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Unique technologies are technologies introduced in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors that are unique to a civilization and can be researched at the Castle. In The Conquerors, every civilizations but the Goths (who had two) had access to exactly one unique technology. From The Forgotten and onwards, every civilization has access to two unique technologies, one in the Castle Age and one in the Imperial Age. These technologies typically benefit one or more aspects of that civilization's characteristics and unique units.

Unique technologies can be disabled in favor of additional abilities and units via the "Full Tech Tree" option, thus granting a civilization access to contents that they normally cannot utilize (e.g. Native American civilizations can build Stables and train cavalry) at the cost of their characteristic upgrades that usually benefit their original playing style.

Note that unique technologies also feature in Age of Mythology and Age of Empires III. They are much more common in these games and thus are dealt with in the respective technology articles.

List of unique technologies[edit | edit source]


Castle Age[edit | edit source]

Civilization Unique technology Effect Cost
Aztecs Atlatl Skirmisher range and attack increased 400 food, 350 gold
Berbers Kasbah Working speed of Castles increased for the entire team 250 food, 250 gold
Britons Yeomen Archer range and Tower attack increased 750 wood, 450 gold
Bulgarians Stirrups Cavalry attack speed increased 400 food, 200 gold
Burmese Howdah Battle Elephant armor increased 400 food, 300 wood
Byzantines Greek Fire Fire Ship range increased 250 food, 300 gold
Celts Stronghold Castles and Towers fire faster 250 food, 200 gold
Chinese Great Wall Hit points of Walls and Towers increased 400 wood, 200 stone
Cumans Steppe Husbandry Scout Cavalry line, Steppe Lancers, and Cavalry Archers produced faster 200 food, 300 wood
Ethiopians Royal Heirs Shotel Warrior training time significantly decreased 300 food, 300 gold
Franks Chivalry Stables work faster 400 wood, 400 gold
Goths Anarchy Huskarls can be trained at Barracks 450 food, 250 gold
Huns Marauders Tarkans can be trained at Stables 300 wood, 200 gold
Incas Andean Sling Minimum range of Skirmishers and Slingers removed 200 food, 300 gold
Indians Sultans Gold gathering rate of all sources (Mines, trade, and Relics) increased 400 food, 400 wood
Italians Pavise Armor and pierce armor of foot archers increased 300 food, 150 gold
Japanese Yasama Towers fire extra arrows 300 food, 300 wood
Khmer Tusk Swords Battle Elephant attack increased 200 wood, 300 gold
Koreans Panokseon (before the Definitive Edition) Turtle Ship speed increased 300 food, 300 wood
Koreans Eupseong (since the Definitive Edition) Tower range increased 300 food, 300 wood
Lithuanians Hill Forts Town Center range increased 250 food, 250 gold
Magyars Corvinian Army Magyar Huszar gold cost removed 200 food, 300 gold
Malay Thalassocracy Turns Docks into Harbors 300 food, 300 gold
Malians Tigui Town Centers fire arrows even without garrisoned units 200 food, 300 wood
Mayans Obsidian Arrows Archer attack against standard buildings increased 300 food, 300 gold
Mongols Nomads Population is retained even if Houses are destroyed 300 wood, 150 gold
Persians Boiling Oil (before the Definitive Edition) Castles do more damage to rams 200 wood, 100 stone
Persians Kamandaran (in the Definitive Edition) Archer-line gold cost is replaced by additional wood cost 400 food, 300 gold
Portuguese Carrack Armor and pierce armor of ships increased 200 wood, 300 gold
Saracens Madrasah 33% of a Monk's gold cost are returned if he dies 200 food, 100 gold
Slavs Orthodoxy Monks have extra armor and pierce armor 200 food, 300 gold
Spanish Inquisition Monks and Missionaries convert faster 100 food, 300 gold
Tatars Silk Armor Scout cavalry and Cavalry Archers have more pierce armor 400 wood, 300 gold
Teutons Ironclad Siege weapons have more melee armor 400 wood, 350 gold
Turks Sipahi Cavalry Archer hit points increased 350 food, 150 gold
Vietnamese Chatras Battle Elephant hit points increased 250 food, 250 gold
Vikings Chieftains Infantry do more damage to cavalry 400 food, 300 gold


Imperial Age[edit | edit source]

Civilization Unique technology Effect Cost
Aztecs Garland Wars Infantry attack increased 450 food, 750 gold
Berbers Maghrabi Camels Camel Riders and Camel Archers regenerate 700 food, 300 gold
Britons Warwolf Trebuchets do Area of Effect damage 800 wood, 400 gold
Bulgarians Bagains Militia line have more armor 900 food, 450 gold
Burmese Manipur Cavalry Cavalry and Arambai attack against buildings increased 650 food, 400 gold
Byzantines Logistica Gives Cataphracts trample damage and additional attack bonus against infantry 800 food, 600 gold
Celts Furor Celtica Siege weapons' hit points increased 750 food, 450 gold
Chinese Rocketry Attack of Chu Ko Nu and Scorpions increased 600 wood, 600 gold
Cumans Cuman Mercenaries Player and allies can train up to 10 free Elite Kipchaks 650 food, 400 gold
Ethiopians Torsion Engines Siege Workshop units blast radius increased 1000 food, 600 gold
Franks Bearded Axe Range of Throwing Axemen increased 400 food, 400 gold
Goths Perfusion Barracks work faster 400 wood, 600 gold
Huns Atheism Relic and Wonder victories take longer, and the cost of Spies/Treason is decreased 500 food, 500 gold
Incas Couriers (before the Definitive Edition)
Fabric Shields (in the Definitive Edition).
Kamayuks, Slingers, and Eagles have extra armor 600 food, 600 gold
Indians Shatagni Hand Cannoneer range increased 500 food, 300 gold
Italians Silk Road Trade Carts and Trade Cogs cost decreased 500 food, 250 gold
Japanese Kataparuto Trebuchets fire and pack/unpack faster 750 wood, 400 gold
Khmer Double Crossbow Ballista Elephants and Scorpions fire two projectiles 700 food, 400 gold
Koreans Shinkichon Mangonel range increased 800 wood, 500 gold
Lithuanians Tower Shields Spearmen and Skirmishers have more pierce armor 500 food, 200 gold
Magyars Recurve Bow Cavalry Archer range and attack increased 600 wood, 400 gold
Malay Forced Levy Militia line gold cost removed 1000 food, 600 gold
Malians Farimba Attack of Stable units increased 650 food, 400 gold
Mayans El Dorado Eagle Warrior hit points increased 750 food, 450 gold
Mongols Drill Siege Workshop units movement speed increased 500 food, 450 gold
Persians Mahouts War Elephant speed increased 300 food, 300 gold
Portuguese Arquebus Gunpowder units accuracy improved 700 food, 400 gold
Saracens Zealotry Mameluke and Camel Rider hit points increased 750 food, 800 gold
Slavs Druzhina Infantry does Area of Effect damage 1200 food, 500 gold
Spanish Supremacy Villager combat skill increased 450 food, 250 gold
Tatars Timurid Siegecraft Trebuchets have more range and unlocks Flaming Camels 400 wood, 500 gold
Teutons Crenellations Castle range increased, and garrisoned infantry now fires arrows 600 food, 400 stone
Turks Artillery Bombard Tower, Bombard Cannon, and Cannon Galleon range increased 500 gold, 450 stone
Vietnamese Paper Money Player and allies receive 500 gold 500 food, 300 wood
Vikings Berserkergang Berserk regeneration rate increased 850 food, 400 gold
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