Tokhtamysh Khan (c. 1342–1406) - a prominent khan of the Blue Horde, briefly unified the White Horde and Blue Horde subdivisions of the Golden Horde into a single state. He descended from Genghis Khan's grandson, Tuqa-Timur. He appears in Amir of Transoxiana, the first scenario of the Tamerlane campaign. In the last scenario, it is revealed that he also happens to be the person who narrates the story about Tamerlane.

Unit[edit | edit source]

The hero unit of Tokhtamysh Khan is based on a Keshik - the unique unit of the Tatars.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In year 1406 AD, Tokhtamysh Khan died fighting against Idegu, also known as İdegäy, one of Tamerlane's general and founder of the Nogai Horde, which appeared in the Ivaylo campaign.

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