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The Siege of Vilnius is the fourth scenario of the Jadwiga campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dawn of the Dukes.


The Teutonic Order had its roots in the Crusades in the Holy Land, but now their mission was to Christianize the pagans of Eastern Europe - or die trying.

Most of the time, though, it was pagans who died.

After over a hundred years in the region, the sincerity of the Order's original mission had been nearly forgotten. These so-called crusaders were now playing for land and power and calling it God's will.

That is why they allied with Vytautas. He promised them the lands of Samogitia, home to some of the last pagans in Europe; but when Vytautas made peace with us and refused to cede the region to the Order, they were outraged.

The Knights now lay siege to the Lithuanian town of Vilnius, and Jogaila and Vytautas hurried to the rescue. It was to be the first time that they fought side by side.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]

Differences between difficulty levels[]

  • On standard difficulty, Imperial Age is researched right in the beginning.


Main objectives[]

  • Wait for instructions.
    • Defeat the Teutonic detachment besieging the southern gate.
      • Break the siege of Vilnius.
        • Break the siege of Vilnius by destroying 5 supply carts bound for the Teutonic camp.
      • Do not let the Teutonic Order destroy the three Castles in the western part of Vilnius.

Secondary objectives[]

  • Use your heroes in combat (to fight, heal or convert). The more experience that they gain, the stronger they will become.
  • Capture the Relic from the Teutonic Raiders and place it in the Monastery outside of Vilnius.
  • Speak to the Teutonic deserter in Vilnius' eastern quarter.
    • Find the Teutonic deserter's wife, Gisela, and bring her to him in Vilnius. Do not let the Teutons kill her!


  1. Jadwiga and Jogaila can reach the Imperial Age but are restricted to a population limit of 150.
  2. The Teutonic Knights will push hard to seize Vilnius, but they can only maintain their ferocity for so long. They will not attack the city during the night, so use this time to repair your damaged defenses, strengthen your economy, and attack the Teutonic Raiders.
  3. You will control military buildings inside of the city. Use these to train soldiers closer to the heat of battle.
  4. You are here to end a siege, not lay one yourself, so you cannot construct any siege weapons. Mounting a direct assault on the Teutonic war camp is futile and will waste good men.
  5. You do not have the luxury of constructing large-scale defenses in the middle of a siege. As such, you cannot build new Gates, Palisade Walls, or Castles, and every section of Stone Wall costs 200 stone. Towers also have an increased stone cost of 300 stone.
  6. Obuchs reduce the armor of enemy units with each strike, making them quite useful against heavily armored Teutonic soldiers such as the inconvertible Crusader Knights.
  7. A relief force is on its way from the south to help you, but it will not arrive until late in the fight.
  8. Even though Vilnius is the most important location, do not forget to scout the land around the city for resources and potentially rewarding secondary objectives.
  9. Vytautas has turned from your foe to your friend. You can command him to attack by using taunt 31.


Your scouts report:

  • Jadwiga and Jogaila (1, Red) have just arrived near Vilnius (3, Cyan). You will need to set up a camp and break the siege of the city to claim victory.
  • To the northwest, the vast army of the Teutonic Order (5, Grey) has set a siege. They will assault the city of Vilnius during the day, leaving the nights open for you to counterattack.
  • Closest to you is a detachment of Teutonic raiders (6, Orange). They will harass you in an attempt to prevent you from reaching the bulk of the crusader army.
  • The city of Vilnius (3, Cyan) will train some soldiers to defend itself, but its people look to you to take charge of their defense.
  • Lastly, your former nemesis Vytautas (2, Green) camps to the east and has joined you for the battle; after all, it is his lands that the Order has invaded!


  • The Player (Poles) starts at the southwest of the map with the three Heroes and an army. Once they reach the city they must defeat all the units of Teutonic Raiders outside. At this point they are granted 12 Villagers and can start building a base. They are also granted control of several military buildings as well as the three Castles that must be protected inside the city, while the control of Hero Vytautas the Great switches from the player to Vytautas.


  • Vytautas (Lithuanians) starts with a base at the south-west of the map, outside the city.
  • Vilnius (Lithuanians) (3) represents the civilians and military units of the city that the player will take control of.
  • Vilnius (Lithuanians) (4) represents the buildings of the city not under the player's control. They have an army of Pikemen, Leiciai, Knights, and Crossbowmen which they will use to defend the city.


  • The Teutonic Order (Teutons) (5) starts with a base at the north end of the map defended by Castles, towers, and lots of soldiers and siege weapons. Their units also patrol the supply route and escort the supply carts. They have no Villagers or economic base and do not rebuild or replenish their units.
  • Teutonic Raiders (Teutons) starts with a base at the western end of the map. They have two Town Centers as well as several economic and military buildings, with soldiers and towers defending their camp.
  • The Teutonic Order (Teutons) (7) represents the soldiers who periodically lay siege to the city with their army spawning at the northern Teutonic base.


Begin the scenario by following the road until there are some enemies on the way. Attack the units and the Trebuchets, but try not to destroy any of their buildings, especially the tower, as these will turn to the player's control. Upon arriving at the city, after a dialogue, the player is given a handful of Villagers and, in addition, given control of some buildings in Vilnius.

Start building a base and try to boom with 3 Town Centers. Be mindful of the timer, as this indicates when the enemy will attack. At the same time, beware of Orange, as they will try to raid the player's base even outside the attack timer. Have some Obuchs, Crossbowmen, and Knights ready when the first attack comes. The enemy attack will always come from the northwestern gate of Vilnius. It is very difficult to save the first Castle, as enemy Bombard Cannons can bring it down.

After the first attack, there is a relief time which allows the player to repair and replace losses. It is best to advance to the Imperial Age now while training more units, mainly Cavaliers, Arbalesters, and Obuchs. Once a sizable army has been trained, it is best to deal with the Raiders before the second attack. Focus on bringing down their Town Center and production building, but if the player spots a supply cart on the road, it is best to eliminate it, as it gives the player resources, and it is one of the main objectives. It might be a good idea to call in Vytautas to attack during this time, as this means there is no longer a risk of attacks on the player during the night. Be sure to pick up the Relic from the Monastery and garrison it in the Vilnius Monastery in the northeast corner of the map to fulfil a secondary objective.

In the meantime, between attacks, try building obstacles in the northwestern part of the city which was previously attacked by the enemy. Because walls are expensive to build, it is best to use buildings instead to block the path and delay the enemy. Houses, Universities, and Blacksmiths, as well as production buildings, are the best to build to block the enemy's path. Also, it is not a good idea to build Guard Towers or Bombard Towers, as the price has been increased.

Soon, there will be some triggers for a secondary objective, which is to meet the Teuton defector inside the city. The player only needs to bring a unit to him, and he will make a request. He asks to bring his wife back to him. She can be found at the edge of the map to the left just outside Orange's base where there are some Cyan buildings. Once brought back, the LOS of the supply carts will be exposed to the player.

In order to win the scenario, the player needs to eliminate 5 supply carts which will travel on the road past the Raiders' base. These carts are escorted by mostly infantry and Hand Cannoneers, though there might be some Paladins on Hard, so it is best so send some Arbalesters and Obuchs to eliminate them. The carts will only appear at night.

After the fifth cart has been eliminated, the enemy will make one last attack which the player needs to defend against. Try to cap the population before this, as reinforcements will arrive, which allows the player to go beyond the population limit. The scenario will end once the timer for the final attack runs out.


On that day, the combined forces of Poland and Lithuania drove the Teutons back to their Prussian domains. But, more importantly than the victory in the field was the fact that the alliance between Jogaila and Vytautas - the former rivals – had held fast.

Those imposing men eyed each other after the battle, never exchanging a word, and - I believe – realizing at last that they could accomplish things together that neither could do on their own.

Though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him - a threefold cord is not quickly broken. So says the Preacher.


  • The Teutonic deserter refers to the protagonist of the poem "Konrad Wallenrod" by the Polish-Lithuanian writer Adam Mickiewicz. Both characters are Lithuanians raised by the Teutonic Order and desert from it, in addition to having a clandestine wife.
  • While Hoardings is available in this scenario, it will not benefit the player's Castles, since they originally belonged to Vilnius, therefore just wasting the research cost.