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Update 42848 is a patch in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, released on November 17, 2020.


Stability and performance[]

  • Players are now properly reconnected to their match if they experience a brief drop in their internet connection. This addresses an issue where they would attempt to reconnect indefinitely.
  • Implemented various performance improvements to how the game is rendered.
  • Improved the performance of the client during large-scale, late-game battles.
  • Improved the performance of the client during battles which generate a considerable number of on-screen particles.
  • Fixed various issues which prevented players from connecting to a match during ranked matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented computers running both an integrated graphics chip and a dedicated graphics processing unit from defaulting to their dedicated GPU.


  • Created a new hotkey entry to quickly “Go to King” when playing the Regicide game mode.
  • Created a new hotkey entry that allows players to “Select all Trade Units.”
  • The “Select all visible Military Units” hotkey can now be used to select visible warships if no land units are also visible or by pressing the hotkey twice.
  • The mouse wheel can now be used to scroll through the tech tree.
  • Rally points for enemy buildings are no longer displayed on the minimap.

The percentage numbers have been updated to represent their actual effect for the following bonuses and technologies:


  • Running Boars, Elephants, and Rhinoceros now use the correct ♪ “footstep” ♪ sounds, which are 3D-positioned to emit from their position on the screen.
  • Running Boars, Elephants, and Rhinos now play their ♪ “bestial vocals” ♪ less frequently when pursuing hunters.
  • Balanced the volume of unit voices across all civilizations, particularly for the Vietnamese, Khmer, Malay, Malians, Portuguese, Bulgarians, and Slavs.


Added a new setting which changes the behavior when double-clicking to select Villagers:

  • Double-click to select all Villagers
  • Double-click to select only Idle Villagers
  • Disable double-click to select Villagers

Other changes to gameplay in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition:

  • Improved the placement of Walls, which will now automatically employ angles to cover the shortest distance instead of defaulting to an L-shape.
  • Fixed an issue where holding SHIFT while placing a wall could prevent some wall piece foundations from being added into the command queue.
  • Fixed a rare issue where units tasked to attack a wall then re-tasked or set to patrol would, on occasion, continue attacking the wall instead.
  • Units can now be de-queued from the Global Queue. Holding CTRL and clicking removes 1 unit; holding CTRL + SHIFT and clicking removes 5 units.
  • Trebuchets now display their packing progress below their health bar.
  • Monks and Missionaries now display their Faith below their health bar.
  • Monks and Monks carrying Relics are no longer considered the same unit when double-clicking to select.
  • Defensive buildings no longer prioritize enemy buildings over units.
  • Town Centers and Gate foundations are no longer removed from their assigned control groups once the buildings are fully-constructed.
  • Dismounted Konniks now properly benefit from unit upgrades.
  • Attack Move and Patrol commands can now be issued when Trebuchets are included in the selected group. Trebuchets will neither patrol nor attack move, but will move along with the group.
  • Attack order commands can now be issued to unpacked Trebuchets by SHIFT + clicking different targets.
  • Auto-scout is now disabled on units when the owning player resigns.
  • Units will no longer try to complete their command queue when the owning player resigns.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lithuanians Relic bonus would not be properly calculated and applied when Relics were stored in multiple Monasteries.
  • Fixed a rare issue where double-clicking a building could select all buildings of the type instead of only the visible buildings.
  • Fixed a rare, legacy issue where a Stop command issued to units could leak onto buildings, causing them to cancel their build queues.
  • Fixed a rare, legacy issue where Fishing Ships could collect food from land Farms after exhausting a nearby Fish Trap.
  • Fixed a rare, legacy issue which could prevent purchases from the Market despite having the resources to do so.


The Art of War[]

  • Naval Battle: The “silver medal” notification no longer plays twice when the player loses too many ships.

Campaign scenarios[]

  • Bari 3: The Bombard Tower technology can no longer be researched.
  • Tariq 5: The Elite Genitour upgrade is now available at the Archery Range.
  • Yodit 1: The highest-earned campaign medal is now correctly displayed after completing the scenario.

Civilization Balance[]


  • Wall: Reduced the melee and pierce armor of wall foundations to 0.
  • Palisade Wall: Increased build time by 1 second.
  • Increased the collision size multiplier for Elephant units to match that of other cavalry and ranged units.
  • Battle Elephant [Standard and Elite]: Reduced bonus damage to buildings from +7/+10 >+4/+7 respectively.
  • Xolotl Warrior: Are now granted +30 hp, +2 attack, and +2/2 armor in matches that begin in the Post-Imperial Age.


  • Reduced the number of bonus resources Villagers can carry from +5 > +3.
  • The Aztecs no longer start with extra gold in the Empire Wars mode.
  • Jaguar Warrior [Standard and Elite]: Training time reduced from 20 > 12 seconds.


  • Increased the rate at which Blacksmiths work from 50% > 80% faster.
  • Blacksmith and Siege Workshop upgrades now cost -50% food.


  • Arambai [Standard and Elite]: Reload time increased from 2.0 > 2.2.


  • The movement speed bonus for infantry units is now applied at the start of the Feudal Age.


  • Kipchak [Standard and Elite]: Now have a 0.5 second fire delay, equivalent to the Mangudai.


  • Shotel Warrior [Standard and Elite]: Reduced the cost to train from 35 > 30 gold. Food cost remains the same (50 food).
  • Torsion Engines: Reduced the width of Scorpion projectiles from 0.5 > 0.4 tiles.


  • Loom can now be researched instantly rather than at no cost.


  • All Stable units now gain +1 pierce armor in the Castle Age and +1 pierce armor in the Imperial Age, as opposed to the +1 pierce armor previously granted only to Camel units.
  • Reduced the team bonus to damage dealt by Camel units to buildings from +5 > +4.
  • No longer have access to the Plate Barding Armor technology.
  • Sultans: Fixed an issue where captured Relics would generate gold ~17% faster rather than the intended 10%.


  • Genoese Crossbowman: Training Time reduced from 22 > 18 seconds.
  • Elite Genoese Crossbowman: Training Time reduced from 19 > 14 seconds.


  • Further reduced the work rate of Khmer Farmers from -3% > -5%.
  • Reduced the bonus speed to Battle Elephants from +15% > +10% faster.
  • Tusk Swords: Increased the cost from 200 wood, 300 gold > 300 wood, 450 gold



  • Leitis [Standard and Elite]: Reduced pierce armor from 2 > 1.


  • Gbeto [Standard and Elite]: Fire delay reduced from 1.2 > 1.0.



  • All technologies are now researched 30% faster.



  • Town Centers will now spawn 2 Sheep upon reaching the Feudal Age, and newly-constructed Town Centers thereafter will also spawn 2 Sheep upon completion.
  • Silk Armor: Increased armor bonuses from +0/+1 > +1/+1 armor.



  • Chieftains: Increased cost from 400 food, 300 gold > 700 food, 500 gold.

Random maps[]


  • Added safeguards to ensure that Sheep always spawn in the correct numbers.

Several changes have been made to the Empire Wars game mode:

  • Players now begin with 5 Farmers (instead of 8). The 3 former Farmers are now assigned to berries, wood, and gold at the start of the match.
  • Herdable animals no longer appear on Empire Wars maps which start with the standard number of Villagers.

Map Balance[]

  • Antarctica: The Penguin has been added as a scouting unit.
  • Arabia: Implemented fixes to prevent small patches of road and snow terrain from appearing throughout the map. Cliffs will now avoid generating near forests and player starting areas.
  • Fortress: Fixed a bug where gold or stone nodes could occasionally spawn and obstruct gates.
  • Fortress: Reduced the length of cliffs throughout the map.
  • Golden Swamp: On Empire Wars, a Mill and Villagers are now generated on berry bushes.
  • Hamburger: Improved the generation of the forested area in the center of the map. Uprooted random tree spawns from aquatic areas of the map. Outside gold and stone are no longer clumped together, and spawn further away from forests and water. Starting gold and stone spawns are now consistent on free-for-all map generations.
  • Inner Circle: On Empires Wars, players now always begin with 3 Lumber Camps.
  • Journey South: Added a Scout for players. On Empire Wars, players now begin with 3 Lumber Camps instead of one.
  • Mangrove Jungle: On Empire Wars, players begin with 3 standard Lumber Camps, as well as a Mill and 6 Villagers near a herd of deer.
  • MegaRandom: Fixed an issue where a particular map type could generate uneven starting forests. On Empire Wars, a Mill and Villagers are now generated on four-tile berry bushes.
  • Nile Delta: Slightly reduced the elevation on the map. Reduced the total number of spawned Goats, which also appear further away from the shorelines. Removed predators from the map.
  • Nomad: Reduced elevated areas throughout the map. Gold, stone, and berries no longer generate next to each other. The island now avoids the map edges in all directions.
  • Pacific Islands: On Empire Wars, players now begin with 6 additional Fishing Ships.
  • Scandinavia: No longer defaults to the Empire Wars map generation.
  • Snakepit: On Empire Wars, players now start with a Mill and 6 Villagers near a herd of Deer.
  • Wolf Hill: On Empire Wars, a Mill and Villagers are now generated on berry bushes.

Random map scripting[]

Added a new command, behavior_version, which lets players opt-in to fixes and changes for RMS that are not compatible with older scripts.

  • Using behavior_version 1 will fix the legacy issue where the land_percent and number_of_tiles commands would produce inconsistent results based on the order of lands in the RMS file.

In addition to this change:

  • Fixed a legacy issue where map revealers would be placed on custom Nomad maps.
  • The ‘Starting Age’ setting can now be detected by RM scripts.
  • direct_placement now works as intended when the number of players greatly exceeds the recommended map size.
  • Added the set_gaia_unconvertible command for object generation. Gaia objects created with this flag will not be capturable by players and will instead be hostile to them.
  • Added the set_gaia_civilization parameter. Setting it to a valid civilization ID will change Gaia’s civilization in a Random map game. The civilization’s architectural style and unique techs will be applied to the Gaia player.

Lobbies and matchmaking[]

Quick Play lobby is now available for unranked play. Designed for players to quickly set up game type and map preferences before joining matchmaking in Random map, Empire Wars, and Battle Royale queues.

Update to invitation system.

Several changes to multiplayer lobbies:

  • The Regicide, Empire Wars, and Sudden Death settings are now available as checkboxes in lobbies, allowing their mechanics to be combined with other game modes.
  • The Treaty setting is now always on in the Wonder Race game mode.
  • Wonder and Relic victories are now allowed in the Regicide game mode and with the Last Man Standing victory condition.
  • The Conquest victory condition is now available in the Regicide game mode.
  • The “Prefer Random Civilization” feature now requires a majority of players in a match to opt-in rather than all players in the match.
  • When restoring a game, players can now choose a server, set spectator settings, and set a spectator delay.
  • Added a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to instantly spectate matches by clicking a special link.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be locked out of a match when accepting an invitation to a lobby they’re already in.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Create Lobby” button would, for seemingly no reason, be disabled.



  • Implemented several improvements to the strategic decision-making of AI-controlled players.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would fail to target a player to attack.
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes prevented the AI from placing gates in walls.
  • Fixed a rare issue where AI-controlled units could be seen sliding across the screen rather than walking.
  • Units which benefit from direct unit control will now converge properly.


  • Units tasked to follow another unit will now properly update their path when issued a new command.
  • Units will now update their path when re-tasked to determine whether there is a more optimal route to the task at hand. (Legacy)
  • Fixed a rare issue where Boars could randomly stop chasing a unit after colliding with an obstruction.
  • Fixed a rare issue where units at the edge of the map could not be targeted and attacked by melee units.
  • Fixed a rare issue where units would, on spookier occasions, pass through solid objects.


  • Added a new strategic number to control what kind of gate the AI places in a wall: set sn-gate-type-for-wall to 1 for a Palisade Gate, and 0 for placing Stone or Fortified Gates.
  • Flares can now be found using the players-unit-type-count check and up-find-flare.
  • up-find-flare will now find flare objects.
  • object-data-action and object-data-order no longer return -1 for objects with no unit AI.
  • Setting the sn-disable-villager-garrison properly to 3 now stops boar-lurers from garrisoning.
  • sn-minimum-number-hunters will now properly assign Villagers to huntable objects.
  • sn-object-repair-level now takes Scorpion and Trebuchet units into consideration.
  • Created defconsts for the new Last Khans civilizations.
  • Extended the maximum amount of strategic numbers supported from 303 > 511.
  • up-can-build no longer returns false when using Wall objects.
  • up-garrison now accepts unit lines.
  • up-garrison now works on distant targets.
  • up-gather-inside now works on Watch Towers.
  • up-path-distance and up-get-path-distance no longer returns impassable if the starting tiles’ corner is obstructed by itself or another object.
  • Using the find-random search on up-find-player now returns the correct player ID’s.
  • Fixed an issue when using a custom AI script which caused AI players to delete the wrong objects under certain circumstances.

Added map-type constant for the following maps:


  • Implemented various fixes and updates to non-English translations of the game.



  • Extended the modding functionality to allow mixed content mods which combine .dat mods with other assets, which will take effect in games where the dataset is selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the names of the files required to modify civilization theme music would vary based on the chosen interface language.
  • Fixed an issue where custom unit sounds included in data mods would not play unless both the “Custom” and “Wwise” fields were non-zero.

Scenario Editor[]

A new .xs scripting functionality has been added to the scenario editor.

  • Players can now add an .xs script to their scenario, which can communicate with triggers and other areas of the game to allow for a more complex flow-control than that offered by regular triggers.
  • All available constants for the new .xs scripting can be found in Constants.xs in \resources_common\xs

Here are a few examples of the functions which can be called:

  • xsTriggerVariable: Returns the value of the desired Trigger Variable.
  • xsSetTriggerVariable: Sets a trigger variable to the desired value.
  • xsPlayerAttribute: Returns the value of the desired player attribute.
  • xsSetPlayerAttribute: Sets the desired player attribute to the value specified.
  • xsChatData: Sends a chat with the desired message/variable. This is useful for testing.

A multitude of new trigger effects and conditions have been added to the Scenario Editor:

  • New trigger effect: “Change Object Player Color”
  • New trigger effect: “Change Object Civilization Name”
  • New trigger effect: “Change Object Player Name”
  • New trigger effect: “Disable Unit Targeting”
  • New trigger effect: “Enable Unit Targeting”
  • New trigger effect: “Enable Technology Stacking”
  • New trigger effect: “Disable Technology Stacking”
  • New trigger effect: “Enable Object Selection”
  • New trigger effect: “Disable Object Selection”
  • New trigger effect: “Script Call”
  • New trigger effect: “Change Technology Cost”
  • New trigger effect: “Change Technology Name”
  • New trigger effect: “Change Technology Research Time”
  • New trigger effect: “Change Technology Description”
  • New trigger effect: “Make Technology Repeatable”
  • New trigger effect: “Set Building Gather Point”
  • New trigger effect: “Acknowledge Multiplayer AI Signal”
  • New trigger condition: “Multiplayer AI Signal”
  • New trigger condition: “Object Selected (Multiplayer)”
  • New trigger condition: “Object Visible (Multiplayer)”
  • New trigger condition “OR”
  • New trigger condition “Script Call”
  • New trigger condition “Object has Action” (e.g. to check if a unit is fighting)

Other adjustments to the Scenario Editor:

  • The Scenario Editor is more performant when working with large numbers of triggers.
  • Added the option to alter the player’s architecture set.
  • New functionality to extend a map, which allows players to resize a map after creation.
  • Flares can now be sent and detected within the Scenario Editor.
  • Added exclusive Scenario Editor technologies which make resources last longer by a specific percentage if researched via a trigger.
  • “Set View” can now be defined on a per-player basis.
  • “Activate” and “Deactivate” trigger effects now have a “go to” button to jump to the selected trigger.
  • On-screen objectives are now displayed when testing scenarios in the Editor.
  • Replaced units no longer adopt the incorrect default stance.
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