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This article is about the god in Age of Mythology. For the god in Age of Empires: Mythologies, see Thor (Age of Empires: Mythologies).
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Thor is a Norse major god in Age of Mythology.


God power[]

  • DwarvenMineIcon.png Dwarven Mine: Creates a Gold Mine wherever the player wants it to be placed. The Gold Mine holds more gold if cast in later Ages. Any civilization can mine from it, but the one that cast it gathers gold from it faster.


  • PigSticker.png Pig Sticker: Villagers have +5 attack against animals and gather food from hunting 10% faster.

Unique building[]



  • Starts with two Dwarves instead of two Gatherers.
  • Dwarves cost 10 less gold, gather food at the same rate as regular Villagers and gather wood only slightly slower; regular Dwarves gather food and wood 20% slower.
  • Builds Dwarven Foundry instead of Armory. Dwarven Foundry is available in the first Age; it has no Age restriction on technology research and enables three additional technologies.
  • Dwarven Foundry (Armory) technologies are cheaper.


  • According to the Age of Mythology guide book, Thor was originally going to have an additional bonus that enabled cavalry to produce gold when attacking buildings.


The thunder god, Thor was the son of Odin and Fjorgyn, the goddess of earth. He was large for a god, immensely strong, and a big eater (a cow could be a single meal). He loved contests of strength and was the main champion of the gods against their enemies, the frost giants. Farmers who appreciated his simple honesty and revulsion of evil worshiped him, rather than Odin, who was more attractive to those with the raiding spirit. Thor’s weapon was a magic war hammer (bolts of lightning) with a huge head and short handle that never missed its target. He wore magic iron gauntlets to handle the white-hot hammer shaft and a belt that doubled his strength.

Thor enjoyed the company of Loki despite the trickster’s penchant for getting them both in trouble. The tales of their adventures are some of the richest in Norse mythology. In the Norse pantheon, Thor was the destroyer of evil. At Ragnarok, Thor was aligned against his friend Loki who had gone over to the side of the evil frost giants. Thor was destined to kill the grim serpent Jormungand, spawn of Loki, but die in the struggle. Anglo-Saxons gave Thor’s name to the fifth day of their week, Thursday.


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