Thundering Hooves is a Norse myth technology in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Freyja and can be researched at the Temple. Once researched, it increases the speed and hit points of all cavalry units by +10%, and of Valkyries by +15% and +10%, respectively.

Changelog Edit

Age of Mythology Edit

  • Originally, Thundering Hooves gave Jarls and Raiding Cavalry +20% hit points and +10% speed. After patch 1.06, Jarls received +10% HP and speed instead, with Raiding Cavalry going through the same change in patch patch 1.07.

History Edit

"The Norse had many splendid horses throughout their mythology. Svaldifari, the horse that built the walls of Asgard. Skinfaxi and Hrimfaxi, who drew the Sun and Moon across the skies. Grani, Sigurd's horse, a son of Sleipnir - Grani feared nothing, not even fire and was "the best of all horses."

"Three troops of maidens;
though one maid foremost rode,
bright, with helmed head.
Their horses shook themselves,
and from their manes there sprang
dew into the deep dales,
hail on the lofty trees,
whence comes fruitfulness to man.
To me all that I saw was hateful."

-- The Poetic Eddas, The Lay of Helgi Hiorvard's Son"
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