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Campaign artwork

Tutorial Campaign: Ascent of Egypt (Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign before the Definitive Edition) is the first campaign of Age of Empires. It is primarily based on the history of the establishment of the Old Kingdom in Ancient Egypt.

This campaign is primarily designed to teach new players to learn how to play Age of Empires (as is implied in the campaign name). The early scenarios teach the players fundamentals of the game. As the campaign progresses, it teaches players more advanced strategies such as converting, trading, and even building a Wonder.

This campaign consists of 12 different scenarios, each with a different set of goals and challenges the player must face.


  1. Hunting
  2. Foraging
  3. Discoveries
  4. Advancing to the next Age (Dawn of a New Age in the original)
  5. Skirmish
  6. Farming
  7. Trade
  8. Religion (Crusade in the original)
  9. The River Outpost (River Outpost in the original)
  10. Naval Battle
  11. A Wonder of the World
  12. The Siege in Canaan (Siege in Canaan in the original)