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The Town Dance is a dance in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs, only available if a Home City Card is sent. The Sioux can send this card in the Discovery Age, while the Iroquois and Aztecs can send it in the Colonial Age.

Town Dance improves buildings in combat, specifically +185.5% attack and HP (25 Villagers), +277.7% attack and HP (15 Villagers and 10 War Priests).

As the percentages count over the otherwise final amount, as opposed to the base, certain buildings can receive exceptional amount of hit points, for example, fully upgraded Aztec Nobles' Huts can receive over 24000 hit points, and over 30000 for walls, being much stronger than fully upgraded Chinese walls (which usually have the highest hit point walls, after the "Great Wall of China" card has been sent).

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