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The War Minister is an Industrial Age politician in Age of Empires III, available to the Maltese, Russians, and Spanish. As soon as the player advances to the Industrial Age by choosing him, the following units appear in the Home City shipment point:

Before the Definitive Edition, The War Minister is available to the Spanish at a level 20 Home City.

The War Minister is also available to the United States in the Act III: Steel campaign, where choosing him causes a Fort Wagon to appear in the Home City shipment point instead.


Only three civilizations have access to The War Minister, and each one receives something different. For the Spanish, The War Minister gives a substantial army of Rodeleros that are melee archaic infantry, so he makes for a strategy based on archaic units that can be complemented if they previously picked The Adventurer or The Sergeant at Arms. For Russians and Maltese, The War Minister ships Oprichniks or Order Dragoons respectively, further improving cavalry for these two civilizations. For the Russians, The War Minister can be a good follow-up for The Scout.

Recommended shipments[]

All civilizations[]

  • Military unit shipments that complement or cover the weaknesses of the units shiped by The War Minister.
  • Advanced Arsenal.


  • TEAM Hand Infantry Attack: Hand infantry get +15% attack.
  • Tercio Tactics: Turns all Pikemen into Rodeleros.
  • Archaic Infantry Hitpoints: Rodeleros get +20% hit points instead.
  • Archaic Infantry Combat: Hand infantry and foot archers get +15% hit points and attack.
  • Reconquista: Ships 1 Conquistador for every 3 archaic infantry units lost (up to 10).
  • Liberation March: Infantry, cavalry, and shock infantry get +5% speed and -35% train time.
  • Royal Decree to Claim the New World: Provides the Church with Corselet a technology that increase Heavy infantry hit points by 25% but reduces their movement speed by 15% speed.
  • House of Trastamára: The next Age up is researched 8.5% faster and costs 80 resources less for each shipment that has been sent in the current Age including this one; Resources are proportional to amount required.
  • TEAM Spanish Inquisition: Ships 1 Inquisitor; all units get +10 Line of Sight.
  • Unction: Missionaries increase the attack of nearby friendly units.


  • Hospitality: The next Age up researches twice as fast and Hospital upgrades cost 150 wood, 150 coin less.
  • Squires: Military buildings train and research work rate +80%, except Forts which get train and research work rate +260%.
  • Commandery related shipments: Commanderies can train Order Dragoons already so improving them and getting more Commanderies helps to ammass this unit.


  • Boyars: Cavalry Archers, Cossacks, and Oprichniks get +10% hit points and attack.
  • TEAM Kamchatka Expeditions: Cavalry and shock infantry get +10% hit points and +4 Line of Sight.
  • Riding School: Cavalry train time -40%; Oprichnik train time -35% instead.
  • Reformist Tsar: Provides the Church with Westernization and Petrine Reforms which effects applies to Oprichniks.


3Icon48px Age of Empires III[]

  • Spanish: The War Minister ships 10 Rodeleros.

Age3DE Icon Definitive Edition[]

  • Spanish: The War Minister now ships 12 Rodeleros.
  • Home City level requirement removed.


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