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—In-game description

The Trek Wagon is a unit in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition that can be garrisoned by Villagers for transport and protection. It becomes faster and stronger for each Villager garrisoned. The Trek Wagon is exclusive to the South Africa revolution.


While their utility to protect and evacuate Settlers can be limited past the Industrial Age when map control, defensive structures and walls have been placed, they can be used to soak up large quantities of ranged damage from enemy infantry and cavalry, thanks their ranged resistance and good amounts of hit points, without occupying population space.

Although resources can be better expended on other units, they can be useful and trained if max population have been reached and there's a lot of spare wood. Three of them become shipped when the player revolts, plus the "5 Military Wagons & 2 Trek Wagons" and "3 Homestead Wagons & 2 Trek Wagons" cards ship more for free.


  • The Trek Wagon refers to the Great Trek, a mass migration of Dutch-speaking inhabitants of the British-run Cape Colony, who left the Cape and travelled eastward by wagon train, into the interior of the continent, in order to live beyond the reach of the British colonial administration
  • Trek originated from the Dutch Trekken, that means "to draw, pull".