This article is about the units in Age of Empires III. For units in other games of the series, see Unit.
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Elisabet Ramsey and Delgado.

Below is a list of all units that appear in Age of Empires III and all its expansions, alphabetized and arranged by where each unit is trained. Some units under the "Home City" category can only be received from the Home City. Units with a civilization name in parentheses after it can only be trained by that civilization.

Explorer or Daimyo/ Tokugawa Ieyasu Edit

Town Center Edit

  • Buttercup, the Pet Cougar: A domesticated cougar that is good against guardians. (Available after searching Tupi Animal Lore, Tupi improvement)
  • Colonial Militia: Solid general-purpose infantry. Good against cavalry. Available after declaring Revolution. (The WarChiefs onwards, for European civilizations only)
  • Coureur des Bois: French train these instead of villagers. They cost more but gather more quickly and do more damage. (French)
  • Envoy: A slow reconnaissance unit with a low attack. Unlike other recon units, the Envoy is considered to be a civilian unit. (Dutch only)
  • Irregular: Asian Minuteman armed with a musket. (Asians only)
  • Minuteman: Quick-training, Musketeer who quickly loses hit points, becoming less effective over time. (Europeans only)
  • Native Scout: A Native American scout. Good for exploration, but has a weak attack. (All Native American civilizations introduced in The WarChiefs, with Advanced Scouts Home City Card)
  • SentryAsian Minutemen armed with a pike. (Asians only)
  • Settler: A resource gatherer and builder. (Europeans only)
  • Villager A resource gatherer and builder. (Native American and Asian civilizations only)

Mill Edit

  • Settler Wagon: A German villager that is more expensive but gathers faster than a Settler. (Requires the Germantown Farmers Home City Card has been sent to train at Mill, Germans only)

Livestock Pen / Farm Edit

Dock Edit

  • Atakabune: Similar to a Galleon in all but with a different name. Trains infantry and cavalry only if close to shore. (Japanese)
  • Canoe: A fast, cheap but low damaging bow unit. Can attack or transport units. (Available only to the "Natives" of The WarChiefs expansion or on American maps when a Trading Post has been made for the Natives when playing as European or Asian civilizations)
  • Caravel: Small, fast, weak European/ Indian Warship that can fish. Suitable for exploring naval maps.
  • Fire Junk: A ship filled to the brim with gunpowder and drifted towards the enemy, it explodes on contact doing large amounts of damage. Effective against buildings. (Chinese)
  • Fishing Boat: A small boat that cannot attack but can only fish.
  • Fluyt: A strong Dutch ship good at transport and attack. Like the Galleon, can train units only if close to shore. (Dutch)
  • Frigate: A powerful large Warship available only to European civilizations and Indians. It is one of the strongest and most durable warships in the game.
  • Fuchuan: The Chinese version of a Galleon, it costs slightly more, but it is actually the strongest warship. Also similar to Frigate. (Chinese)
  • Fune: It is almost indistinguishable from a Caravel in all but shape. (Japanese)
  • Galleon: A moderately fast Warship that can train infantry and cavalry units on the shore.
  • Galley: A stronger and faster version of the Caravel with less hit points. Good at exploring, fishing or transport. (Ottomans)
  • Ironclad: A long range, high hit points and high attack armored warship covered in iron. Usable after a revolution or an Asian civilization that allies with the Portuguese through the Consulate. (The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Marathan Catamaran: Native mercenary boat. Small boat that can fish and transport units, although has a weak attack and low hit points. Also trains OrangutansDacoit and Thuggee. (Available only on Asian maps when a Trading Post has been constructed on Native Settlements)
  • Monitor: Visually similar to a Frigate, but has a long range mortar mounted on the deck. Good against buildings.
  • Tekkousen: Heavy Japanese armored warship. Similar to a Frigate in stats. (Japanese)
  • Tlaloc Canoe: Strong Aztec canoe capable of defeating a Frigate. Can fish. (Aztec)
  • War Canoe: A long, upgraded version of the standard canoe available to all Native American nations.
  • War Junk: Almost identical to a Caravel in stats. Good at exploring, fishing or transport. (Chinese)
  • Wokou Junk: Mercenary warship. Although not particularly strong, (Somewhat weaker than the Caravel) they are shipped with a small army of Mercenaries. (Available only on Asian maps after allying with a Native Settlement or shipped from Japanese and Chinese Home Cities.)

Galleon Edit

  • All infantry and cavalry normally available to a civilization.
  • Pirate: Available to the Spanish with a Home City Card. Good against cavalry and light infantry.

Trading Post / Native Embassy Edit

  • Apache Cavalry: Similar to Dragoons, but good against villagers with upgrades. (Apache, The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Carib Blowgunner: A Native that excels at killing villagers, even without upgrades. Effective against heavy infantry and light cavalry too. (Carib only)
  • Chakram: A hoop throwing native whose hoops ricochet of enemies, hitting adjacent foes. (Udasi Temple, The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Cherokee Rifleman: High hit points Skirmishers with a slightly smaller range. (Cherokee)
  • Cheyenne Rider: Heavy cavalry weaker than a Hussar but more cost effective. (Cheyenne, The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Comanche Horse Archer: A more cost effective "Dragoon" with a bow. (Comanche)
  • Conquistador: Basically a Dragoon. Effective against heavy cavalry. (Jesuit MissionThe Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Cree Tracker: A Light infantryman with few resistances but an impressive 300 hit points. Good against heavy infantry and light cavalry. (Cree)
  • Cree Coureur des Bois: A Courerur des Bois with a build limit of 5. Unlike most native units, they use up population. (Cree)
  • Huron Mantlet: An average overall unit with high durability. (Huron, The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Inca Bolas Warrior: A splash damage ranged infantry. (Incas)
  • Inca Huaminca: A powerful Inca Pikeman. Good against cavalry. (Incas)
  • Klamath Rifleman: A skirmisher with less range but more hit points. (Klamath, The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Mapuche Ironwood Clubman: Similar to Halberdiers but can be potent siege machines with upgrades. (Mapuche, The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Maya Holcan Spearman: A powerful Maya Pikeman with high siege damage. Good against cavalry too. (Maya only)
  • Medicine Man: Poor attack units that can heal units but not themselves. (Maya)
  • Navajo Rifleman: Although seemingly bad, they can turn invisible like a spy. (Navajo, The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Nootka Clubman: Nootka warrior armed with a wooden club. Effective against cavalry and light infantry. (Nootka)
  • Rattan Shield: Cheap fodder with no bonuses. (Shaolin Temple, The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Seminole Sharktooth Bowman: Similar to Crossbowmen, they have less range but fire twice as fast. Effective against buildings with upgrades. (Seminole)
  • Sohei: Similar to Pikeman but with a higher base attack than Swiss Pikeman when fully upgraded. (Zen Temple, The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Tiger Claw: Effective melee fighters similar to the Rapjut but better. (Bhakti Temple, The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Tupi Blackwood Archer: A strange archer combining elements of a Crossbowman and a Skirmisher. (Tupi)
  • War Elephant: The strongest native unit, it also has the lowest build limit. (Sufi Temple, The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Zapotec Lightning Warrior: Like a Pikeman but casts 20 extra wood and has higher hit points. (Zapotec, The WarChiefs onwards)

Church / Mosque Edit

The Mosque is only available to the Ottomans.

  • Imam: Holy men and healers treined at Mosque. (Ottomans)
  • Missionary: Mounted holy men and healers. (Spanish)
  • Priest: Holy men and healers.
  • Spy: Sneaky assassins that can go into stealth mode (turn invisible) and have a high attack multipliers vs. Hero and Mercenary units. (The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Surgeon: Special unit that heals and builds Field Hospitals. (Requires Master Surgeons Home City Card sent to train him at the Church)

Barracks / Blockhouse Edit

The Blockhouse is only available to the Russians.

  • Ashigaru Musketeer: The Japanese version of the Musketeer, with high hit points and a bayonet for fight against cavalry in a melee. (Japanese only)
  • Boneguard: Powerful heavy musketeers and swordsmen with hit points to spare. (Circle of Ossus/ Available in the Scenario Editor only)
  • Cassador: Portuguese skirmishers with low hit points but very high damage. (Portuguese)
  • Crossbowman: Archaic bowman. Common early-game anti-infantry unit. (Most European civilizations)
  • Doppelsoldner: German sword armed units that have an area of effect swing attack. Good against cavalry. (Germans only)
  • Gurkha: An Indian skirmisher that, although somewhat fragile, has a high attack. (Indians only)
  • Halberdier: A heavy pikeman with good damage and sustainability. Good against cavalry, light infantry and buildings.
  • Janissary: A powerful musketeer-type unit that costs more food. Effective against cavalry and light infantry in a melee. (Ottomans only)
  • Longbowman: A powerful anti-infantry archer with long range. (British only)
  • Musketeer: A heavy musket-armed soldier. The bread-and butter of most armies. Good against cavalry and light infantry in melee.
  • Pikeman: An anti-cavalry melee soldier with a long pike. Common early-game anti-cavalry unit. Also good against light infantry and buildings. (Most European civilizations.)
  • Rajput: Fast Indian melee unit. Similar to the Spanish Rodelero. (Indians only)
  • Rodelero: Fast, heavy sword and shield armed units effective against cavalry. (Spanish only)
  • Samurai: Heavy infantry with a high cost, offset by its high-damage swing attack. (Japanese only)
  • Sepoy: Heavy rifle armed infantry. Similar to the Musketeer. (Indians only)
  • Skirmisher: Anti-infantry. Fragile but powerful light ranged infantry.
  • Strelet: Weak skirmisher that trains in groups of ten. (Russians only)
  • Yumi Archer: A high damage bowman. Good against heavy infantry and light cavalry. (Japanese only)

Stable Edit

  • Cavalry Archer: Horse archer ranged cavalry. Similar to the Dragoon. (Ottoman and Russian only)
  • Cossack: A medium strength sword-armed melee cavalry. Similar to the Hussar. (Russian only)
  • Cuirassier: Strong French melee cavalry, one of the strongest cavalry units. Known for its trample attack. (French only)
  • Dragoon: Pistol-armed ranged cavalry. Good against heavy cavalry.
  • Hussar: Powerful sword-armed melee cavalry. Good against light infantry.
  • Lancer: Heavy lance-armed cavalry with high damage against infantry. (Spanish only)
  • Naginata Rider: Japanese Naginata (lance)-armed cavalry. Good against infantry. (Japanese only)
  • Oprichnik: Melee cavalry with low hit points but effective attack against artillery, light infantry, and raiding settlements. (Russian only)
  • Ruyter: Dutch equivalent of the Dragoon. Good against heavy cavalry. (Dutch only)
  • Uhlan: German version of the Hussar with very high attack. (Germans only)
  • War Wagon: A wood-roofed wagon with large inside rifles pulled by horses. Good against heavy cavalry. (Germans only)
  • Yabusame: Bow-armed cavalry with one of the longest ranges in the game. Good against heavy cavalry. (Japanese only)

Artillery Foundry Edit

  • Abus Gun: Ottoman light infantry. Similar to the skirmisher, but is classified as light artillery like the Grenadier. (Ottomans only)
  • Culverin: Light cannon good against other artillery and ships.
  • Falconet: Light cannon effective against infantry and buildings.
  • Gatling Gun: Fast-firing machine gun-like artillery only available to European civilizations that revolt instead of going into the Imperial age. (The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Grenadier: Grenade lobbing light artillery. Since they function like infantry, they are trainable as early as the Colonial Age.
  • Hoop Thrower: Throws burning hoops at the enemy. Especially effective against Janissaries. (Knights of St. John only)
  • Horse Artillery: Fast light cannon similar to the Falconet. Capable of keeping up with other cavalry. (The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Mortar: Slow, heavy cannon for shelling enemy buildings and ships.
  • Organ Gun: A small, six-barreled cannon with a fast rate of fire. Better against infantry than buildings. (Portuguese only)
  • Petard: A unit that does high explosive damage to buildings but kills itself in the process. (The WarChiefs onwards)

Fort Edit

Factory Edit

  • Great Bombard: A large cannon with a low rate of fire, firing huge cannonballs doing massive damage against infantry, buildings and ships. (Ottoman only)
  • Heavy Cannon: A large cannon, effective against infantry, buildings and ships and available to most European civilizations. (Select Europeans and Chinese)
  • Rocket: A fast firing explosive rocket, effective against infantry, buildings and ships. (British only)

War Hut Edit

  • Aenna: Cheap anti-infantry archer. Also good against light cavalry. (Iroquois)
  • Cetan Bow: Cheap anti-infantry archer. Also good against light cavalry. (Sioux)
  • Coyote Runner: Fast armored Aztec warrior. Good against skirmishers and artillery. (Aztecs)
  • Forest Prowler: Rifle armed stealthy skirmisher. Good against heavy infantry and light cavalry. (Iroquois)
  • Macehualtin: Sling armed anti-infantry unit. Good against heavy infantry. (Aztecs)
  • Puma Spearman: Melee heavy anti-cavalry infantry. Also good against buildings and light infantry. (Aztecs)
  • Tomahawk: A Tomahawk throwing heavy infantry. Good against cavalry and light infantry in a melee. (Iroquois)
  • Wakina Rifle: Similar to the Iroquois Forest Prowler. Light infantry with low hit points, but long-ranged attack. Good against heavy infantry and light cavalry. (Sioux)
  • War Club: Basic heavy infantry of the Sioux armed with a deadly club. Good against cavalry and light infantry. (Sioux)

Siege Workshop Edit

The Siege Workshop is only available to the Iroquois.

  • Light Cannon: Slow light artillery pushed by humans. Good against buildings, infantry, ships and artillery.
  • Mantlet: Ranged siege unit pushing a large wooden shield with high hit points. Good against defensive structure, ranged units, and artillery.
  • Ram: A strong melee siege unit usable only against buildings.

Nobles' Hut Edit

  • Arrow Knight: A bowman Aztec noble that fires flaming arrows. Good against artillery and buildings.
  • Eagle Runner Knight: A ranged Aztec warrior, throws javelins from an atlatl. Good against cavalry and Coyote Runners.
  • Jaguar Prowl Knight: A Melee unit, armed with an obsidian sword, with the second highest melee damage of any unit. Good against cavalry, light and heavy infantry.

Corral Edit

  • Axe Rider: Melee cavalry with high attack but low hit points. (Sioux)
  • Bow Rider: Ranged light cavalry archer good against heavy cavalry. (Sioux)
  • Kanya Horseman: Average melee cavalry with a low cost of food and wood. (Iroquois)
  • Musket Rider: Ranged fast cavalry with bonuses multipliers vs. cavalry and artillery, making them good at hit and runs against other cavalry. (Iroquois)
  • Rifle Rider: Ranged cavalry good against heavy infantry, heavy cavalry and artillery with a fast attack and good range. (Sioux)
  • Tashunke Prowler: Stealth heavy cavalry that gains 10% attack and 5% hit points for every other Tashunke Prowler nearby. (Sioux)

Fire Pit Edit

  • Dog Soldier: Powerful cavalry spawned either by the Town Center or the Fire Pit. (Sioux)
  • Medicine Man: Native healer, equivalent of the European Priest. (Iroquois and Sioux only)
  • Skull Knight: Aztec elite berserker with high hit points, high melee attack but low speed. Good against calavary and light infantry. (Aztecs)
  • Travois: Civilian unit that transforms into any Iroquois building. (Iroquois)
  • Warrior: Light infantry archer that loses hit points over time, similar to Minuteman and Irregular.
  • Warrior Priest: A Aztec healer that can also hold its own in combat. Cannot attack buildings. (Aztecs)

War Academy Edit

Caravanserai Edit

  • Sowar: Sowars would be your standard powerful heavy cavalry, but they ride camels. Good against infantry and artillery.
  • Zamburak: A fast and cheap but weak light cavalry, whose rider has a rifle and ride camels. Good against heavy cavalry, artillery and Coyote Runners.
  • Mahout Lancer: Although they are expensive and slow, these elephant lancers are the melee version of the Howdah. Inflicts wide-area damage. Exceptionally effective against infantry.
  • Howdah: A platform on an elephant supports a gunman. Effective against heavy cavalry and artillery.

Castle Edit

  • Black Flag Army: Anti-infantry group. Flamethrowers are fast firing "Siege" units better against infantry than buildings. (Arquebusiers and Flamethrowers) (Chinese)
  • Flail Elephant: Melee siege unit. An elephant with a huge iron flail on its trunk for area damage. Good against buildings. (Indians)
  • Flamethrower: Short-range anti-infantry artillery, that unit has the highest rate of fire of all units. Better against infantry than buildings. (Chinese)
  • Flaming Arrow: Anti-infantry artillery similar to the Falconet that shoots flaming arrows, it is effective against infantry, artillery and ships. (Japanese)
  • Hand Mortar: Weak anti-building artillery. Strong in large numbers, made easier to mass by the "Cheap" cost in terms of siege units. Unlike Mortars, it can fire at units, doing them low damage. (Chinese only)
  • Mongolian Army: (Keshiks and Hand Mortars) (Chinese)
  • Morutaru: It is like a Mortar, only it is cheaper, takes less population, less siege damage and move slower than Mortars when in Limber mode but also move faster when in Bombard mode. (Japanese)
  • Siege Elephant: A cannon mounted on the platform of a siege elephant. These were literally the precursors to tanks. Effective against artillery, buildings and ships. (Indians)

Consulate Edit

British allies
(Chinese and Indians)
Dutch allies
  • Dutch Expeditionary Company: A shipment of Musketeers can be useful to a civilization that usually lacks heavy ranged infantry. (Stadhouder Musketeers)
  • Dutch Expeditionary Force: Effective against and heavy cavalry and light infantry. (Stadhouder Musketeers and Carabineer Ruyters)
  • Dutch Expeditionary Army: A shipment effective against buildings and Ruyters which counter the heavy cavalry which could otherwise destroy the Mortars. (Carabineer Ruyters and Mortars)
  • Church Wagon: A Church can provide upgrades which Asian civilizations cannot get regularly.
  • Bank Wagon: Although this may seem redundant when Shrines are available, it allows you to focus the shrines on other resources while still producing coin.
  • Arsenal Wagon: The Arsenal Wagon can be very useful, as the improvements from there can be extremely helpful.
  • Dutch Brigade: An effective combo alone, but does wonders when with a group of your own army. (Stadhouder Musketeers and Mortars)
French allies
(Indians and Chinese)
German allies
Japanese isolation
  • Konsha Yamabushi: Japanese Monk armed with a large two-handed club. Good against cavalry and buildings.
  • Shinobi-no-Mono: Stealthy ranged infantry. Good against other infantry.
  • |Ninjutsu-Zukai: Japanese assassin. Highly effective against mercenaries, Explorers, War Chiefs, and Monks.
  • Hatamoto Samurai: Japanese Samurai mercenary.
  • Military Rickshaw: Transforms into an early military building saving 200 wood.
Ottoman allies
Portuguese allies
(Japanese and Indians)
Russian allies
Spanish allies

Village Edit

Sacred Field Edit

  • Sacred Cow: Herd animal. Generates experience points. Increased experience points generation when tasked to a Sacred Field.

Home City shipment Edit

Confucian Academy Wonder Edit

  • Flying Crow: Flying crows are large, rocket slingshoting siege machines. Good against infantry and buildings. 

Summer Palace Wonder Edit

The Shogunate Wonder Edit

  • Daimyo Kiyomasa: A powerful Japanese warrior that can train units and enhance units near it.
  • Daimyo Masamune: A powerful Japanese warrior that can train units and enhance units near it.
  • Daimyo Mototada: A powerful Japanese warrior that can train units and enhance units near it.
  • Shogun Tokugawa: A more powerful version of the Daimyo who trains Yamabushi, Shinobi and artillery instead of infantry and cavalry. It can also increase the hit points of nearby friendly units.

Agra Fort Wonder Edit

  • All Barracks units available, if upgraded into the Delhi Gate also train Caravanserai units and if upgraded into the Red Fort also train Castle units.

Charminar Gate Wonder Edit

Note: Units trained here are called Mansabdar, which have double hit points, and they also boost the attack of nearby same units. However, this aura is not as effective as the Spanish Unction aura, nor is it highly valued by most players (due to the new units double cost and population use).

Saloon / Monastery Edit

Note: Monastery units have the name "Repentant" in front of them. Only four units; (two Bandit units and two Mercenary units) and Ronin (via a Home City Card upgrade) are available at a time from Saloons or Monasteries. Bandits change depending on the map, while Mercenary units are at random on every map.
  • Arsonist: Mercenary light artillery from India that throws fire bombs to destroy buildings. Also good against infantry. Based on the Grenadier. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Barbary Corsair: A upgraded version of the Rodelero from the Barbary Coast of North Africa. Good against cavalry and light infantry.
  • Black Rider: Upgraded Dragoon from Germany. Good against heavy cavalry and artillery.
  • Comanchero: Powerful Dragoon, dangerous outlaw on horseback. Good against cavalry.
  • Dacoit: Powerful dangerous highwayman armed with a pistol from India. Based on the Musketeer. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Elmeti: Powerful Lancer from Italy. Effective against infantry. (The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Fusilier: Powerful Musketeer from Sweden. Good against light cavalry and infantry. (The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Hackapell: Very high attack, low hit points melee cavalry based on Uhlan from Finland.
  • Highlander: A powerful Musketeer from Scotland. Good against cavalry and light infantry in melee.
  • Iron Troop: Mercenary foot archer from China that wears heavy armor. Good against infantry. Based on the Macehualtin. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Jaeger: Powerful Hessian Skirmisher. Good against infantry.
  • Jat Lancer: Elite Indian mercenary armed with a lance. Good against infantry and artillery. Based on the Lancer. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Landsknecht: Powerful flamboyant German heavy infantry mercenary. Based on the Halberdier.
  • Li'l Bombard: Powerful heavy artillery from Italy. Based on the Great Bombard. (The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Mameluke: Very high hit points, low attack bold cavalry from Egypt based on the Hussar.
  • Manchu: Chinese cavalry archer mercenary. Based on the Cavalry Archer.
  • Ninja: Powerful Spy from Japan. Good against heroes, explorers, mercenaries and native warriors. (The WarChiefs onwards)
  • Pirate: Dangerous Pirate based on the Rodelero. Can be upgraded to "Buccaneer" status with Spanish Gold Home City Card exclusive to the Spanish.
  • Pistolero: Dangerous outlaw with a pistol. Based on the Musketeer.
  • Renegado: Dangerous outlaw with a rifle. Based on the Skirmisher.
  • Ronin: Powerful Japanese Samurai mercenary. Effective against cavalry and light infantry.
  • Stradiot: Powerful Hussar from the Balkans.
  • Swiss Pikeman: Powerful elite Pikeman mercenary from Switzerland.
  • Thuggee: Powerful dangerous thug armed with a rifle from India. Based on the Skirmisher. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Wokou Horseman: Powerful nomadic horseman. Good against cavalry. Based on the Cavalry Archer. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Wokou Monk: Powerful Monk archer from China, with keen senses. Based on the Yumi Archer. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Wokou Pirate: Powerful Eastern pirate in search of booty. Based on the Rodelero. Good against cavalry and buildings. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Wokou Ronin: Powerful Japanese swordsman with no master. Good against cavalry and buildings. Based on the Samurai. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)
  • Yojimbo: Japanese heavily armed mercenary cavalry good with both a bow and a sword. Good against heavy cavalry and artillery. Based on the Cavalry Archer. (The Asian Dynasties onwards)

Statistics table Edit

European military units
Unit icon Unit name Base hit points Speed Melee damage Ranged damage Siege damage Cost
Explorer 400 4.5 6 12 (16 range) 15 N/A
Aoe3 pikeman


120 5.0 6 32 40 food, 40 wood
Musketeer 150 4.5 13 23 (12 range) 20 75 food, 25 coin
Aoe3 crossbowman
Crossbowman 100 4.0 7 18 (16 range) 8 40 food, 40 wood
Aoe3 skirmisher
Skirmisher 120 5.0 6 15 (20 range) 12 50 food, 65 coin
Minuteman 200 4.0 13 26 (12 range) 5 75 food
Aoe3 halberdier
Halberdier 200 4.0 25 36 50 food, 70 coin
Grenadier 200 4.0 8 16 (12 range) 54 120 food, 60 coin
Aoe3 hussar
Hussar 320 6.75 30 20 120 food, 80 coin
Dragoon 200 7.25 11 22 (12 range) 9 90 food, 90 coin
Aoe3 cavalry archer
Cavalry Archer 265 6.75 6.5 13 8 100 food, 60 coin
Horse artillery
Horse Artillery 200 2.4 (6.0 limber) 125 (26 range) 100 wood, 500 coin
Falconet 200 1.6 (4.0 limber) 100 (26 range) 100 wood, 400 coin
Heavy cannon
Heavy Cannon 475 1.6 (4.0 limber) 200 (28 range) 200 wood, 500 coin
Culverin 280 1.4 (3.5 limber) 40 (34 range) 100 wood, 400 coin
Mortar 300 1.2 (3.0 limber) 500 (44 range) 100 wood, 350 coin
Aoe3 caravel
Caravel 800 8.5 75 (20 range) 300 wood, 100 coin
Aoe3 galleon
Galleon 1,500 8.5 50 (20 range) 300 wood, 500 coin
Frigate 2,000 7.5 90 (30 range) 500 wood, 500 coin
Monitor 1,200 6.5 80 (36 range) 800 wood, 200 coin
Aoe3 petard
Petard 225 4.0 6 1600 50 food, 100 wood
Aoe3 spy
Spy 150 6.25 5 10 125 coin
Revolution only Unit name Base hit points Speed Melee damage Ranged damage Siege damage Cost
Colonial militia unit
Colonial Militia 200 5.0 12 24 20 100 food
Gatling gun
Gatling Gun 150 1.6 (4.0 limber) 30 (24 range) 100 wood, 300 coin
Ironclad aoe3 unit
Ironclad 2,000 7.5 115 (30 range) 500 wood, 500 coin
British only Unit name Base hit points Speed Melee damage Ranged damage Siege damage Cost
Aoe3 longbowman
Longbowman 95 4.0 10 15 (22 range) 10 60 food, 40 wood
Rocket 350 1.6 (4.0 limber) 300 (28 range) 100 wood, 500 coin
Dutch only Unit name Base hit points Speed Melee damage Ranged damage Siege damage Cost
Ruyter 140 7.3 7 14( 12 range) 6 30 food, 75 coin
Fluyt 1,000 8.5 70 (20 range) 300 wood, 300 coin
French only Unit name Base hit points Speed Melee damage Ranged damage Siege damage Cost
Cuirassier 500 6.25 30 30 150 food, 150 coin
Germans only Units name Base hit points Speed Melee damage Ranged damage Siege damage Cost
Doppelsoldner 230 4.5 20 60 75 food, 125 coin
Uhlan 190 6.75 37 20 50 food, 100 coin
Aoe3 war wagon
War Wagon 500 6.0 21 42 (16 range) 30 150 food, 150 coin
Ottomans only
Aoe3 janissary
Janissary 235 4.0 15 20 (12 range) 25 100 food, 25 coin
Abus gun
Abus Gun 130 4.0 10 40 (18 range) 15 50 food, 100 coin
Great bombard
Great Bombard 475 1.4 (3.5 limber) 500 (28 range) 100 wood, 600 coin
Aoe3 galley
Galley 600 10 100 300 wood, 100 coin
Spahi 750 6.25 35 28 280 food
Portuguese only
Cassador 85 4.5 5 26 (20 range) 12 80 food, 35 coin
Aoe3 organ gun
Organ Gun 150 1.6 (4 limber) 33 (26 range) 100 wood, 300 coin
Russians only
Strelet 72 4.5 4 8 (14 range) 7 37 food, 10 wood
Cossack 225 6.75 26 15 75 food, 75 coin
Oprichnik 250 6.75 20 75 90 food, 60 coin
Spanish only
Rodelero icon
Rodelero 135 6.0 10 10 65 food, 35 coin
Lancer 350 6.5 20 20 110 food, 90 coin
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