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Fast but expiring source of Coin.
—In-game description

Tin Mines are one of the many sources of coin in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

They don't appear exclusively in a map, but are randomly added in maps introduced after The WarChiefs, along with other mines. They are similar in appearance to Silver Mines.


Tin Mines provide 1,500 coin which can be mined by villagers. Villagers can gather coin faster from the Tin Mine with Market upgrades such as Placer Mines and Amalgamation.

The Tin Mine reuses the portrait of a Gold Mine.


As in the case of copper, people have gathered and mined tin for thousands of years. It key value to the ancient world was in combination with copper, the creation of bronze - an alloy widely used for weaponry and art.

Because of its ability to inhibit corrosion, tin has long been used to coat steel and other metals. Indeed, the commonly referred to "tin can" is actually made from steel, with only a minimal tin plating.

Even though scarce, tin is found all over the world and on every continent. Most tin processed today is mined in Southeast Asia.


  • While tin is the rarest mineral in Age of Empires III, it is also the least valuable.


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