The Trojan Horse (Ancient Greek: Δούρειος Ἵππος/Doureios Hippos, meaning Wooden Horse) is a huge wooden construction, that appears in the Greek part of the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After many failed attempts at conquering Troy, the Greeks decided to use guile to infiltrate the city, by building a giant wooden horse, supposedly as a defeat prize for Troy, to whose hollow inside many Greek heroes would hide, and wait for the Trojans to pull it back into their city.

The main part of the Achaeans' army sailed away to the island of Tenedos, while the Greek heroes would wait until nightfall. After the Trojans' victory feasts ended and they were asleep, the Achaeans would creep out of the horse, and open the gates for the rest of their army.

It was devised by the cunning hero Odysseus, who managed to end the Trojan War that went on for 10 years.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

As mentioned, it appears in the Greek part of Fall of the Trident, more precisely in the sixth scenario (I Hope This Works). The Age of Mythology myth deviates greatly from the Iliad's, as the plan was devised by Arkantos (though Odysseus suggested the construction of the Trojan Horse).

Ajax, Arkantos and Odysseus return immediately to Agamemnon's camp, as despite managing to breach the western gate of Troy, the camp was victim of a brutal raid that involved torching of food stores, tents and most of the Achaeans ships. While Agamemnon suggests escape, in the end, they decide on constructing a wooden horse, a proposal that was prompted by an Atlantean custom: in Atlantis, a general must offer his horse to a victorious enemy.

After they manage to construct the Horse, the three heroes hide in its belly, while Agamemnon sails away, to trick the Trojans. Then, at nightfall, they sneak past the guards, steal some Helepoli and breach a gate to their south. Soon, a Greek army storms the city, destroys Trojan Fortresses and rescues Helen.

In-game unit[edit | edit source]

Trojan horse in the night..png

In the scenario I Hope This Works, the player must collect exactly 1000 wood in order for the unit to become available. It starts off as a foundation, and must be built by Villagers, while staving off Trojan scouts (represented by Hetairoi), who mustn't return to Troy, lest the player will be attacked by sizable Trojan armies.

Up to 33 Villagers maximum can be assigned to construct it, at about two minutes and twenty-five seconds. Once completed, the Trojans will pull it to Troy.

It can garrison up to 15 units, including myth units and Villagers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Iliad, the heroes who entered the Trojan Horse were many more, and included Diomedes and the seer Calchas.
  • Quite ironically, in the sixth scenario, the player may use the "TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE" cheat (which provides 1000 wood) only once, as any amount of Wood accumulated up to 1000 will be used for the Horse's construction.

Mythology[edit | edit source]

After laying siege to Troy many times, without results, they Greeks pretended to retreat. They left behind a huge wooden horse, in which a number of Greek heroes had hidden themselves. The intent was to get the Trojans to pull the Horse inside the gates, where the heroes could then attack unsuspectingly in the night.
—In-game mythology section
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