.

Random maps[]


  • 2 New South American Regions
  • 1 New African Region
  • 73 large maps
  • To play on large maps, a new toggle has been added.

New maps[]

  • Bahia: Extend toward the coast to access an abundance of resources but beware, your enemies are always close by.
    • Description: Bahia is one of the first places that the Portuguese landed in what later became known as South America, as such, Jesuit missions can be found here. Enemies start very close together, but are separated by a long cliff. Players will have plenty of food in the early game, but will need to extend to the Northeast coast as the game progresses to secure additional natural resources and the trade route.
    • Settlements: Jesuit
    • Outlaws: Pistolero, Comanchero
  • Minas Gerais: Play aggressively and control the hunts in the grassy plain, or head to the mountains in search of Gold Mines!
    • Description: Minas Gerais is a mountainous region and home of the Brazilian Gold Rush! Teams are separated by the Sao Francisco River on a grassy plain abundant with animal life. Although Coin is limited in the grassy plain, there is an abundance of Gold Mines on the Eastern plateau. Both Tupi and Jesuit settlements can be found here. In free-for-all, the Gold Mines and plateau spawn centrally.
    • Settlements: Jesuit, Tupi
    • Outlaws: Pistolero, Comanchero
  • Siwa Oasis: Players fight in narrow corridors in the Siwa Oasis. Ideal for the Treaty game mode.
    • Description: Found in a deep depression below sea level — the Siwa Oasis dots the desert with a strip of lush trees, freshwater oases, cliffs, and Salt Mines. Despite its proximity to Tripolitania, the Nile Valley and Trans-Saharan Route, this region is isolated — there are no Trade Route here. Players may initially build security by walling across the small passes, however, much of the wood is centralized; so players must extend outside of the safety of their base as the game progresses.
    • Settlements: Berbers, Sudanese, Sufi
    • Outlaws: Desert Warrior, Desert Archer

Map updates[]

African Maps Set[]

  • Added Siwa Oasis
  • Removed Tassili*

American Maps Set[]

  • Added Bahia
  • Added Minas Gerais

Standard maps set[]

  • Added Bahia
  • Added Minas Gerais
  • Added Siwa Oasis
  • Removed Tassili*

Team maps set[]

  • Added Bahia
  • Added Borneo
  • Added Minas Gerais
  • Added Siwa Oasis
  • Removed Tassili*

Treaty maps set[]

  • Added Siwa Oasis
  • Removed Central Plain
  • Removed Dakota
  • Removed Fertile Crescent
  • Removed Gran Chaco
  • Removed Mexico
  • Removed Ozarks
  • Removed Pampas Sierras
  • Removed Punjab

Map changes[]

  • Large maps: A large version of every map is introduced, and a new lobby option for selecting large maps.
  • Amazonia: Native settlements now include the Quechuas instead of the Mayans.
  • Andes: Native settlements now also include Quechua and Zapotec (in addition to Mapuche).
  • Andes – Upper: Fixed an issue with mines not spawning in team games. Fixed an issue sometimes resulting in players not spawning into the game in games with unequal teams.
  • Araucania: Native settlements now also include Quechua (in addition to Mapuche). An extra settlement has been added to the map.
  • Cascade Range: Adjusted the terrain so it is no longer purely covered in snow!
  • Dunes: Adjusted the elevation for more dunier dunes.
  • Gran Chaco: Native settlements now also include Quechua and Mapuche (in addition to Tupi). An extra settlement has been added to the map.
  • Kamchatka: Adjusted how the trade route and river interact so the trade route no longer pulls up terrain from the river bottom.
  • Fertile Crescent: Adjusted how the trade route and river interact so the trade route no longer pulls up terrain from the river bottom.
  • Ivory Coast: Reduced the number of elephants in each herd to 5 (from 6) and adjust constraints so they spawn farther from players' Town Center in a 1v1 match
  • Niger Delta: Adjusted the settlements in the North of the map to reduce pathing issues. Adjusted how the trade route and river interact so the trade route no longer pulls up terrain from the river bottom.
  • Niger River: The bonus starting Covered Wagon now spawns on the other side of the river.
  • Orinoco: Native settlements now include the Caribs alongside one of the Mayans or Zapotec (previously it was the Tupi and Mayans).
  • Pampas: Adjusted how the trade route and river interact so the trade route no longer pulls up terrain from the river bottom. Corrected the trade route type on one particular spawn variation that would result in the stagecoach upgrade being unavailable. The Tupis no longer spawn on this map (only the Mapuche spawn now).
  • Pampas Sierras: Native settlements now also include Quechua and Tupi (in addition to Mapuche).
  • Yellow River: Adjusted how the trade route and river interact so the trade route no longer pulls up terrain from the river bottom.
  • Still Tracking: Sometimes the trade travois does not spawn on Tassili's northern trade route. Once this bug is fixed, Tassili will be reintegrated into the map sets.


  • Improved the kiting (hit and run) behaviour of AI players to allow for more units to fire before moving again and prevent artillery repeatedly packing / unpacking when kiting.
  • Improved AI behaviour around walls blocking AI players' targets.
  • AI players now spend less time moving their Villagers between resources, improving Villager efficiency.
  • Improved AI player's capability to decide how many Rice Paddies / Fields to set on Food or Coin.
  • AI players will focus less on anti-building units in late game situations.
  • AI players will adjust their economy better when they're at full military capacity.
  • Improved the targeting system for the AI during FFA matches, the AI will now attack enemy players that are closest to him.
  • AI players will now build less additional Mills/Farms/Estates if the existing ones are not fully occupied.
  • AI players will now build their first Docks in the Commerce Age, rather than the Exploration Age.
  • After revolting, the AI will no longer attempt to construct buildings with transformed Villagers if they don't have the ability to do so.
  • AI chat messages related to previous matches on the same map now work as intended.
  • The AI now prefers to build Factories and Dojos at the back of the base.
  • AI players will now start saving resources for early military units/buildings during the transition to the Commerce Age on harder difficulty levels.
  • Allowed fishing to be started earlier when we are low on land resources and also avoid over training Fishing Boats when we are mostly out of fish resources.
  • The AI will now avoid training Spies if there are not enough enemy mercenaries spotted.
  • The AI will no longer try to maintain a number of Fishing Boats while it has no Dock alive.
  • On island type maps the AI will now always (when it has a Dock) maintain 1 Fishing Boat for exploration purposes.
  • Berber Nomads will no longer be trained once the AI has started farming.
  • Silver Prospector Wagons delivered by the Team Alaska Purchase card will now be used by AI.
  • Updated the logic used to send cards to take all new Prospector Wagons into account.
  • The AI can now use the Native Embassy Wagons introduced with the Definitive Edition.
  • Fixed a bug that would result into wrong age up Council Members/Alliances being chosen for native/African civilizations.
  • Fixed an issue when there are multiple African AI in the same team, the AI will attempt to gather other African player's starting cattle.
  • African AIs can now research the upgrades in the University / Mountain Monastery which are gained via Alliances.
  • African AIs can now research the Kebra Nagast, Solomonic Dynasty, and Timbuktu Manuscripts upgrades in the University / Mountain Monastery.
  • Improved how African AIs choose their Age-up Alliances.
  • African AIs will now build their initial Granary close to their starting Town Center and also herd back to this Granary instead of the Town Center.
  • Hausa AI players will now attempt to build Universities in range of other buildings that boost its influence trickle rate.
  • Hausa AI players will now build Universities on Easy, standard and moderate difficulties.
  • Hausa AI players will now always ship 1 Palace Builder as their second card on hard and above difficulties.
  • Hausa AI players will now build a University potentially in Commerce Age instead of starting in Fortress age.
  • Hausa AI players will now build a Palace during treaty regardless of how long it takes before the treaty ends, so it can use it for the influence trickle combined with the University.
  • Hausa AI which aged up with the Berber Alliance can now make use of the Berber Nomads.
  • Hausa Builders (wagons) can now be used in more situations which will prevent them from going idle.
  • Ethiopian AI can now use the Red Sea Wagons gained from a Sudanese Alliance upgrade.
  • Fixed Nobles Hut being selected as the Aztec's Tower unit one age too early.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the Japanese AI from researching Flint Lock in the Golden Pavilion.
  • German AI will now prioritize using Settler Wagons over Settlers for building structures.
  • Fixed the French AI not gathering the starting 50 Food crate.
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Age of Empires IV
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