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This article is about the building in Age of Empires. For the building in other games of the series, see Town Center.

The Town Center is an economic building in Age of Empires that becomes available once the Bronze Age is reached. As it trains Villagers, advances through Ages, and serves as a drop off point for all resources, it is the most important of all buildings. Town Centers also provide four population.

Unlike in all the other games of the series, the Town Center in Age of Empires cannot defend itself.

Players cannot build more Town Centers unless their civilization has advanced to the Bronze Age and has a Granary, Market, and Government Center present as well. However, a new Town Center may be built in any Age without any of the requisite buildings, if the player has no Town Center to begin with or had lost their original one.

As in future games (except for Age of Empires III, where the main land shipment building applies), cheat units spawn at the Town Center.

Civilization bonuses[]

  • Greeks: Town Centers work 10% faster starting in the Tool Age.


All villages and towns had an administrative center that was the site of governmental power and leadership.  In the earliest villages this might have been the leader's home.  Later it might have been the king's palace.  The center was often the place where important supplies, especially food surpluses, were stored.  Vessels for storing grain and oil were found in the ruins of the Palace at Knossos of Crete.  Some of the earliest accounting records yet found were clay tablets left in long- forgotten storerooms in ancient Sumeria and in Hittite cities.  The destruction of the town center usually meant the destruction of the town's governmental infrastructure.
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Buildings Tree
First Town Center
Storage Pit
Archery Range
Small Wall
Watch Tower
Siege Workshop
Medium Wall
Government Center
Sentry Tower
More Town Centers
Fortified Wall
Guard Tower
Ballista Tower