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Daimyo Torii Mototada (1539 – 1600) is a character in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.


Daimyo Torii Mototada has known Ieyasu since they were small children, and his family has served the Tokugawa clan for generations. His affable personality hides a serious and focused military mind. On many occasions, Mototada has fought alongside Ieyasu in battle, acting as wise counsel to the younger man despite his subservience.

As the battle between the Tokugawa armies and the Toyotomi loyalists looms, Mototada has been asked to once again answer his master’s call. Summoned to the field of battle, Mototada gives the young General Kichiro guidance, and over the course of the war becomes attached to the boy. This relationship ends abruptly when the enemy’s armies set out to seize Fushimi Castle, Mototada’s seat of power. Mototada answers the call one last time.

In the fierce battle that follows, Mototada succeeds in stalling the advancing army and buying his master valuable time to prepare for the pivotal battle of Sekigahara. As Mototada’s commits ritual suicide at battle’s end, he does so in the name of his master, Ieyasu.

Torii Mototada serves Tokugawa Ieyasu and knew Sakuma Kichiro since he was a child. It was he who revealed that Sakuma's parents were killed under Tokugawa's orders.

During a siege of his castle at Fushimi by the forces of Tokugawa's rival Ishida Mitsunari, Mototada orders Sakuma to escape with the villagers. Fushimi castle is taken and Mototada commits seppuku (ritual suicide). Sakuma goes to fight with Tokugawa in the Battle of Sekigahara.

In-game unit[]

Daimyo of the Fushimi Castle garrison.
—In-game description

Mototada is similar to a Daimyo, in which he can train Japanese infantry and cavalry, receive Home City shipments, and have the Saburau Zeal ability which increases nearby friendly units' attack, but have higher hit points and LOS, slightly higher resistance, regenerates hit points over time, and does more damage in melee but, strangely, does less siege damage. Instead of dying when losing all of his hit points, Mototada will collapse and need to regenerate enough hit points to be rescued by allies, much like heroes would.


Ability Effect
Saburau zeal.png Saburau Zeal Daimyo Mototada increases the attack of friendly units in a radius of 24 around him by 10%.

Random map[]

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Torii Mototada also appear in random map games as one of the Daimyo (named Daimyo Mototada in-game) that can be shipped from the Home City.