Turning Point is the fifth scenario of Act II: Shadow in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. In this scenario, Chayton chooses to join the Sioux cause, after initially assisting Holme in setting up his fort.

In the Definitive Edition, this scenario is named To Stop a War.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The scenario is preceded by the prologue To Stop a War, where Chayton confronts Holme regarding breaking the truce between the miners and the Sioux. Holme then replies that it does not matter and they are now at war with the Sioux. Holme then asks Chayton to come with him, then the scenario opens.

As the scenario begins, American Settlers are shown gathering Wood from a forest near Holme's Fort that is still under construction. Holme instructs Chayton to protect the "folks" gathering wood until the Fort is complete.

In the Definitive Edition, the first stage of this scenario is skipped. After discovering that Holme is running the Hole in the Wall gang, Chayton sides with his Lakota relatives when Holme begins a war with the natives. The fort is already built when the scenario begins, and Chayton assumes command of a Lakota settlement at the northern edge of the map from the opening.

Players[edit | edit source]

Player[edit | edit source]

  • Black Family Estate (Black Family Estate): initially starts with Chayton Black and a few Wakina Riflemen. The player also controls a single War Hut near Holme's Fort in the southern part of the map, and three Trading Posts along a trade route south on the map.

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Americans (United States): controls a few buildings which include two Mills, two Town Centers and a Saloon near the south of the map (referred to as he "Fort" in this scenario). This player keeps sending Settlers to the forest north of their settlement to gather Wood until the "Fort" is complete. Fort Walls and Fort Towers gradually surround the base as the Fort progresses. This player also controls Holme.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Sioux (Sioux): The Sioux will constantly attack the Settlers gathering wood during the fort's construction phase. Their attacks will consist of Wakina Riflemen and a few War Clubs. They have a Village north on the map, which the player will later take over.
  • Americans (United States): Holme's completed Fort will be turned over to this player, and is the main enemy in the scenario. This American Fort will also contain the Command Post the player needs to destroy in order to complete the scenario. The American army will mostly consist of Skirmishers and Rockets. Note that Holme's unit disappears as soon as this player takes over the Fort.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The early phase of the scenario is simple. Since the Sioux attacks will entirely consist of Wakina Riflemen and War Clubs, the player needs to train Skirmishers from the War Hut, so the player needs to configure the Trading Posts to gather only food and gold. The player needs to consistently train Skirmishers, as the Sioux will attack the Settlers gathering wood non-stop, until the first objective is met. During this phase, it is also a good idea to use Chayton's special attacks to effectively eliminate the Sioux attackers and accomplish the first objective faster.

After Holme's Fort is complete, Holme will order Chayton to attack the Sioux Village to the north on the map, where the attacks earlier were coming from. Initially, the player receives an objective to destroy the Sioux Town Center; however, this objective will not last long, as Chayton refuses. Holme then asks Chayton on which side he is on. Chayton chooses to side with the Sioux, and the player receives the true objective, which is to destroy Holme's Command post inside his Fort. At this point, all units and buildings belonging to the Sioux will be under the player's control, and the once allied Fort will become an enemy. The Trading Posts will be vacated. This is where the scenario truly begins.

Holme will prove a tough foe, as his Fort is formidable, and he has a large starting army which consists of Musketeers, Hussars, Skirmishers, and a few Falconets. Despite having a large army, Holme will not attack right away. Instead, he will apply the turtle strategy, as he will continue to create a stable economy and upgrade his defenses. The player can use this to their advantage to do the same. The player should equally distribute the Villagers to gather Food, Wood and Coin. There are lots of Bisons around the player's camp which is a good food source. There are also a few Silver Mines; however, they will get depleted soon, so the player also needs to gather lots of Wood to be used for building Plantations and Mills later on. In the meantime, the Wood gathered should be used to build a Town Center or two to speed up Villager creation. Since the Sioux heavily rely on cavalry which are quite costly, the player needs to have about 20 to 30 Villagers gathering Food, about 15 to 20 on Wood, and 20 on Gold.

Once a decent economy has been set up (at least half of the recommended number of gatherers per resource mentioned earlier), the player should train an army consisting of Axe Riders and Wakina Riflemen, since Holme relies mostly on Skirmishers and Artillery. The enemy may launch an attack any time soon from this point. If resources permit, the player may advance to the Industrial Age and upgrade Wakina Rifles and Axe Riders to the Elite level while in transition to the Industrial Age. Holme may also have possibly advanced to the Industrial Age by this time. If Holme does not attack, and the player's current populations is at least 120, the player may consider attacking the Fort. This will provoke Holme's army to defend the Fort. On the other hand, if Holme attacks, the player simply needs to defend the base. Either way, once Holme's army has been successfully eliminated, the player should continue to attack the Fort, eliminating resource gathering buildings such as Mills and Plantations. If the resistance is too powerful at this point, the player may simply beat a retreat and replenish, before resuming the attack. Note that if Holme manages to advance to the Industrial Age, he will include Rockets in his army, so the player can add some Culverins to their army composition.

If the player keeps going on the offensive, Holme's Fort should eventually run out of resources, and the player simply needs to constantly attack the Fort until the Command Post is destroyed to complete the scenario.

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