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Tsar Konstantin, or Konstantin Tih (Tikh/Tich) Asen (Bulgarian: Константин Тих Асен), was the tsar (emperor) of Bulgaria between 1257-1277. He appears as a hero unit in the A Most Unlikely Man scenario from the Ivaylo campaign where the objective of the player (Ivaylo) is to kill the tsar.


Tsar Konstantin had been seriously injured after a riding accident and could not move without assistance, because he was paralyzed from the waist down. In the game he is depicted as a three-horse chariot for that reason.

When attacking, the unit provides trample damage.


  • Konstantin had ruled Bulgaria 20 years (1257-1277) which makes him the second most long-ruling tsar during 13th c. after Ivan -Asen II (1218-1241).
  • His surname Tih (Bulgarian: Тих) translates literally as 'Silent'.
  • His unit's design, which is a three-horse chariot, is likely based on the Scythe Chariot from Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome and use a modified model of the Korean War Wagon.