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Unique units are units exclusive to a single civilization in the Age of Empires series. They were first introduced in Age of Empires II.

Age of Empires II[edit | edit source]

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Every civilization in Age of Empires II has at least one unique unit. The Vikings, Koreans, Spanish, Incas, Indians, Italians, Berbers, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Tatars, and Burgundians have two unique units.

Age of Mythology[edit | edit source]

The four civilizations in Age of Mythology each have a significant number of unique non-hero human units.

Unique units exclusive to individual major gods include:

Age of Empires III[edit | edit source]

Each European civilization in Age of Empires III features a number of unique units, usually similar in function to standard economic or military units common to most civilizations. In contrast, Native American and Asian armies consist of units almost entirely unique to their respective civilization.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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