Tornado is an Egyptian Mythic Age god power in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Horus. When cast, it creates a tornado that deals a large amount of damage to both units and buildings. However, it will also suck in friendly units, so care is advised when using it.

Strategy Edit

Tornado should be used before an attack instead of during one. The tornado will wander randomly about the target area for twenty seconds before disappearing. Since it wanders around, it should be cast in the middle of an enemy town to maximize damage.

Tornado has a damage cap based on four different variables, which are civilian units, soldier units (includes human units, myth units, and heroes), buildings, and herdables. All four can be damaged independently, i.e. reaching the cap of damage to civilian units will not prevent soldier units from taking damage. Armor will reduce the damage taken from the tornado, but damage will not stop until the cap is reached, or if the tornado has disappeared. The damage caps are as followed:

Damage against enemies

  • Villagers: 608 damage
  • Soldiers: 1,512 damage
  • Buildings: 8,066 damage

Damage against allies

  • Villagers: 304 damage
  • Soldiers: 306 damage
  • Buildings: 1,212 damage

Tornado classifies the caster and all their allies into the 'ally' category, and all enemies into the 'enemy category'. Having two separate enemy units/structures in the path of the tornado will share the same damage caps. The enemy and neutral category are separate. For example, the player could do up to 8,066 damage to enemy buildings, and up to 1,212 to their own, for a total of 9,278 damage overall to buildings.

The damage from the tornado is evenly spread between targets. For example, a tornado cast on 9 enemy, full health villagers (without a relic boosting their health) would kill all of them. However, if there were 10 or more villagers on that location, all 10 would survive, albeit all very low health. Likewise, it would theoretically be possible to kill 80 villagers at once with tornado, should they all be in the damage radius with a combined remaining health of 608 or under.

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