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Toolworking is a technology in Age of Empires that can be researched at the Storage Pit once the Tool Age is reached. Once researched, it increases the attack of all melee units (except elephants) by +2.

Civilization bonuses[]


The first metals put to use were those found in a relatively pure state on the earth's surface, including gold, silver, and copper.  Gold could be worked in its natural state.  Experimentation with it eventually suggested electrum (a natural alloy of gold and silver) and copper could also be hammered into useful shapes.  Learning how to extract copper from ore and shape it into tools was an important milestone in the rise of civilization because it opened the door first to making bronze and then to making iron.  Cast copper tools were an important advance over stone tools, but were too soft to have a long, useful life.  The discovery of bronze, made by alloying a small amount of tin with copper, ushered in a2000- year Bronze Age.  Cast bronze tools dramatically increased the efficiency of workers.  Bronze weapons were superior to those made of stone and copper.  Armies equipped with bronze swords, spears, and arrowheads had a critical advantage over more poorly equipped armies.
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