Trade Monopoly

A team of players (the red and the purple ones), playing in Amazonia, activated the timer by controlling five out of eight Trading Post sites.

Trade monopoly is a way to win a game in Age of Empires III. It was introduced in The WarChiefs expansion.

Overview Edit

A Trading Monopoly can occur when a player or team of players controls more than half of the Trading Post sites on a map, including Trade Routes and native settlements.

Provided that the player is in the Industrial Age, a "Trade Monopoly" technology can be researched by one of the team members at a Trading Post for 500 of food, wood, and coin.

A countdown begins, and enemy players have five minutes to stop the monopoly by making the defending team lose control of enough Trading Post sites so that they may have less than half left under their control. A trade monopoly can be attempted multiple times, but every time the countdown starts at five minutes.

The Trade Monopoly timer can be activated from any Trading Post a player controls, and can be attempted multiple times.

Trivia Edit

  • The ability to activate a Trade Monopoly is disabled if the game was started in "Classic" mode, or with a Treaty, no matter its length.
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