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This article is about the building in Age of Empires II. For the building in Age of Empires, see Trade Workshop (Age of Empires).

The Trade Workshop is a building in Age of Empires II. It functions similar to a Market. They can be seen in some campaign scenarios, as well as (since Update 42848) an economic building in the Battle Royale game mode that can be captured if enough of a player's units are near it.

In the Aftermath map of the Red Bull Wololo 5 tournament Trade Workshops can be captured for a trickle of Wood, Food, and Gold (equal to 24 of each resource per minute of ingame time).

The Trade Workshop was previously an unused building that was only available in the Scenario Editor.

Original function[]

The Trade Workshop served only decorative purposes in the retail release. Its original purpose was to function as a building where players could assign Villagers to produce "Trade Goods" or "Luxury Goods" which were to be used as a currency for Trade Carts and Trade Cogs, to be traded in for gold. The goods could also be sold for gold, but would require more (yet gleam more).

Although originally scrapped from the final game, remnants of its code appeared in the Scenario Editor and its gameplay icon resembles the one of the Market.

Campaign appearances[]

The Trade Workshop appears in the following campaign scenarios.

Joan of Arc[]

Genghis Khan[]


  • Lord of Arabia: Reynald's Pirates has a Trade Workshop at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula.


Attila the Hun[]


Battles of the Forgotten[]

  • Cyprus: There are a total of five Trade Workshops in Messina.


  • The instrument played in the Trade Workshop's building sound is also played in the Teutons' civilization tune.
  • Uniquely, if the Trade Workshop is damaged and catches fire, it uses the original Age of Empires II fire, rather than the new HD fire. This is no longer the case in the Definitive Edition, where now it uses the Definitive Edition fire sprite used by other buildings in the game.
  • The Indian Trade Workshop was East Asian style rather than Middle Eastern during the The Forgotten beta.