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You have advanced to the Heroic Age in the Arms of Theia.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Theia is a Heroic Age minor god for the Atlanteans in Age of Mythology. She is available to worshipers of Oranos and Gaia.


God Power[]

  • HesperidesIcon.png Hesperides: Spawns a large tree which can create up to 5 Dryads. The tree can be captured by other players. (2 uses)


Myth Unit[]

  • StymphaliaBirdIcon.png Stymphalian Bird: Airborne unit that is nearly impregnable to standard attacks, and can rain arrows upon its enemies with bonus damage against myth units.


Theia's provides mostly offensive benefits. Her technologies considerably improve Contarius and their Hero counterparts, who have otherwise below average stats. Poseidon’s Secret allows them to better outmaneuver enemies and grants them the highest attack stat of any human unit in the game, thus making them more reliable. Lance of Stone transforms Contarius Heroes into fast moving alternatives to Destroyers, capable of tearing down constructs and then quickly make their escape. Lemurian Descendants not only increases the poor LOS of the Contarius, but that of every other human unit, improving raids and the ability to detect approaching enemies sooner. To further aid raiding, Theia grants the flying Stymphalian Bird. Although slow, they can only be hit by ranged attacks and in turn can deal serious damage with their multiple projectiles. But Theia’s most valuable asset is arguably her defensive bonus, the God Power Hesperides. Not only can it produce up to five Dryads to supplement the player’s army without taking up more population, it also blocks the opponent’s God Powers in a similar way to Isis' Monuments. As it can be used twice, the trees can shield the player’s most valuable territories from serious damage. Overall, Theia is a very powerful Goddess if her benefits are used well. If the player chose Oranos and then worshipping Theia, their Contarius and Turma move 20% faster, and Contarius heroes' hack damage is increased by 30% if Poseidon's Secret and Lance of Stone are researched.


A Titan, Theia was married to her brother Hyperion, by whom she gave birth to three gods: Helios (the sun), Eos (the dawn), and Selene (the moon). She was the goddess of sight. Since the ancient Greeks believed that sight was a beam emitted by the eyes in a manner similar to the sun’s rays or the moon’s rays, she was thought to endow gold, silver, and gems with their luster and beauty. Her children were all associated with light.

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