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War! The Seven Years' War has begun, and the British and French are at each other's throats. But John is focused on finding the British governor Warwick, whom he believes kidnapped his uncle Stuart.

The Seven Years' War is the fourth scenario of Act II: Ice in Age of Empires III. In their pursuit of Warwick, John Black and Ká:nien get involved in a battle between the French and the British.


After saving the village of Nonahkee, John and Ká:nien pursue Wawick into the northwestern territories of Carolina, becoming involved in a conflict between the British and French on a global scale never seen before: the Seven Years' War.


Primary objectives[]

  • Help destroy the British on your side of the river.
  • Find and destroy the British Fort Command building.

Secondary objectives[]



As soon as the player destroys the British forces on their riverbank, some French buildings will be under their control, so they can create a base.


  • French (Flag FrenchDE French) - The French are being attacked by the British at the start of the scenario. If the player defeats the British on your riverbank, the French will give the control of some of their buildings. Sometimes they will send their troops to help the player destroy the British buildings.


  • British (Flag BritishDE British) - The British attack the French on the French bank of the river at the start of the scenario, and possess a mighty fort and several buildings across the river.


There are 6 treasures around the map: one near the Haudenosaunee village in the south, one near the player's base, one near the French base in the east, another behind the British base in the northwest, and two on the two sides of the river in the north.


Defending the French[]

As the cutscene ends and the level begins, the British have a large force inside the French town. The player should send their forces forward to assist the French as quickly as possible.

Afterwards, some of the buildings come under the player's control, so they can build up a base and prepare to assault the British base. Fortunately, the French will help protect the player's base, and send some assault forces of their own.

Capturing the Trading Post[]

There is a second objective, to capture the Trade Route on the eastern side of the British fort. Doing this will earn a lot of experience, which will allow the player to send more Mercenaries from the Home City. With a few Artillery pieces at their side, they'll be very effective.

When the player has built up a large army (and possibly taken over the Trade Route), it's time to attack. Focus on taking out their troop-producing buildings, and use artillery against the British fortifications.


Once the British are defeated, George Washington will step forward to tell John Black that Warwick fled west, toward The Great Lakes.


  • The American theater of the Seven Years' War is known as the French and Indian War, which had already begun two years earlier in 1754 and ended in 1763 along with all other theaters of war. This war changed the balance of power of the European powers in the New World and Europe, beginning the process that would end in the American and French revolutions.
  • During the first two years of the Seven Years' War, the French attacked and destroyed three British forts in North America: Fort Bull (March 27, 1756), Fort Oswego (August 10–14, 1756) and Fort William Henry (August 3–9, 1757), if Nathaniel was born in the early-middle (spring of 1757), this battle would have to be that of Fort Oswego. in which case the French general would be Louis Joseph de Montcalm.
  • This is the only scenario of the whole game where the player fights against a future protagonist of some other campaign (George Washington).


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