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This article is about the unique units in Age of Empires II. For the armor class, see Armor class: Unique unit. For unique units in other games of the series, see Unique unit.
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A unique unit is a unit only available to a single civilization in Age of Empires II.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Each civilization in the game has one unique unit that can only be trained at the Castle in the Castle Age, and eight civilizations have access to a second unique unit that is trained at another building.

Before Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms was released, a Castle was required to train the second unique unit. Since that was changed, the civilizations with two unique units gain the advantage of instant access to a unique unit once the Castle Age is reached.

There are roughly three categories of unique units: Castle units, non-Castle units and shared units. As the name suggests, a Castle unit can only be trained at a Castle (except Huskarl, Tarkan and Konnik - see the list below), while non-Castle units are created elsewhere (Longboat, Turtle Ship, Missionary, Slinger, Imperial Camel Rider, Condottiero, and Caravel).

Shared units, however, fill a different and broader niche since their nature means that they can be used by other civilizations in addition to their own by simply allying with their native factions. A team containing an Italian, Berber, or Vietnamese player will have access to the Condottieri, Genitours, or Imperial Skirmishers, respectively. Shared unique units are team bonuses.

Apart from the Imperial Camel Rider, Condottiero, and Imperial Skirmisher, all unique units are available in the Castle Age.

All but five (Slinger, Condottiero, Imperial Camel Rider, Missionary, Imperial Skirmisher) unique units have an Elite version that possesses overall superior statistics. The upgrade is always available in the Imperial Age.

It is worth noting that the Samurai possesses an attack bonus against all unique units (including itself) but the Imperial Camel Rider and the Imperial Skirmisher, which are technically just unique upgrades. It is the only unit that has an attack bonus against unique units.

List of unique units[edit | edit source]

All in all, there are 45 unique units:

The Age of Kings[edit | edit source]

Civilization Unique unit Trained at Description and specialties
Britons LongbowmanIcon.jpg Longbowman Castle Archer with long range
Byzantines CataphractIcon.jpg Cataphract Castle Anti-infantry cavalry, resistant to attack bonuses
Celts WBRSK.jpg Woad Raider Castle Fast-moving, anti-building infantry
Chinese ChuKoNuIcon.jpg Chu Ko Nu Castle Archer that fires a volley of arrows
Franks TAXEM.jpg Throwing Axeman Castle Infantry with ranged melee attack
Goths HuskarlIcon.jpg Huskarl Castle / Barracks* Anti-archer infantry
Japanese SMURI.jpg Samurai Castle Fast attacking, anti-unique unit infantry
Mongols MangudaiIcon.jpg Mangudai Castle Fast attacking, anti-siege cavalry archer
Persians WarElephantIcon.jpg War Elephant Castle Slow yet strong anti-building elephant
Saracens Saracenmamluk icon.png Mameluke Castle Anti-cavalry camel with ranged melee attack
Teutons Teutonicknight icon aoe2.png Teutonic Knight Castle Slow, heavily armored infantry with powerful attack
Turks JanissaryIcon.jpg Janissary Castle Hand cannoneer with high attack
Vikings VBRSK.jpg Berserk Castle Regenerating infantry
LongboatIcon.jpg Longboat Dock Warship that fires multiple arrows

Note: The Goths can train Huskarls at the Barracks after researching Anarchy.

The Conquerors[edit | edit source]

Civilization Unique unit Trained at Description and specialties
Aztecs JaguarWarriorIcon.jpg Jaguar Warrior Castle Anti-infantry infantry
Huns TarkanIcon.jpg Tarkan Castle / Stable* Anti-building cavalry
Koreans WarWagonIcon.jpg War Wagon Castle High-armored cavalry archer
TurtleShipIcon.jpg Turtle Ship Dock Warship with very high attack
Mayans PlumedArcherIcon.jpg Plumed Archer Castle Cheap, fast moving, archer with high hit points
Spanish ConquistadorIcon.jpg Conquistador Castle Mounted hand cannoneer with high damage
MissionaryIcon.jpg Missionary Monastery Mounted Monk

Note: The Huns can train Tarkans at the Stable after researching Marauders.

The Forgotten[edit | edit source]

Civilization Unique unit Trained at Description and specialties
Incas Kamayuk Icon.jpg Kamayuk Castle Anti-cavalry infantry with extra range
Slingericon.png Slinger Archery Range Anti-infantry archer
Indians ElephantArcherIcon.jpg Elephant Archer Castle High-armored ranged elephant
ImperialCamelIcon.jpg Imperial Camel Rider Stable Anti-cavalry camel; upgrade of the Heavy Camel Rider
Italians New Genoese Crossbowman.png Genoese Crossbowman Castle Anti-cavalry archer
CondottieroNewIcon.jpg Condottiero Barracks Anti-gunpowder infantry
Magyars Magyar Huszar icon.jpg Magyar Huszar Castle Cheap anti-siege cavalry
Slavs New Boyar.png Boyar Castle Heavily armored cavalry

The African Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

Civilization Unique unit Trained at Description and specialties
Berbers CamelArcherIcon.jpg Camel Archer Castle Anti-cavalry archer mounted archer
GenitourIcon.jpg Genitour Archery Range Anti-archer mounted skirmisher
Ethiopians ShotelIcon.png Shotel Warrior Castle Infantry with fast deployment rate
Malians GbetoIcon.png Gbeto Castle Infantry with ranged melee attack
Portuguese OrganGunIcon.jpg Organ Gun Castle Light anti-personnel siege unit
CaravelIcon2.jpg Caravel Dock Ship that fires arrows with splash damage

Rise of the Rajas[edit | edit source]

Civilization Unique unit Trained at Description and specialties
Burmese Arambaiicon.png Arambai Castle Cavalry archer with high attack
Khmer Ballistaelephanticon.png Ballista Elephant Castle Elephant with mounted Scorpion
Malay Karambitwarrioricon.png Karambit Warrior Castle Cheap and weak infantry that only takes half a population space
Vietnamese Rattanarchericon.png Rattan Archer Castle Archer with high pierce armor
Imperialskirmishericon.png Imperial Skirmisher Archery Range Anti-archer javelineer; upgrade of the Elite Skirmisher

Definitive Edition[edit | edit source]

Civilization Unique unit Trained at Description and specialties
Bulgarians Konnikicon.png Konnik Castle / Krepost Cavalry that turns into an infantry after death
Cumans Kipchakicon.png Kipchak<