This article is about the building in Age of Empires III. For the building in other games of the series, see Town Center.
"Most important building in a colony. Home City arrival point. Supports 10 population."
In-game description

The Town Center is an economic building in in Age of Empires III that becomes available once the Fortress Age is reached. As it trains Settlers/Villagers and acts as the default drop-off point for Home City shipments, it is the most important of all buildings. Town Centers also support 10 population.

In regular random map games every player starts the game with a Town Center. Until the Fortress Age is reached, no more than one Town Center can be built at a time. From the Fortress Age onward, two additional Town Centers may be built.

Up to 50 villager-type units can garrison in Town Centers for shelter from attacks. By doing so, they give the Town Center an attack, allowing players to survive and fend off attacks. Town Centers also automatically attack passing enemy ships at all times.

Overview Edit

The Town Center is the most important building in the game, as it is the nucleus of every players' settlements, produces Settlers/Villagers that are the backbone of every player's empire, and serve as the only means of advancing to the next Age for European and Native American civilizations.

Unlike other buildings, the Town Center can only be built by the Explorer/War Chief/Monk and a Covered Wagon. Native American and Asian Villagers also have the ability to build Town Centers.

The Town Center is a strong building. It can defend itself from land units with its top tower with a musket, from boats with a cannon and can garrison Settlers/Villagers to protect it and increase its firepower. Town Centers also can call in one (two with specific Home City Cards) levy of Minutemen or Irregulars and Sentries. The Iroquois can make their Town Centers much stronger with Town Dance and the Great House Home City Card.

If the player's Explorer has fallen in battle too close to enemy territory, instead of manually retrieving the unit, they may choose to pay Ransom money from the Town Center and return the Explorer back safely. Asian civilizations retrain fallen Monks from the Town Center instead of ransoming them.

From The WarChiefs expansion, European civilizations can select to "revolt" from the Industrial Age. Revolting will also increase the Town Center's build limit to 10 and makes them no longer necessary to support population.

Attack Edit

The total attack of a Town Center are calculated on the following formula:

$ A = B * min(G, 10) $

Where A is the total attack, B is the Town Center's base attack, and G is the number of Settlers/Villagers garrisoned in the Town Center.

Players can garrison up to 50 Settlers/Villagers, but the attack will only increase with the first 10. For example, having 8 Settlers/Villagers garrisoned (at a base attack of 9) grants a total attack of 72.

Civilization differences Edit

Units Edit

Age Unit Cost Pop. Limit Civ.
Ages discovery
Settler icon Settler 100 food
100 coin (Dutch)
270 food (Russians)
3 (Russians)
50 (Dutch)
Native american villager iconChinese japanese villager iconIndian villager icon Villager 100 food
100 wood (Indians)
1 99
75 (Japanese)
Coureur des bois icon Coureur des Bois 120 food 80 French
Aoe3 envoy icon Envoy 50 food - 5 Dutch
Cougar icon Buttercup the Pet Cougar 100 food - 12 All
Native scout icon Native Scout 90 wood 1 NA
Shaolin master icon Shaolin Master 300 coin - 1 Chinese
Brahmin icon Brahmin 175 coin Indians
Ikko-ikki iconIkko-Ikki Japanese
Colonial militia unit icon Colonial Militia* 100 food 1 EU
Units with an asterisk (*) are added in The WarChiefs.
Ottoman Town Centers automatically train Settlers for free with a limit of 25 (45 with Galata Tower District, 70 with Topkapi, 99 with Tanzimat).
Coureur des Bois replaces Settler for the French.
Buttercup the Pet Cougar requires the Tupi Animal Lore technology to be trained at Town Centers.
Native Scout requires the Advanced Scout Home City Card to be trained at Town Centers.
Colonial Militia replaces Settler for a revolting European player.

Technologies Edit

Age Technology Cost Effect Civ.
Ages discovery
Levy Icon Levy 150 food,
150 coin
Spawns 6 Minutemen EU
Levy Icon Colonial Militia 150 food,
150 coin
Spawns 6 Minutemen; requires Colonial Militia Home City Card
Chinese japanese sentry uprisingIndian sentry uprising Sentry Uprising 80 food,
80 coin
Spawns 4 Sentries AN
Chinese japanese town defenseIndian town defense Town Defense Spawns 4 Irregulars
Chinese japanese sentry revoltIndian sentry revolt Sentry Revolt Spawns 4 Sentries; requires Enlist Irregulars Home City Card
Chinese japanese city defenseIndian city defense City Defense Spawns 4 Irregulars; requires Enlist Irregulars Home City Card
Ages colonial
Iroquois Scouting Party Aztec Scouting Party 450 food Ships 3 Jaguar Prowl Knights Aztecs
Iroquois Scouting Party Iroquois Scouting Party 500 food Ships 5 Tomahawks Iroquois
Sioux Dog Soldiers Sioux Dog Soldiers 1,500 food Ships 1 Dog Soldier for every 3 minutes the game has passed, up to 30 minutes Sioux
Ages fortress
Iroquois Raiding Party Aztec Raiding Party 450 food,
450 wood
Ships 6 Jaguar Prowl Knights Aztecs
Iroquois Raiding Party Iroquois Raiding Party 500 food,
500 wood
Ships 10 Tomahawks Iroquois
Iroquois War Party Aztec War Party 450 food,
450 wood,
450 coin
Ships 12 Jaguar Prowl Knights Aztecs
Iroquois War Party Iroquois War Party 500 food,
500 wood,
500 coin
Ships 15 Tomahawks Iroquois
Ages imperial
Blockade Blockade 100 coin per enemy unit Stops all enemies from receiving Home City shipments NA
SpiesAOEIII Spies 75 coin per enemy unit Shows what all enemies can see
Legendary natives Legendary Native Warriors
Exalted natives Exalted Natives
1,500 food,
1,500 wood
Upgrades native warriors to Legendary/Exalted (+50% hit points and attack)
Immigrants Immigrants 2,000 coin Can support 100 population without Town Centers and Houses/Longhouses
Immigrants is not available to the Sioux.

Further statistics Edit

Building strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Infantry, cavalry, villagers (only when garrisoned), ships
Weak vs. Artillery, Monitors
Hit points Flying Buttress Flying Buttress (+20%)
Attack Heated Shot Heated Shot (+1.5x multiplier vs. ships)
Sight Gas Lighting Gas Lighting (+4, European civilizations only)
Construction cost Cree Textile Craftsmanship Cree Textile Craftsmanship (-25% wood)
Tupi Forest Burning Tupi Forest Burning (-20% wood)
Other Tupi Animal Lore Tupi Animal Lore (train Buttercup the Pet Cougars)
Penalties Code Napoleon Code Napoleon (+50% cost, French only)
Counter Infantry Rifling Customized Merc Weapons (+30% cost, John Black's Mercenaries only)

Home City Cards Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Despite having no access to gunpowder, the Aztec Town Center defends itself with gunfire against land units and cannon fire against ships.

History Edit

"Churches, taverns, and town halls were all important colonial centers where leaders and citizens met to discuss the issues facing their towns and colonies. Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia was the site of several important events in the history of the American colonies. One, the First Continental Congress, was the meeting of the thirteen colonies in the fall of 1774 to discuss their grievances with British governance and just what they could do about it.

This historic hall also housed Benjamin Franklin's Library Company and the First and Second Banks of the United States.

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