Toxotes are the main archers used by the Greeks in Age of Mythology. They can be trained at the Archery Range once the Classical Age is reached. They are one of three true foot archers in the game, the other being the Atlantean Arcus and the Chinese Chu Ko Nu.

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Hades increases archers' attack by 10%.

Strategy Edit

Toxotes are good against infantry and in groups can tear into an enemy army. Overall they provide effective ranged support for Greek armies. As ranged units they should be used at a distance as they are fragile and have little armor. They have a fairly short range compared to their counterparts in the Egyptian and Atlantean armies so they are slightly vulnerable to their respective units. As with other archers they are weak against cavalry as they can quickly close the gap with the fragile archer. Counter-archers such as the Huskarl or Slinger will also defeat them.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Toxon (Tόξον: bow), from which Toxotes (Τοξότης) is derived, is of Scythian origin. As for the Toxotes (plural: Tοξόται) themselves, they were slaves of Scythian ethnicity, armed with bows. They were found in Athens, and had safekeeping duties.
  • The in-game description states that the Greeks did not have the traditional archery practice. This may explain why the Greeks in Age of Empires have no archer unit other than the Bowman.

History Edit

"After centuries of warfare that was decided by Hoplite battle, the Greeks began using a variety of units after the superiority of combined arms was demonstrated convincingly by Philip's Macedonian army. The Greeks added light troops, mainly Peltasts and cavalry. They were slower to add archers, whom they called Toxotes, because they did not have the long tradition of archery practice that created bowmen of sufficient quality for the battlefield."

Gallery Edit

Military units in Age of Mythology
Culture Type Units
Greeks Infantry Hoplite  · Hypaspist  · Myrmidon (Zeus) · Militia (Poseidon)
Archers Toxotes  · Peltast  · Gastraphetes (Hades)
Cavalry Hippikon  · Prodromos  · Hetairoi (Poseidon)
Siege weapons Petrobolos  · Helepolis
Ships Trireme  · Pentekonter  · Juggernaut
Other Kataskopos
Egyptians Infantry Spearman  · Axeman  · Mercenary  · Khopesh Swordsman
Archers Slinger  · Chariot Archer
Cavalry Camelry  · War Elephant  · Mercenary Cavalry
Siege weapons Catapult  · Siege Tower
Ships Kebenit  · Ramming Galley  · War Barge
Norse Infantry Ulfsark  · Throwing Axeman  · Huskarl
Archers Bogsveigir
Cavalry Raiding Cavalry  · Jarl
Siege weapons Portable Ram  · Ballista
Ships Longboat  · Drakkar  · Dragon Ship
Atlanteans Infantry Murmillo  · Katapeltes  · Destroyer  · Fanatic
Archers Arcus  · Turma
Cavalry Contarius
Siege weapons Cheiroballista  · Fire Siphon  · Onager
Ships Bireme  · Fireship  · Siege Bireme
Other Oracle
Chinese Infantry Halberdier
Archers Chu Ko Nu  · Mounted Archer
Cavalry Cataphract  · General  · Scout Cavalry  · War Chariot
Siege weapons Fire Lance  · Sitting Tiger
Ships Junk  · Fire Ship  · Siege Junk
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