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The Tower of Flies is an unconstructable tower in Age of Empires II. Like heroes, The Tower of Flies automatically regenerates hit points and cannot be converted.

The Tower of Flies is only available in the Scenario Editor (under the Other tab).

As with other scenario-editor exclusive towers (except for the Fire Tower), the Sea tower shares its secondary projectiles with the Watch Tower line and the Donjon. As the attack as well as the attack bonuses of this tower's secondary projectiles are thus identical to those of a player's Watch Tower line or Donjon, they benefit from researching Guard Tower, and Keep.

Campaign appearances[]


El Cid[]

  • Reconquista: At the African shore, Yusuf controls the "Tower of Despair", which is a renamed Tower of Flies.

Vlad Dracula[]

  • The Dragon Spreads His Wings: The Danesti Forces defend the northwestern bridge with a "Gunpowder Tower", which is a renamed Tower of Flies.
  • The Night Falls: An "Old Tower" defends Poenari Castle, an "Abandoned Tower" defends the river, and a "Fortified Tower" defends the last Ottoman camp. These are all renamed Tower of Flies.



  • The Best Laid Plans: Dattus controls a Tower of Flies simply renamed to Tower, situated on the Garigliano river. Destroying this tower causes Dattus' Rebels to resign.

Historical Battles[]

  • Cyprus: The naval approach towards Limassol's docks is protected by Harbour Fortifications, located on small islands and on the southern cape.


  • The Tower of Flies was a real Sea Tower, first built by the Phoenicians and greatly expanded by the Crusaders, that once guarded the harbor of Acre. It was fit with a Boom Chain to regulate shipping and acted at times as a lighthouse and prison.
  • The design of The Tower of Flies and its cousin, The Accursed Tower, uses the old Western European Guard Tower sprites.
  • The Accursed Tower and The Tower of Flies are most likely revisits of the Mirror Tower, from The Rise of Rome, which was in development around the time The Age of Kings was also in development.
  • The Tower of Flies has a hidden construction cost of 150 stone which is only relevant to repairing as it cannot be constructed.


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