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This article is about the scenario in Age of Empires III. For the scenario in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs, see The Rescue (The WarChiefs).

Stuart has been kidnapped, and John suspects his family's old enemies, the Circle of Ossus. The mercenaries head north, fearing Ká:nien's sister, Nonahkee may be in danger.

The Rescue is the third scenario of Act II: Ice in Age of Empires III. John Black and Ká:nien must protect the small Haudenosaunee village, and Nonahkee, from a British attack.


After expelling Warwick's forces from Brunswick, John Black and Ká:nien discover that Stuart was kidnapped and that the village of Nonahkee is besieged by Warwick and must be protected by them to then engage in a pincer fight and destroy the Warwick base in New England.


Primary objectives[]

  • Train an army and attack the British from the south side.

Secondary objectives[]




  • British (Flag BritishDE British) - The enemy of this scenario. It has a well-protected base in the middle of the map, with Walls and Outposts. Its forces consist of Longbowmen, Musketeers and Falconets, and will have a preference for attacking the Haudenosaunee village to the north.


There are 5 treasures around the map, one near the Nonahkee village in the northeast, two near the western village, one near the south base, and one in the road between the south base and the east village.


Building the base and collecting treasures[]

The player starts with a Covered Wagon south of the British base, a Trading Post and an Outpost to the north, in the Haudenosaunee village. The British base is well fortified, and destroying their walls will take some time. They will attack the Trading Post, sending units periodically.

The player needs to build a base and get a good flow of resources. Building a Trading Post on the other Haudenosaunee villages will increase the number of Haudenosaunee units that the player can train, and give some Experience completing the secondary objective. It is also important to collect some treasures to obtain resources more quickly, before the British Explorer does so.

Defend the Haudenosaunee village and destroy the British base[]

When the British are approaching the Haudenosaunee village, send some units to the south side to attack their walls, then retreat when their armies come for the player's units. Keep them busy while the resources are coming in. After some time, the British are likely to run out of resources in their base, and will send out Settlers to gather. Kill these Settlers to weaken the British.

Setting the Home City arrival point at the northern Outpost will allow the player to send Mercenaries and possibly Settlers to the Haudenosaunee village to build Barracks and Stables, making defense a lot easier. The Trading Post in the Haudenosaunee village can also train Medicine Men, who can restore the hit points of units. Nonahkee herself has a potent healing ability.

The British army is basically made up of Longbowmen and Musketeers. Use Uhlans against the Longbowmen and Jaegers or Skirmishers against the Musketeers. Alternatively, advance to Fortress Age and train Falconets to make it easier to defeat the British army and its buildings.

When the player have a large force and some artillery, they must break down the British walls and destroy their buildings.


  • This is one of the few scenarios in the game where the enemy has an Explorer.
  • This is the only campaign scenario in the Age of Empires series whose title will later have a duplicate.


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