The Revolt of Spartacus (Spartacus in the original) is the third scenario of the Enemies of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The forces of Rome must defend Italy from Spartacus and his army of slaves.

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Description Edit

"A new slave revolt has broken out and much of south central Italy is in turmoil. This revolt may be the most dangerous we have faced. The addition of many gladiators has strengthened the fighting power of the slaves. You are to engage the slave army of Spartacus and destroy it before it depopulates all of central Italy. We can't have the revolt continue or spread."
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Starting conditions Edit

Objective Edit

  • Destroy the gladiator army before it destroys the Italians.

Hints Edit

  • Research Writing as soon as possible so you can track the Roman invasion force.
  • It may be best to protect only a small portion of your allies, rather than attempting to protect the entire region.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Romans): The player starts with many Villagers but no army in the western corner of the map. There is plenty resources nearby, but the player should not waste too much time since Italy is quite a distance away and under attack.

Allies Edit

  • Italy (Romans): Italy occupies almost the entire eastern part of the map with dozens of farms and other buildings as well as Villagers. Unfortunately, they are defenseless except for a few Watch Towers. They will be wiped out if not defended by the player.

Enemies Edit

  • Slave Army (Greeks): The Slave Army starts off with a large force at the north-eastern edge of the map. Luckily, not all of it will attack at once - most of it will stay back in their base, and move slowly.

Strategy Edit

Research Writing, so you'll see the attacks on Italy and build up your forces accordingly. When you make your move, you should have Long Swordsmen or Legions, Cavalry, Ballistas or Helepolises, and a few Priests. Convert all Armored Elephants, and kill everything else.

If you find yourself with extra wood, building a Dock to the south will let you fish, and you can send Triremes upriver to deal some damage.

Once you've defeated most of their forces, use Scouts to find the last few.

History Edit

Historical notes Edit

"Slaves obtained through conquest were a major component of the Roman economy, doing most of the common labor and many professional tasks as well. The conditions under which slaves worked and the treatment they received varied widely. During bad times or because of particularly harsh treatment, slave rebellions occurred. These were called Servile Wars, from the Roman word for slaves. (The word slave is thought to have derived from later centuries when so many Slavs were enslaved.)

The dependence on slaves rather than industrialization is suggested as one reason for the eventual fall of Rome. Another is the lack of new drafts of slaves after the second century AD when new conquests ceased.

The slave revolt led by the gladiator Spartacus was one of the longest and most destructive. Many additional gladiators (soldier slaves trained to fight in arenas for sport) augmented his fighting forces. For two years the slaves under Spartacus rampaged in central Italy, raping and pillaging at will. They operated from a base near Mt. Vesuvius and defeated several Roman armies sent against them. An army under Crassus brought the slaves to battle in 71 BC and routed them. Pompey completed the restoration of order. Captured slaves were crucified along the road leading back to Rome as a warning to others.
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Victory Edit

"Your victory over the huge slave army is great news for the citizens of Rome. We are thankful that this scourge has been removed from the countryside and that peace has been restored. You have been elected one of the three consuls of Rome."
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Loss Edit

"Your failure to save the Italians from Spartacus has embarrassed Rome and encouraged revolt among the slaves to the north as well. Our economy is in shambles. Farms everywhere are devastated. People in the city are starving while people in the countryside are hunted down and killed. You are to be ejected from the Senate, possibly by catapult in the direction of the Tiber River."
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Trivia Edit

  • Although the campaign depicts scenarios that the players take the point of view of the enemies of Rome, in this mission the player plays as the Romans against the slave army. That was changed in the Definitive Edition.
    • This was done so players can experience all four new civilizations added in The Rise of Rome.
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