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Washington D.C.

The United States' economy starts with no real advantages compared to others. However, once the first shipment is available, a number of options are immediately presented to shape and develop their economy. Here are several popular Exploration and Colonial Age economy cards in US build orders:

  • Chinese Immigrants: This allows for the taking of multiple Trading Posts in the Exploration Age without diverting Settlers from hunting to chop wood.
  • French Immigrants: This can be used to attempt a 12/10 opening build order by training only 3 additional Settlers at the start and shipping the card while at 9/10 population count.
  • Irish Immigrants: Less useful in the Exploration Age, but gives a nice boost when sent in the Commerce Age.
  • Hamiltonian Economics: Less useful for Hunting Dogs and Gang Saw, but saves a lot of resources from Commerce Age Market technologies.
  • Slater Textile Mill - Rhode Island Federal State: Cheaper economy units help.
  • Corliss Steam Engine - Rhode Island Federal State: Getting Railroads in the Commerce Age pairs excellently with the Chinese Immigrants card.
  • Plymouth Settlers - Massachusetts Federal State: Usually this is just going to be 3 extra Settlers, but that can be enough to get ahead.


The United States' military is mostly range-focused, with no hand infantry and few cavalry counters. The State Militia infantry unit is similar to the Russian Strelet, and dies quickly to heavy cavalry, but are useful in large swarms, where the benefit from their HP stacking can make it difficult to wear down their mass without artillery support. Carbine Cavalry, being the only dedicated anti-cavalry unit in the roster, are most commonly used to escort a blob of State Militia during a push. Although being slightly cheaper than a Dragoon, these units are weaker and have few upgrades.

It is in the Fortress Age where the real power of the United States' military becomes apparent. Their Gatling Gun artillery is an excellent counter to infantry, and with the Coffee Mill Guns shipment, their sustained fire can shut down large areas. The Legion cards allow the training of special units from Forts, which provides the US with options to adapt their play style with Magyar Hussars, Czapka Uhlans, Dragoons, or Grenade-Launcher-equipped Grenadiers.


Although the United States can ship a number of Settlers and buildings, its economic bonuses are tied to shipments and most often reduce the cost of future economic development, rather than increasing the rate they can produce military units.

Another significant weakness is that despite being adaptable, making poor choices with card shipments and Federal States can cause a United States player to fall behind.