The Tupi are a Native American tribe featured in Age of Empires III. Like all natives, they can be allied with by building a Trading Post at their Trading Post site.

Unit Edit

Tupi Blackwood Archer Tupi Blackwood Archer: Long-range, accurate native archer. Good against infantry.

Technologies Edit

Tupi technologies focus on increasing archers in combat, reducing building wood costs and training Cougars.

Age Technology Cost Effect
Ages discovery
Tupi Poison Arrow Frogs Tupi Poison Arrow Frogs 150 wood,
150 coin
Archers get +10% attack
Tupi Forest Burning Tupi Forest Burning 175 food,
175 coin
Buildings cost -20% wood
Tupi Animal Lore Tupi Animal Lore 75 wood,
75 coin
Town Centers can train Buttercup the Pet Cougars

In-game dialogue Edit

The language spoken by the Tupi is either the extinct Old Tupi or the Modern Tupi (also known as Nheengatu).

  • Ha
  • Hee (Yes)
  • Se guatavo (I will go)
  • Tape (Path??)
  • Inera (Attack)
  • Nidivi (Attack)

History Edit

"When the Portuguese, French, and Dutch penetrated the interior of Brazil they encountered a number of warlike and aggressive tribes called the Tupi. The coastal Tupi lived mainly by agriculture, growing manioc, yams, tobacco, beans, squash, peppers, and other crops in forest clearings. When the soils were depleted, they would move to a new location, clear the trees, and replant.

In the sixteenth century they became embroiled in the wars between Europeans fighting in Brazil, mainly the French and Portuguese, who both employed native allies. Many of the Tupi were forced to work on the plantations, but they fared poorly and died. They suffered from epidemics that swept through their villages, and were forcibly taken from their villages to be sold as slaves, often by enemy tribes. European encroachment spread as the trees were cleared, and sugar plantations were established. Devastated by the recurring wars, disease, and slavery, the remaining Tupi withdrew up the Amazon into interior lands the Europeans did not want.

Gallery Edit

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