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Update 23511 is a patch in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, released on April 13, 2021. It complemented and coincided with the United States DLC's launch.


Stability and performance[]

Several optimizations have been made to the game shutdown code to ensure that error messages are displayed rather than crashing to the desktop without any messaging. This should help the support team diagnose the problem and provide the team with additional details that will help them fix longstanding stability issues.

  • Fixed a crash in the Home City code that could trigger when shutting down the game.
  • Fixed a rare crash triggered when saving and exiting a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying too many buildings at the same time would crash the physics system.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect bone data of previous frames could lead to TAA blurriness.
  • Fixed an issue which would result in tree models appearing blurry with TAA enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the windowed version of the game would, in certain cases, appear blurry.


  • Fixed an issue where unlocking Home City customizations with particles would fail to play them properly until the city was reloaded.
  • Visual updates to the range displays for accuracy and clarity.


  • Home City sounds from the main menu will no longer continue playing over the campaign screens.


  • Sending a whisper to another player now displays the correct portrait and name on the sent message.
  • Updated the icon used for the 6 Militiamen card in the Indian tech tree.
  • Updated the name of the Hackapell to Harquebusier in the tech tree.
  • Updated the name of the Spanish Priest to Missionary in the tech tree.
  • Updated the name of the New Year Festival/Inti Festival to New Year Festival in the Lakota, Aztec, and Haudenosaunee tech trees.
  • Updated the listing of the Artillery Foundry from the Commerce Age to the Fortress Age in the French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish tech trees.
  • Fixed a bug where the flag of a revolting nation would fail to update to the new nation's flag on the scoreboard.
  • Updated the tooltip text for the '+' and '-' buttons in the Player Summary menu.
  • Updated the tooltip text in the Diplomacy menu to clarify the difference between sending a single shipment of wood and sending an amount wood over time.
  • Updated the tooltip text of the search bar and sort buttons to accurately describe their function.
  • Updated the tooltip text of the 'Unsubscribe' button in the Browse Mods menu to properly describe its function.
  • Unit thumbnail icons of non-hero units will now also be displayed when they speak during a campaign scenario.

Many upgrades — such as TEAM cards and Arsenal upgrades — now have significantly shorter and more readable tooltips, though their behavior remains the same. This is because they apply their effects based to new unit categories rather than individual units:


  • Added a hotkey, [Q], to levy Militiamen or Sentry Uprising from the Town Center.
  • Added a hotkey, [W], to levy a Conscription or Town Defense at the Town Center.

Please note that if [Q] or [W] is already bound to another Town Center action (when using Legacy hotkeys), this conflict may need to be resolved before playing.

  • Fixed a bug where the prompt to assign a new hotkey couldn't be activated by pressing [Enter] on the keyboard.



  • Removed all "Kill XP" bounties from all construction wagons. Since the loss of a wagon is in itself a significant blow to any player, the experience bonus granted in addition to the benefit of killing them during a match was removed. All wagons were previously worth 60xp (regardless of the building they placed) before this change.
  • Docks now ignore the placement restrictions when playing the Treaty game mode.
  • Settlers, Villagers, Pilgrims, and Coureur des Bois now all contribute towards the same build limit.
  • Homestead Wagons can now also be used to construct Houses (or equivalent buildings).
  • Where possible, the crates delivered by some cards and politicians have been merged to deliver the same quantity of resources in fewer crates.
  • Fixed an issue where ordering a non-gathering unit to move behind a tree would display the indicator on the tree itself.
  • Fixed an issue where certain trickle resources would not correctly contribute to the gathering rate average.


  • Units spawned from buildings for free — such as Heavy Cannons at the Factory — will now wait for the population space to spawn rather than being lost entirely if blocked from doing so.
  • Fixed a rare bug where Outpost or Blockhouse Wagons obtained via Hungarian or Romanian cards could not be constructed upon delivery.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would fail to pause when prompted the first time.
  • Fixed an exploit where various units — such as Native Warriors — could be trained from any Trading Post, including those built along a trade route.


  • Implemented a fix for a recently-introduced bug in the Fire and Shadow (Act II) scenarios which would prevent the Home City from being accessible.
  • Fixed a bug where cards selected during the campaign would fail to appear in players' decks.

Civilization balance[]


  • The Saloon is now exclusive to the United States civilization, and has been overhauled with new features, cards, and interaction options.
  • All European civilizations now construct Taverns rather than Saloons. The Indochina and Indonesia maps have been updated to reflect this change.
  • All Native American civilizations can now construct Native Embassies as a default civilization feature. These can be used to train Wild West outlaw units — similar to the behavior of European Taverns.
  • All Native American civilizations can now train the new Captured Mortar (V) unit in the Imperial Age from the Native Embassy. This is an artillery unit with similar stats to the Howitzer, and which can be upgraded by Native upgrades — such as Legendary Natives — as well as various Home City cards.
  • Captured Mortar (V, 350c 150f): The Captured Mortar is the Native American equivalent of European Mortars.
    • Costs food instead of wood
    • Similar stats to Howitzers (upgraded Mortars)
    • Addresses a late game weakness shared by most Native American civilizations
    • Can only be constructed from the Native Embassy during the Imperial Age

The following mercenaries have been added to the random pool:

  • Napoleon Gun (III, 500c, 5 pop): This artillery mercenary is a small but mighty field gun with an additional case shot attack.
    • Moves and fires quickly
    • Low costs, low hit points
    • Inflicts additional damage against ships
    • Performs similarly to an upgraded Swedish Leather Cannon, but is already available in the Fortress Age
  • Zouave (IV, 400c, 2 pop): A quick, ranged, infantry mercenary with a lot of hit points.
    • Has less range than Jaegers but more hit points and armor
    • Its lack of negative and positive attack multipliers reduces the unit's vulnerability against cavalry
  • Ronin (IV)
  • Yojimbo (IV) *
  • Iron Troops (IV) *
  • Jat Lancer (IV) *

Note that the training of Yojimbo, Iron Troops, and Jat Lancers at the Asian Monastery (by way of the various Atonement (II) cards) can still be done in the Fortress Age.

In addition to these, 3 random mercenaries (increased from 2) are now available in the Saloon, Tavern, and Native Embassy. This change will increase the likelihood of there being trainable mercenaries in the Fortress Age, since a greater number of mercenaries are now available during the Industrial Age.

  • The Native Embassy is now, once again, constructed by Villagers rather than Heroes. This addresses a gameplay issue in the Treaty game mode where it was exceptionally difficult to prevent enemies from constructing forward bases.

Now that Artillery can be trained from the Native Embassy, developers no longer feel comfortable with the earlier change that shifted the burden of construction from Villagers to Heroes — a change originally introduced to accommodate the Dutch, who have more buildings than can be displayed on the Villager construction panel. To prevent this issue from reemerging, the Dutch now use Envoys to construct their Native Embassies.

Units and buildings[]

Changes have been made that should make the game less punishing and more survivable if a wagon accidentally arrives at a forward Home City spawn point:

  • Doubled the health of Town Center Wagons, Fort Wagons, Stronghold Travois, Factory Wagons, and Bank Wagons, all of which now have 500 hit points.

Adjustments were made to several outlaw units in an effort to make them more appealing additions to the player's armies:

  • Comanchero: Increased ranged attack damage from 16 > 19. Increased range resistance from 20% > 30%. Reduced the population cost from 7 > 6. Now has a Bull's Eye charged action. When playing as the United States, the unit may make use of an extra powerful attack with greater range than usual every 30 seconds.
  • Pistolero: Reduced cost from 85 > 80 coin. Reduced the population cost from 7 > 6. Doubled the rate of fire of the ranged attack, down from 3 > 1.5. Reduced ranged attack damage from 30 > 15. Now has a Quickdraw charged action. When playing as the United States, the unit may rapidly fire several shots by fanning the colt's hammer every 30 seconds. Reduced the unit's hand attack bonus against Cavalry from 3x > 2x.
  • Renegado: Increased cost of the unit from 90 > 100 coin. Reduced the population cost from 6 > 5. Improved the rate of fire of the ranged attack from 3 > 2. Reduced ranged attack damage from 40 > 18. Reduced the unit's bonus damage versus Heavy Infantry from 2x > 1.75x. Now has a Buckshot charged action. When playing as the United States, the unit may fire a buckshot, which deals massive area damage to nearby enemies every 30 seconds.
  • Note that the Lakota can also gain access to the new charged action abilities by sending various Outlaw cards from their Home City. Developers will be paying close attention to the performance of all Outlaws, and will make additional adjustments as necessary.

Other general unit balance changes:

  • Dragoon: Corrected the Hand Shock Infantry multiplier obtained via the Consulate from 2.75 > 2.25.
  • Gatling Gun: Reduced the coin cost from 400 > 250 coin to better-reflect their strength. Their wood cost remains unchanged (100 wood).
  • Landsknecht: Have been granted the Oberhau charge action, which deals 3 area damage.
  • Priests, Imam, and Surgeons now have a build limit of 30.
  • Trading Post Travois: Corrected health from 150 > 250.
  • Zapotec Lightning Warrior: Reduced health from 210 > 190.

The Capitol building has been adjusted to parity the new behavior of the US State Capitol:

  • Reduced the cost from 400 > 300 wood.
  • Increased the build experience from 160 > 300xp.
  • Increased the line of sight from 12 > 34 — equal to the Town Center.


  • Aztec Chinampa: Now (also) benefits Farms and Rice Paddies.
  • Cheyenne Horse Trading: Now improves the training speed of all cavalry-type units.
  • The Heavy Monitor upgrade, Ship's Howitzers, is now properly set as a prerequisite to researching Imperial Monitors.
  • Lacrosse: Now properly improves the damage of all ranged infantry.
  • League: Now properly enables the training of minor Tomahawks and Mantlets from their respective military buildings.
  • Klamath Work Ethos: Now properly improves all gathering rates.
  • Meritocracy: Now properly decreases the resource costs of all unit upgrades when researched at the Zen Temple.
  • The Wild West and Atonement upgrades now properly benefit all Outlaw units.

Several adjustments have been made to the Cree technologies:

  • Cree Kinship: Rather than modifying the build limit, the technology now improves the training time of Native Warriors by +45%.
  • Cree Textile Craftsmanship: Rather than reducing the wood cost of buildings by 25%, the technology now reduces ALL resource costs of buildings by 10% and improves their construction speed by +25%. Asian Wonders have been adjusted accordingly.


  • Capitalism: Increased the coin trickle from 1.25 > 1.5 coin/second.
  • Case Shot: All Case Shot attacks now deal 0.5x damage to Cavalry-type units.
  • Engineering School: Now properly applies its benefits to all Artillery, including Gatling Guns. The TEAM Engineering School card has also been adjusted accordingly.
  • Stonemasons: Moved to Age I for all civilizations.


  • Increased the time it takes for all Council members who advance from Age I to Age II from 70 > 80 seconds. The exemption is The Messenger, who still "Ages up very fast."
  • Skull Knights now slowly heal when idle. Corrected Shock Infantry multipliers from 2.0x > 2.2x. The Skull Knight now has access to a powerful charged action — Obsidian Storm — which triggers upon recharge.
    • Obsidian Storm is similar in style to the Swashbuckler Attack.
    • Identical to normal attacks, but deals +2 area damage and +33.3% damage with no multipliers against any unit types.
    • Has a 30 second cooldown.
    • Units that die to the attack are flung away.
  • 9 Mayan Allies card: Now displays the correct number over the card icon.
  • Great Temple of Huitzilopochtli Support card: Now also improves the Skull Knight's charged action.


  • TEAM Cheap Docks: Now also reduces the cost of Native American Big Button upgrades available at the Dock. The tooltip now reads: "TEAM Docks and Dock upgrades are 30% cheaper. Naval Big Button upgrades are 50% cheaper."
  • Estates (IV) card: No longer reduces the speed of Settlers trained at the Town Center.


  • The below changes to the Chinese civilization are made for the purpose of Treaty balance.
  • German Relations (Consulate): The German Expeditionary Army now grants 1 Heavy Cannon and 18 Needle Guns (was 2 Heavy Cannons and 11 Needle Guns).
  • Acupuncture: Now partially applies its effects to Heavy Cannons created at the Factory after opening relations with Russia via the Consulate, as intended.
  • INF 15 Rattan Shield (IV) > INF 10 Rattan Shield (IV)
  • Old Dynasty Reforms: Increased the added cost to train affected units from +20% > +25%. All other affects remain the same.


  • Tiny Crates of Food containing 50 food (Half Crates) have a new visual model to quickly communicate their reduced food total at a glance.
  • The French are no longer granted Coureurs des Bois from TEAM Villager shipments.

The following technologies, which are enabled at the Church by the Edict of Nantes (II) card, have been adjusted so as to correct the technology tree and improve the function the Grenade Launchers card — which allows the training of super-equipped Grenadiers.

  • Moved the Imperial Young Guard technology from the Fortress Age > Commerce Age.
  • Moved the Imperial Middle Guard from the Industrial Age > Fortress Age.
  • Imperial Middle Guard: No longer activates the Guard Grenadiers upgrade, but instead grants Grenadiers +10% attack and hit points.
  • Imperial Old Guard: No longer grants Grenadiers +10% attack and hit points, but instead activates the Guard Grenadiers upgrade.
  • Wilderness Warfare: Now also improves the hit points of the Cree Coureur de Bois.


  • German cards which upgrade cavalry units now also improve Gauchos, Comancheros, and Llanero revolutionary/outlaw units.


  • Llamas no longer fatten while tasked to the Community Plaza.
  • Sending the Curare card now renames the Jungle Bowman's ranged attack to "Ranged Curare Attack" meaning that the upgrade can now be "scouted" by checking the unit's stats panel.
  • Fixed a bug where the Native Treaties (II) card would deliver more units than intended if preceded by an American Allies (I) card. Native Treaties will now deliver the same number of units regardless of how the alliance was formed.
  • Old Ways (IV): Fixed a bug where the coin cost of the Inca Raiding Party (Big Button) would not be decreased.
  • Son of Inti (IV): Fixed a bug that would prevent the War Chief's hand attack from properly inflicting increased splash damage.


  • Mansabdars: Corrected the attack damage of certain Mansabdar units to ensure that each has the same attack and double the hit points of their counterpart units Now benefit from their own damage auras, ensuring that they inflict the same bonus damage as other units influenced by their aura.
  • Bombay Marine: Improved the tooltip text to better reflect the functionality of the card: "All military boats train faster and give more experience points upon construction, +1 Villager." > "All boats train faster and give more experience points upon construction, +1 Villager."


  • Fire Ceremony (Community Plaza): No longer boosts the siege damage of AbstractArtillery units.


  • Nizam Fusilier: Now benefit from Counter Infantry Rifling when in Volley Mode, as intended.
  • Silk Road: Now also improves the experience income of Trading Posts, as intended.


  • Dragoon Combat: Now also improves Llaneros obtained via the Gran Colombia Revolution.
  • TEAM Cheap Outposts: Now reduces the cost of Nobles' Huts along with other outpost buildings.


  • Archaic Infantry upgrades now grant their benefits to all Hand Infantry and Foot Archers, allowing them to synergize more effectively with Native Warriors and Mercenaries.
  • Rather than delivering bonus crates, the Spanish Logistician now directly deposits resources into the player's stockpile.
  • The default Beginner deck is now more suitable for players beginning to explore the Spanish civilization.
  • TEAM Archaic Soldier Training: Slightly reduced the training time bonuses granted to Archaic Infantry and Archers, down from -50% > -40%.


  • Torp: Reduced the gathering rate from Blueberry Bushes from 0.64 > 0.57 food/second. This is still 1.7x the collection speed of normal Berry Bushes — down from 1.9x.

The effect of the Savolax Jaegers technology has been updated:

  • Ships 6 Jaegers and upgrades all Jaegers into Savolax Jaegers. Savolax Jaegers have slightly more hit points, can use the Stealth ability, and partly cost Wood to recruit.

This change is aimed at making mercenary armies less draining on coin resources by adjusting the Jaeger cost to 100 wood, 100 coin. It should also make the Swede's unique Church card — Treaty of Roskilde (II) — more appealing, which also grants powerful hand infantry improvements which can be used to defend groups of Jaegers or Artillery.

  • Great Northern Forests: Reduced the maximum wood income from 1.0 > 0.7 wood/second.
  • Oxenstierna Reforms: Reduced the exchange rate of food to coin from 1.3x > 1.25x.




  • Karelian Jaeger: Can now also construct Docks. Increased the crate collection rate to match that of Villagers, up from 4 > 8.
  • [NEW] Baltic Fleet: Can be sent an infinite number of times; delivers 1 Monitor and 1 Frigate to the revolting nation.


  • Grenzers: Reduced the hit point deduction from -20% > -10% hit points. Their range bonus remains unchanged (+4 range).

United States[]

  • Increased the number of Gatling Guns spawned at each Fort upon revolting from 1 > 2.
  • Volunteers: Renamed to Revolutionary Sharpshooter. Now benefits from cards which improve Skirmishers for civilizations that can access the United States revolution.


  • Fixed non-localized text in the Default Hotkeys menu.
  • Fixed non-localized text in the Multiplayer Lobby menu.
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