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That looked like Theris. It has been a long time since you sent him to the Underworld, Arkantos. Fighting old battles again?
Athena, when Arkantos kills Theris, in both dreams.

Theris is an Anubite bandit that Arkantos defeated years before the events of the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology.

Special Attack[]

Jump: can leap towards any enemy within range 4 to 8, causing 50 hack damage. Recharge time: 5 seconds.

Fall of the Trident campaign[]

He first appears in the cutscene before the Omens scenario, during Arkantos' dream. He reappears in another of Arkantos' dreams during the Good Advice scenario, alongside other Myth Units such as Chimeras and Hydras. He is stronger than Arkantos and Kamos.


Scientific name -- Pholax cynopolis
Size -- about 9' tall
Diet -- doesn't eat, but may gain energy from emotions such as fear

Theris was a bandit lord that Arkantos defeated many years ago. There may be some sinister connection between Theris and the Minotaur, Kamos, but the undead Anubite isn't one for sharing his secrets.
—In-game history section


  • Unlike most heroes, he doesn't have Age, Homeland and Occupation listed in his bio. Instead he has Scientific name, Size and Diet like an Anubite.
  • Instead of a hero glow, he's on fire.
  • He's the only unit classified as both a Hero and a Myth Unit. This means he gains bonuses from upgrades which effect Heroes as well as those that effect Myth Units.