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Tupi slash-and-burn techniques lets you clear land quickly and cheaply. All your buildings cost less Wood.
—In-game description

Tupi Forest Burning is a technology in Age of Empires III that can be researched at a Trading Post built on a Tupi settlement. Once researched, it reduces the wood cost of all buildings by 20%.


Tupi Forest Burning can be stacked with other building cost reduction cards for a significant discount.

  • The Spanish can have free Barracks and the Chinese can have very cheap War Academies when this technology is combined with TEAM Cheap Barracks and/or TEAM Art of War, which can be exploited to build walls using the structure.
    • If the Russians are the third ally in a 3v3 game and send TEAM Barracks Hitpoints, the Barracks will possess 5,000 hit points each, significantly more than a basic wall. In conjunction with Improved Buildings they will posses even more hit points.
  • The Japanese can stack this technology with the Heavenly Kami card for 35% cheaper Shrines.