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Third Greek War is the second scenario of the Enemies of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Macedonians must defeat the Roman forces of Pergamum by destroying their Government Center.

In the Definitive Edition, this scenario has been replaced by Third Macedonian War.

Scenario instructions[]


172 BC

Our attempt to conquer Pergamum has been complicated by the Romans. They have sent two armies to interfere on the side of our enemies. Thus the war has widened. A victory against these forces would not only give us control of the Bosphorus, but also revenge for earlier defeats by Rome that we cannot forget. Defeat these Roman interlopers and then destroy Pergamum.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]



  • A two-fronted attack is necessary to obtain your goal.
  • Find as many weak spots in the Roman defenses as possible, and exploit them to their fullest.



  • Player (Macedonians AoE Macedonians): The player starts off with a few Tool Age soldiers, some Villagers, and precious few resources nearby in the eastern corner of the map.


  • Pergamum (Romans AoE Romans): The Post-Iron Age city of Pergamum takes up almost the entire center of the map and starts with plenty resources and a huge army. The city is walled-in and does not attack the player until the walls are breached.
  • Roman Army (Romans AoE Romans): This Roman army starts with a Tool Age base at the south-eastern edge of Pergamum, nearby the player's starting position to the south.
  • Roman Army (Romans AoE Romans): This Roman army starts with a Tool Age base at the north-western edge of Pergamum


Taking down the two Roman armies is essential as they have plenty of gold which you'll need to win the scenario.

After building a town center and advancing to the Bronze Age, you must create a military. The two Roman armies rely heavily on Bowmen so create Cavalry to counter them. The yellow Roman army is the weakest of the two and the closest to your base, so take them down early on. To the south of the map there is plenty of gold guarded by towers, send villagers there to build a Town Center and collect it there. This will give you the resources to defeat the second Roman army, so you can turn your attention to Pergamum.

Pergamum government center

The government center, which you'll need to destroy

The Pergamum are the most advanced of your foes, but they're walled-in, and won't come looking for you until you break through the wall. You should have defeated the other two armies and reached the Iron Age before you do that.

With a sizable fully upgraded army, make your way into the town and fight your way to the Government Center. There's plenty of siege units protecting it, but with some patience and overwhelming force, you should manage to bring it down and win the scenario.


Historical notes[]

Conflict between Pergamum (modern Turkey) and Macedonia (northern Greece) attracted Roman interference against the Greeks. Perseus of Macedonia enjoyed early success, defeating two Roman armies sent against him. Another Roman army was sent to Greece in 168 BC. Under the leadership of Aemilius, the Roman army engaged the Macedonians at Pydna. During the battle the Romans fell back under the onslaught of the phalanx in open terrain, but when the terrain changed to more rolling ground, the legionaries were able to counterattack and take advantage of gaps in the Greek formation. Once the Romans penetrated the phalanx, it dissolved. 20,000 Macedonians died and 11,000 were captured, versus only 1,000 Romans dead. The Hellenic League was ended and the various parts became separate republics under a Roman protectorate. No longer needing an ally in the region, the Romans cut back the power of Pergamum and made Anatolia a protectorate also.
—In-game section


Your great victory over Pergamum and its Roman allies has brought renewed glory to the Hellenic League. All of Greece salutes you. We now control the key waterway between the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea, and will grow rich on the trade. The Romans fear us now. It is unlikely that they will meddle in our affairs again.
—In-game section


Despite some early successes against the weak Roman interlopers, you have failed to take Pergamum. Our dreams of controlling the important waterway between the Black Sea and Aegean Sea have been foiled by your incompetence. The Romans are sending more aid. The Hellenic League is now likely to become Roman provinces.
—In-game section
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