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Thutmose is an Egyptian hero in Age of Empires: Mythologies.

Hero power[]

Horus' Winds: Thutmose's Horus' Winds power boosts the move of all friendly units. This power can be used every 4 turns.


  • Train at: Shrine
  • Cost: 180 food, 180 gold, 50 favor
  • Type: Hero, heavy infantry
  • Range: N/A
  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 30
  • HP: 170
  • Movement: 13

God bonuses and upgrades[]

Age I: Attack x0.6, HP x0.6
Age II: Attack x0.75, HP x0.75
Age III: Attack x0.9, HP x0.9

Bast increases attack by 5% and movement by 2.
Anubis increases defense by 5%.

  • Ra's Blessing (Ra): Increases attack by 10% and defense by 5%.
  • Blades of Anubis (Anubis): Increases attack by 10%.
  • Hathor's Light (Hathor): Increases HP by 10%.
  • Tide of War (Sekhmet): Regenerates +5% HP at the start of the player's turn.


As a heavy infantry type hero, Thutmose fights well against numerous types of units, namely light infantry, archers and siege, as well as buildings and myth units. He also provides the best movement bonus in the game. When Horus' Winds is activated, all of the player's other units have their movement increased by 8 for the remainder of their turn. Units that benefit the most from this bonus are the slowest, namely Scarabs, Catapults, Rocs, and the Phoenix. This makes it easier for the player's army to mobilize on the battlefield, join an ongoing battle or retreat from one. Players must make sure to use it as early as possible so that a higher number of units benefit from it. Thutmose himself cannot benefit from the speed boost as he cannot move for the remainder of the turn when his hero power is used and it expires at the end of the turn.