The Siege of Osaka is the first scenario of Act I: Japan in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It starts off with the cinematic "The slow March of Death " and "A Castle for a King". The scenario shows the uprisings and violence of the Japanese people after the death of Daimyo Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It introduces the player to Sakuma Kichiro, a young general who helps lead Tokugawa's army and Daimyo Torii Mototada, a close ally to Kichiro and Tokugawa who also helped lead armies.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Destroy the Osaka Town Center
  • Destroy the Ronin Camp
  • Free the captive woodcutters of Osaka
  • Build a Wonder so your army can Age up
  • Build a Castle in the Western Village

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The player will start out with Mototada, Kichiro, and a generous sized army consisting of Naginata Riders, Ashigaru Musketeers, Yumi Archers, and Yabusame. The player will also be provided with a colony containing a Town Center, Orchard Rickshaw, and a few Villagers evenly gathering resources. The player can use their large army to gather treasure and wont face any major attacks at this point. Due to the lack of Villagers gathering resources, the players should use the majority of shipments to send in troops for reinforcements. The player should also choose the Dutch for the Consulate ally due to their Culverins, Falconets, and strong Cavalry.

As the player's troop explore and head East, they will meet the Northern Village. The Villagers will explain how the Osaka Castle did not help them fight off the Ronin camp in the East and will request the player to destroy the camp. At the same time, the location of the Ronin camp will be revealed as well. The player will now have to head East to destroy the camp. The camp will have an Outpost, Barracks, and units guarding the site.

Another friendly village can also be found to the West of the map and South of the player's colony. The West Village will also provide military assistance with attacking Osaka Castle if a castle is build in their village.

Once the player reaches the Ronin camp, they will be attacked by powerful Wokou Ronins and Samurai in the front ending up with many Cavalry units dead and perhaps even Daimyo Mototada fallen. Yumi Archers and Ashigaru Muskeeters will be shooting in the back and must be taken out after. Once the troops are defeated, the player can begin to raze and destroy the Outpost of the camp. After the outpost is destroyed, more enemy troops from the camp will attack. This time the troops will consist of powerful Ronin, Shinobi, and Wokou Horsemen slaying many of the player's troops.

If the player successfully, destroys the Barracks and kills off the last troops in the Ronin camp, the Village will thank them and will help them breach the gates of Osaka Castle. Shortly after, the outer walls and gates will be destroyed by the Villagers, allowing the player to advance their army in the outskirts of Osaka castle. The player should be close to advancing or be at the Fortress Age at this point.

Once the player's army heads deeper inside the grounds of Osaka Castle, they will face enemy villages nestled inside and can attack the nearby villagers, The player should not raze the Town Center and head back to friendly grounds if they don't have the army. The player should start growing another large army and station it near the Western village for an attack on the western side.

The player should send in their troops stationed in the Western Village to attack and breach the western walls of Osaka. At the same time, the player should send their other army in the Northern village to attack and free the imprisoned woodcutters by destroying the Outpost the Stockades containing them. Once freed, the Woodcutters(who are Yojimbo Cavalry Archers) will join the player's side and help fight.

The player by now will have a large economy, multiples armies attacking the enemy colonies, and amass large number of forces to invade Osaka Castle. Osaka Castle will be heavily guarded by durable Walls and Castles and the Player will have to merge their armies into one large force to break open the walls. Falconets, Morutarus, and other Artillery will be crucial to break open the walls of Osaka Castle.

After the walls are torn down, the player can destroy the buildings inside the walls. Once the Town Center inside the walls is destroyed, the scenario is complete.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After destroying the Ronin camp, a Northern Villager approaches the walls of Osaka and comically asks where his pet duck Chiko is only to be hushed by a Sentry stationed in Osaka.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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