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Trust is the sixth scenario of Act II: Shadow in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. In this scenario, Chayton must earn the trust of the Lakota by killing the bandits in the area, as well as search for Holme to be turned over to Custer.


The scenario is preceded by the prologue "Custer", where Chayton is greeted by George Armstrong Custer. Custer easily recognizes Chayton as Lakota, and informs Chayton that he has been sent to restore peace in the area. Chayton then explains that Holme is attacking the Lakota to drive them off their lands and claim the Gold for himself. Chayton asks Custer to give him one day so he can bring Holme to Custer and hear the story from Holme himself. Custer agrees and informs Chayton they'll camp for a while, then leaves.



  • Black Family Estate (Black Family Estate): The player starts in the southeast of the map with a decent town, which includes a Town Center, an Artillery Foundry, a few Corrals, a few War Huts, and Houses. The player is unable to train their own Villagers, but they have some Miners at their disposal which can help gather Coin from Mines, as well as Food and Wood from enemy crates and cords, respectivey.


  • Lakota (Lakota): The Lakota have a small camp set up to the south on the map, close to the player's base. They have some Villagers gathering resources. Despite having a base, they will not be able to help the player.


  • Holme's Bandits (United States): Holme's Bandits have their walled town to the north on the map. They will train units that counter whichever type of unit(s) the player is training. They will actively attack the player throughout the scenario.
  • Holme's Bandits (United States): Holme has another band of outlaws roaming the map. This player also controls the resource carts the player may kill to gain resources. This player also controls some Outposts protecting Holme's main camp to the north.


The initial objective of earning 15,000 experience Points might sound simple, but it will be a bit harder to accomplish, since the player will be unable to train their own Villagers. To compensate for this in a very small way, they will have some Miners at their disposal. However, Villagers can be rescued from Treasures or sent from the Home City. The player must protect these Miners (and Villagers) at all cost, since they are the only ones capable of gathering resources. As soon as the game starts, the player must use the initial army to search for resource-related treasures, and continue to train an army with which to replace lost units. The player may also opt to rescue some Villagers and send some from the Home City (if there are Settler Cards available) to aid in gathering resources. Villagers may also be tasked to dance in the Community Plaza, to allow armies to be created faster with the Fertility Dance.

In the middle of the map, Holme's resource wagons can frequently be spotted travelling from one direction to another. The player must kill these wagons and claim the resources, using either the Villagers or the Miners. Since the wagons are travelling in the middle of the map, the player must have an army ready to respond in case Holme's main army launches an attack, preventing potential Villager (or Miner) loss. Once enough army has been trained, the player may now attempt to secure the Trading Post and research Stagecoach, to allow more resource income. The player's army composition should vary, as Holme will train units to counter whichever the player is training. If the player has a decent resource income, they may advance to the Fortress Age to gain access to more units (including Falconets) and upgrade existing units. By this time, Holme might attack more frequently -- the player's own army must be ready to defend against them. Again, the player must not allow Villagers gathering resources in the center to be killed.

By simply repeating the process (ambush resource-loaded carts, collect the resources, and defend the Villager gathering the resources), the player will eventually gain the upper hand. From here there are two options: wait until enough experience is obtained, or attack Holme's base. Attacking Holme's base is much preferred, as it will make things easier for the player later on. Attacking Holme's base will also help the player obtain Experience points much faster. Either way, once the player obtains the required 15,000 Experience points, a new objective of searching for Holme will be revealed.

Holme is hiding at the southwest of the map, inside the caves, and the only way is through his town. At this point, Crazy Horse himself, together with a huge Lakota army, will be under the player's control. The player can simply send the new army, together with the existing one's guarding the Villagers, to attack Holme's main base to the north (if they haven't done it earlier). There will be resistance, but due to the large army, it should fall down in no time. After Holme's town is burned to the ground, the player may simply trace the path inside the caves and eliminate all of Holme's outlaws. Once all of the units guarding Holme have been eliminated, the scenario is complete.


  • The player's worker units are labeled as "Villager" despite having British-like Settler appearance
    • They speak the same as Lakota Villagers
  • Lakota's worker units are labeled as "Settler", despite appearing as a regular Lakota Villager.
  • It is possible to kill Holme (he will fall unconscious) by sending a Culverin or two at the southwest of the map on the cliff behind the caves (near the Lakota base) and have them attack Holme. 
    • During this process, the Culverin's cannonball that will pass through Holme may even kill some Gatling Guns near Holme.